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04-16-2011, 03:24 PM
Just watched Kadavy and Ito here - Ito was always outstanding as a jumper but back then, you could see how ragged her non-jump elements were. Still really eye-opening, though.

Kadavy really showed promise with this LP; very balletic. I thought it was better than her '87 and '88 LP which was still good as well. I didn't know she had won '85 SC and '85 Russian Cup, and headed into Worlds as a newcomer w/ momentum. The judges obviously liked her if she delivered

04-16-2011, 04:59 PM
Kadavy was a joy to watch , such a delightful program! her soft landings, her natural and easy way of moving-brilliant!

Manley was also fantastic, no way her free skate was only 4th best of the night, to me, she was the best. Most of the choreo was 80-ies horrid anyway, I didn't care for either Witt or Thomas programs, though Katarina moved nicely and used her arms well, much better than Debi.

Tiffany Chin was so cute, her presentation really caught me as well, she had great qualities to her. So had Ivanova, something solid and special. So voidy, too bad about the mistakes.

Midori was such an energy package, she was also better than Tomas, even though she was very unpolished. that speed going into the jumps-fab!!

I love watching 80-ies skating, all the girls looks like they're about to join the golden girls, though they're mostly in their teens. Chin was adorable with that hair.
The outfits are a different chapter lol gotta love Katarinas batman-something dress!!