View Full Version : Virtue & Moir # 10 - Mujer Latina

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03-06-2011, 04:59 PM
I hope that Tessa is recovering well.
I look forward to Worlds.

03-06-2011, 05:22 PM
No news is good news I hope. Fingers x-d. Looking forward to seeing that FD in it's entirety. :)

03-06-2011, 05:33 PM
And looking forward to seeing them do the short dance again, it's so stylish.

03-08-2011, 11:58 PM
:) Just 2 weeks to go ,now. Not a word has been heard. No bad news is very good news..Starting to feel even more excited.

03-09-2011, 09:12 AM


Memories from OG. You could read also about CD and OD there.

Off-ice traning from 2009-2010 GPF

03-09-2011, 01:21 PM
Thanks Pani. The practice vid. is great. Without being able to see the bottom half, it really highlights the actual dance movements of the upper body. What beautiful arms, neck, and back Tessa has. The extensive ballet training is very evident in that footage. It goes without saying that Scott has awsome posture and has had ballet training as well, as they match lines so well together. What a team!.............How many more sleeps now? :)

03-09-2011, 02:48 PM
Today is dress rehearsal today March 9th @ at Arctic-Edge Ice-Arena
Come support the ice dancers in their dress rehearsal before World Championships, Wednesday March 9th at 10am!! The teams going are Tessa && Scott, Meryl && Charlie, Madison && Greg, and Maia && Alex!!

Jacqui White will be there.
Hope we will have some reports about Tessa-Scott from D-W fans.

03-10-2011, 06:39 PM
no reports yet?

03-10-2011, 06:53 PM
All I've come across is a tweet from UniversalSports reporting that Mike Slipchuk watched the practice and said they're ready for Worlds. Though I did see another fan report (though I'm unsure of her source, as she didn't attend) that Tessa and Scott completed a full run-through of their FD, while the other teams presented their SDs.

03-10-2011, 08:23 PM
We should have sent a spy!!

03-10-2011, 08:33 PM
Hahaha, if only!

I'm rather put out with Arctic Edge for only announcing the thing a day in advance. Really, people! Eager fans need detailed reports! ;)

03-10-2011, 09:29 PM
At least some words from Michael Slipchuk. But this man always sound positiv :lol:

So he saw Tessa and Scott and they are ready. Cant waite to see there stylish SD and hot FD :)

03-11-2011, 12:21 AM
:lol: SD two weeks from tomorrow!

Carmen Ovsiannikov
03-11-2011, 01:42 AM
Good to hear that Tessa and Scott are ready to go and apparently look good. I finally had a chance to watch the first minute of the FD last week and ITA about how well Tessa moves her body; she looked like a true ballroom dancer. That first lift was amazing.

I do have to say that unlike others, I can't wait until World's is over. I'm too nervous and will probably need a couple of tranquilizers. :P I will probably check the standings and read through the PBP thread then decide if I want to watch.

03-11-2011, 07:01 AM
There's a tsunami in Japan due to the earthquake. Will this affect the World Championship that's set to take place there in about a week?