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03-16-2011, 04:53 AM
cygnus, I hope you're having an awesome time!

Just got back from Vegas. I had an excellent time. Some thoughts:

Where are the best (reasonable) places to eat? Buffets?

I went to two Buffets--the one at Golden Nugget and the other at the Excalibur--and both were extremely mediocre. But they both could accommodate a lot of people so it sufficed. Although I didn't go in, the Buffet in the Paris Eiffel Tower Casino/Hotel looked pretty good and there was a huge lineup--but pricey at $45! But there were a lot of interesting cafes and bakeries in that casino.

I liked the Sugar Factory. Big servings of ice cream but good if you can share. If you are driving from the airport, stop by the Whole Foods which is on the Boulevard in a big outdoor mall (before you hit the Strip). It's the only grocery store I saw in Vegas. Whole Foods is expensive, but at least you know the food is of good quality and healthy. Get some bananas and other fruits and leave it in your room. Otherwise, all you'll eat is big portions of fatty food.

Off the Strip we went to two Vietnamese restaurants--Pho Kim Hung (okay) and Pho Little Saigon (pretty good). There is a surprisingly large cluster of Asian restaurants and businesses outside the Strip.

However, I didn't have one bad cup of coffee. Va Bene in the Cosmopolitan, the Pod and the Cup in Aria, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (a Southern California chainlet, I believe), and Espresso-something in The Forum Shops--all were very good. I regret not trying out more.

My favourite hotel was the Paris Hotel.

Which, in your opinion, is the best Cirque du Soleil show to see? I'm leaning towards either O or Love, since those 2 don't travel....any reviews?

Due to family obligations, I did not get to see the Elvis show despite my free tickets. Oh well. But my sister saw O, and said it was excellent.

We'll be taking a side trip to the Grand Canyon. Also want to see Fremont St, the hotels on the strip, the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, etc.

One of my sister's bridesmaids drove to the Grand Canyon and loved it. Fremont Street is really cool (loved the roof) but is wayyyy at the end of Strip, kinda secluded even though it's supposed to be "Downtown" Las Vegas.

Expect to walk a lot. Everything is big. Nothing is really close to each other. I basically power-walked my way through everything, so I never really got to look at anything really up close. And I got sick of escalators.

And what is up with their Monorail? Waste of my time and money. It just made me walk more!

I am glad I am back (I no longer reek of smoke!) but I would like to come back for a figure skating event. Is that at all feasible?

Edit: Las Vegas in March is great weather-wise. Sunny but not hot. But it gets dark and cool quickly. Bring at least one sweater!

03-16-2011, 07:21 AM
Whee! Just got back from Vegas this weekend.

We went to see KA at the MGM and Zumanity at New York New York. I heard AMAZING things about La Reve but unfortunately it was sold out. KA was awesome. Zumanity is definitely not for the family LOL. We got our tickets for both at the Tix4Tonight booths early in the morning and we got great seats both times.

I second the deserts at the Sugar Factory. The Rainforest Cafe at the MGM was good as well. We didn't do a lot of fine dining as we spent a lot of time :rockstar:. Margaritaville is a must :lol:

The buffet at Mandalay Bay was actually pretty good. Stay away from the buffet at Harrah's.

You must hit The Venetian, Bellagio and Ceasars Palace. A shopping paradise if there ever was one.

The best advice I can give you is to invest in some good shoes. I had flats during the day for sightseeing and ridiculous heels at night and my feet were/are killing me. :yikes:

03-16-2011, 01:49 PM
Margaritaville is a must :lol:

:respec: I second this! I know it's a chain, but it was still a lot of fun and the food was good.

03-20-2011, 10:38 PM
cygnus, I hope you're having an awesome time!

I had an awesome time in Vegas! :)

I went with my oldest girlfriend (we were bridesmaids for each other at our weddings 20+ years ago and have been friends since Grade 9).

I love Vegas, When I went the first time a few years ago I expected to hate it- I much prefer second hand bookshops, museums, and the back streets of old European cities- but Vegas just got to me, with its excitement, its wonderful tackiness, its lack of pretense- it is what it is. I always get excited when I spot the sphinx at the Luxor when the plane lands.

These are the things about Vegas that make me very happy-

The Bellagio fountains. They are tacky. And beautiful. Especially when the fountains dance to Copeland's wonderful music.

Love. (The Cirque show). Especially their version of "Something" with a terrific male dancer and 4 girls on trapezes. Beautiful.

Hitting a Royal flush at Video Poker. Okay, it didn't happen this time, but it has in the past. Twice.

Menopause the Musical. It's really a hoot- especially for those of us who are roughly in the targeted age range. Ahem. I will never listen to "Only You" in the same way again. ;)

KA. I didn't see it this time, but I especially love the shadow puppet section and the baton dance. I will be going again.

The cinnamon monkey bread dessert at Craftsteak at the MGM. I have to start saving up now so I can afford to go there again some day. ;) It will be worth it.

Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. I love Aquariums (aquaria?), and this one is pretty good for the size. I could watch the jellyfish for hours. Ditto the dolphins at the Mirage.

All in all- a great trip, with a lot packed into 3 days. Not sure when my next trip will be, but we promised my son a trip when he turns 21 in the fall. Maybe.

We'll see.