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10-27-2011, 09:05 PM
I didn't insult anyone here, but you, you did insult me. You are so pretentious about your opinion, thinking that what you say is the absolute truth that you don't even imagine that someone else can have another opinion than yours.
Discussion is about sharing opinions, listening to others and try to understand them before insulting them because you feel offended that you didn't yourself think that you should have tried to understand to begin with.
You said I should have mentionned that I may have explained my opinion not perfectly, and when I show you that I actually said that, you start insulting me by pretending I'm trying to play the "poor" something. You should at first know what you want and not turning a conversation the way that arranges you.

At no moment you tried to get the meaning of what I said. That is a problem because instead of insulting me and play the "I know what you must think" pretentious person, you'd better open your mind and try to get my point, which would have been much more interesting than writing the stuff you did.

10-27-2011, 09:07 PM
Oh God is this still going on? Take it to PM and save us all from a fate worse than boredom. :yawn: :blah:

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