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05-16-2011, 11:36 PM
I saw "Source Code" yesterday. I loved, loved, LOVED it! Great premise, and everything was done right, from the writing, to the directing, to the cinematography and of course the acting. I think Jake Gyllenhaal is now one of those actors who consistently picks good movies, so I know I can go see one of his movies and I'm going to like it! :respec:

An added bonus is that I am incredibly, incredibly, INCREDIBLY attracted to him. :swoon: Like I told my friend, "he's so good looking...it hurts!!!" :lol:

05-17-2011, 02:37 AM
Normally PeterG, I'd be having words with you over trying to steal MY Jake Gyllenhaal. However, I saw Thor and am now enamored with Chris Hemsworth (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-7x_1-AmJrIU/Tbv9WnmInFI/AAAAAAAADbo/Z1mqeiibEmk/s1600/Chris%2Bhemsworth%2Bshirtless%2Bin%2BThor%2BMovie. jpg).

Loved Thor. I loved the humor, the kitschy fantasy aspect, and the sly little nods to other movies.

05-17-2011, 02:45 AM
I've just never gotten the Jake Gyllenhaal love. Never. He certainly isn't offensive to my eyes but he just doesn't do it for me. I run into people in every day life who are just as or better looking than him.

05-18-2011, 01:18 AM
Saw Priest today and it was not bad. It is mindless entertainment and was fun so I give it a tumbs up. :)

Paul Brittany is in EXCELLENT shape! :hat1:

05-19-2011, 02:45 AM
Has anyone here seen "Water for Elephants"? I just finished the book tonight. Is it worth seeing in theaters, or one that I should rent?

05-19-2011, 09:42 PM
Just got the dvd for Forget Me Not (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nq_UtotSnQ8) and thought it was very well done. In case ayone gets a chance to see it, I highly recommend it. And I'm not even a big fan of dramatic romances, but this was well-acted and I ended up caring a lot more about the ending than I thought I would.

For anyone who hasn’t read the reviews, Will (Tobias Menzies) is a musician who comes to barmaid Eve’s (Genevieve O'Reilly) rescue when he sees her being assaulted by a drunk patron after she closes the bar. This leads into an all-nighth walk around London that's fairly close to Before Sunrise in terms of plot, but adds an interesting twist at the beginning and end.

05-21-2011, 04:05 PM
Bridesmaid has the highest approval with 89% ratings on rottentomatoes while Something Borrowed has the lowest with 15%. I might go see Bridesmaid next just out of curiosity. :P

05-21-2011, 05:31 PM
Bridesmaid has the highest approval with 89% ratings on rottentomatoes while Something Borrowed has the lowest with 15%. I might go see Bridesmaid next just out of curiosity. :P

Yeah, me too. It's nice to see a female-driven comedy get good reviews so I might get out and see this one. It definitely looks better than the usual Sex and the City or Katherine Heigl crap.

05-21-2011, 06:12 PM
I am thinking of going to see Bridesmaids, as well. I haven't heard a single bad thing about it. Everyone who has seen it just raves about it. It feels like this years Hangover, getting amazing word of mouth promotion.

05-22-2011, 07:37 PM
Watched a bunch of movies that I got from the library, all of which I recommend:

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (and The Girl Who Played With Fire). I heard these movies were really violent, with gruesome rape scenes, but decided to give them a try anyway. And I found they were wonderfully written, directed and acted thrillers. There is less violence in these movies than lots of Hollywood movies. Two surprising thumbs up!

The Other Guys. Pretty good, with The Rock looking a tad slimmer (and never better)! Will Ferrell is enjoyable as ever, but I'm not sure if most of his movies really capture how brilliant and funny he is. You see moments of it and it seems like there's always more there that we somehow don't get to see...

The Messenger. Another one where the writing, directing and acting are all top notch.

Battle In Seattle. I am embarrassed to admit I was quite ignorant of the whole story around the WTO conference in Seattle and at least now I'm a bit more aware. This is another movie where all aspects of it were top-notch and I can't fault the film for any aspect at all (although comments at youtube for the trailer were certainly diverse from people of varying political beliefs)!!!

05-23-2011, 01:48 PM
I actually did see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and it was very good but I am as yet to see the other movies. I have also read that a US version of the movie is being made.

05-23-2011, 02:50 PM
Bridesmaids was totally ridiculous, but totally :rofl:

05-23-2011, 03:13 PM
I saw "Everything Must Go" with Will Ferrell, this weekend. That was really cute.

Before it, they showed the preview for Tree of Life. That looks really really good. Can't wait to see it.

It also took top prize at Cannes.

05-23-2011, 03:39 PM
I don't like monster movies, but I'll go see Super 8 for one reason and one reason only: Kyle Chandler. :swoon: :swoon: :swoon:

05-23-2011, 04:28 PM
Yeah Super 8 looks great. Can't wait for that one, either. J.J. Abrahms = win, for me.