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04-05-2011, 02:30 AM
Half an hour into tonight's ep and I already want to punch Lauren in the face repeatedly. Also want to punch the new coach in the face.

hirshey girl
04-05-2011, 02:48 AM
Agreed! Who is this coach?

04-05-2011, 02:49 AM
Lauren is soooooo insufferable.

I kinda like Darby though, except for her bff-ness with Lauren.

Sasha needs to come back. I miss his scenes with Payson and with Kim.

There's something really whiny about Emily. I wasn't noticing it last season, but I am now.

04-05-2011, 02:51 AM
Every time Darby says something ridiculously cheery and says "Yaaaay!" like a five-year-old, I want to slap her off the screen. Ugh. Sasha, come back, FAST. Apparently he'll be back in three episodes (the fifth back from hiatus), but that seems way too long to suffer through Darby. Ick.

04-05-2011, 02:53 AM
If something happens between Damon and Kaylie, I will kill this show.

04-05-2011, 02:55 AM
If something happens between Damon and Kaylie, I will kill this show.

As a Kaylie/Austin shipper, I agree. :D

Damon is cute, but I don't like Damon/Emily. I guess Emily just bores me.

04-05-2011, 12:17 PM
I'm watching and thinking, why wasn't one of the assistant coaches promoted to head coach when Sasha left? How could the NGO tell Emily she can't have a job after they saw how the family lives? Is the NGO going to restore Emily's scholarship? When did Payson regain her gymnastic skills?

04-05-2011, 05:31 PM
I don't mind Emily, but I think she has zero chemistry with Damon. I've been spoiled for pretty much the whole season, but I'm still curious to know how it will play out.

I'm in the minority, but I don't mind Lauren. She's clearly very troubled but I kinda like seeing how twisted she can be. Her little speech to her father last night was a good example. I hate Steve though, and I hate Steve and Summer even more.

04-06-2011, 01:03 AM
Ah Lauren is such a sociopath......

I can't wait till we finish this side plot and return the delicious Sasha to where he belongs.

04-11-2011, 03:02 AM
Holy cow. Just started watching part 1 of the new Upstairs Downstairs, and there's coach Sasha Beloff pretending he is chauffeur to the Holland family. He needs to quit and hightail it back to the Rock and smack some sense into Lauren, stat.

04-11-2011, 03:17 AM
I'm watching and thinking, why wasn't one of the assistant coaches promoted to head coach when Sasha left?

Because that would involve any semblance of sense and reality :lol:

I'm already bored with the new coach, who acts younger than the gymnasts.

04-12-2011, 02:01 AM
How did everyone miss the opportunity to snark about the fact that Lauren has already learned Emily's routine.

04-19-2011, 02:38 AM
Okay, so yeah. I kinda like the idea of Kaylie/Damon. They've got a hell of a lot more chemistry than he has with Emily.

I'm souring on Max because of his interest in Lauren. Why can't Payson have a guy interested in just her?

I'm soooooo sick of Lauren playing the mommy card. I hope it loses its effectiveness eventually.

Emily is so annoying lately. She really needs to lay off her mom. She's just coming across as an ungrateful little brat.

04-19-2011, 04:50 AM
The best thing about this week's episode is that it's the last week we'll have to suffer without Sasha Belov! He's baaaack next week, thank God.

04-22-2011, 05:46 AM
god, when will they reveal that Emily's pregnant?? We never see Emily doing gymnastics anymore, or even out of a damned baggy hoodie - except one shot at the meet where the baby pooch was clearly visible!

I was aggravated at how Lauren even got Summer to fall into her "I promise this is the last time" routine - but thrilled that in the end she sees through Lauren's schtick.

I know the guys are totally secondary, but I wish they'd at least pretend that these meets involved male gymnasts too. And what's up with Max practicing the parallel bars in cargo shorts :lol:

Can't wait for sasha's return!!!!!!!!