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04-19-2011, 06:18 AM
Russia has two direct entries, because Makarova (8) and Leonova (13) were both top 18 in Torino last year.

While it's possible that one wouldn't make it out of the SP, for 18 max points, (see Oda, Nobunari and Meier, Sarah 2010), it's not very likely, and one would need to be top 12 as long as the other makes it to the FS (maximum 16 points), which is quite doable. Even if all three Japanese women, both US woman, Pfaneuf, Kostner, Korpi, and Kim skate well, that leaves Makarova and Leonova in not-so-great shape fighting it out with the next tier, and I think they have very good chances against McCorkell, Hecken, Lacoste, Gedevanishvili, the Helgessons, and Lee, none of whom bring the hardest jumps or 3/3's consistently.

15th or higher + 13th or higher
make FS to 16th + 12th or higher
does not make FS + 10th or higher

all secure two spots for next year.

The odds aren't great that they would earn three spots for next year, unless they skate the lights out and everyone else has been shaken by the schedule change.

04-19-2011, 05:58 PM
I'd add Amelie Lacoste, Min-Jung Kwak, Mae-Berenice Meite, and Juulia Turkkilla to that above group, but again Makarova and Leonova have a good chance of placing ahead of these ladies as well as long as they don't tank and/or one of the above ladies has a SOHL.

04-20-2011, 03:04 PM
Any news from Iliushechkina & Maisuradze? I heard sometime ago that he wanted to go to Vassiliev but she didnt agree. I hope they stay with Pavlova and we see some :kickass: programs from them in gp.

04-20-2011, 06:01 PM
Has the link for this video been posted?
It is about Russia's new faces, Elena & Nikita and Artur Gachinski.
Can somebody who understands Russian give us just the summary about what they are talking about?


04-20-2011, 07:24 PM
Any news from Iliushechkina & Maisuradze? I heard sometime ago that he wanted to go to Vassiliev but she didnt agree. I hope they stay with Pavlova and we see some :kickass: programs from them in gp.
She probably doesn't want to be blond. Or perhaps she already has a boyfriend? Or maybe she loves having so much personality on the ice and expressing herself so beautifully.

Kidding aside, I too would love to hear news about them.

04-21-2011, 04:58 AM
Gachinksy tried a quad flip but it was not that good- not like his quad loop which was great.


04-21-2011, 08:40 AM
Any news from Iliushechkina & Maisuradze? I heard sometime ago that he wanted to go to Vassiliev but she didnt agree. I hope they stay with Pavlova and we see some :kickass: programs from them in gp.
I love that pair. I would really like to see them develop and make it to the top some day.

04-21-2011, 11:37 AM
I haven't seen it posted - interview with Nikolai Morozov: http://www.sport-express.ru/newspaper/2011-04-20/7_2/

Nikolai Morozov: "It wasn't scary in Japan for the first three days"

In figure skating world everyone is already accustomed to the fact that during competitions Nikolai Morozov shows up at the boards far more often than most of his colleagues. World Championships in Moscow will be no exception: he is coaching 2007 World Champion Miki Ando from Japan, ​​2011 European champion Florent Amodio from France, Spanish National Champion Javier Fernandez and Italian ice dancers Anna Capellini / Luca Lanotte. Plus, he also works with single skaters Elene Gedevanishvili from Georgia and Elena Glebova from Estonia, whom he helped a lot this season. Morozov is also the Russian pairs champions Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov's choreograper.

Morozov and his skaters arrived in Novogorsk before the others - to make sure that the athletes will be completely acclimated for the Worlds. That was where we met. Nikolai, as usual, was on the ice, showing different steps to some very young boys, and the patriarch of the Russian figure skating Viktor Kudryavtsev was watching them from the boards.

The famous coach's eyes were full of admiration, and I couldn't help it and sat down beside him.

-It's unique, - Kudryavtsev said aloud. - It's just unique what Kolya is doing on the ice. His edges were always very good, even when he was a single skater. I think, he didn't achieve much just because when he was young, he was very unorganized. But as a coach he's absolutely brilliant.

He told me that when he lived in New York, he attended almost all existing Manhattan dance schools, - continued Kudryavtsev. - He's got a lot of acquaintances in the dancing world. But most importantly, he managed to translate on ice everything that is new, unusual and uncharacteristic for the classical figure skating.

-What is it that Morozov can do and other coaches can't?

-First of all, it's the style. Very modern. All Morozov's athletes have better skating technique and accurately calculated biomechanical movements. It allows them to keep very high speed on ice even when they do very difficult steps and step sequences. Audience doesn't think why some athletes skate faster than others. It's all technique. Feet, knees, ankles, foot position toward the ice surface, the pressure...Judging by the exercises that Nicholai gives to his students, I see that he works on all these details, rather than just the edges.

Another thing, I would say, that Morozov's programs are not academic. His athletes' skating is free and even relaxed. It is far more important than it seems. If a sportsman is all tensed when entering a jump, as the majority of the skaters are, it takes so much energy. As a consequence, it becomes difficult not to "die" until the end of a program. Look at Sergei Voronov, whom Morozov is coaching just one year - with the new coach he became a completely different skater.

-What do you think about Florent Amodio's free program, that's being widely criticized and with which he became the European champion?

-As I said already, it isn't generic, and that's what I like about this program. There is a brilliantly portrayed image. Now I pay special attention to such things. With the existing rules to show something new, out of the general trends, is incredibly difficult. And not everyone can do it, by the way. To find the athlete's individuality and to develop it is the most difficult thing a coach can do...

Meanwhile, Voronov and Fernandez where finishing their ice practice, and Miki Ando has already shown up from the locker room.

-We can talk while Miki is warming up, - suggested Morozov, who had skated up to the board. - Later, I'm afraid, I won't have time.

-One extra month, which you got due to moving the World Championships to Moscow - is it a problem or a profit?

-For my athletes it isn't very important. They used to work in such way that there is no big difference in their physical condition, whether they are skating at the World championships or training in the offseason. So they can skate well even in summer.

-Do you deliberately work in such a way?

-Yes. To be always ready to show a result is necessary both for my athletes' confidence and for mine as a coach.

-So it's a sort of Special Forces training? You can wake them up at night and they'll go and skate?

-Well, it's better not to disturb a night's sleep, but I know that each of my athletes is capable to peak in 3 - 4 days. Therefore I didn't think it would be a problem even if the Worlds were moved to August. A later date, of course, would be a nonsense, because it would mess up the whole season.

I think all the rumors about moving the championships to autumn were mostly because Japanese federation didn't want to lose the World Championships, so they were ready to do anything. Although for me such approach doesn't seem right. If such a disaster happened, one must think about other things and not about the world championships. Because Japan is not just figure skating.

-You and your group where in Japan during that first disastrous earthquake. It is true that French and Spanish Federation immediately demanded that their athletes come back home?

-Well, it were not so much the federations, but the parents who were worried. Even my mother could find no peace. At first no one knew where we were, what happened to us ... And TV coverage was better not to see.

-Admit it, you were scared?

-The first three days - no. We just didn't realize, being in Fukuoka, nine hundred kilometers away from the epicenter, what was really going on. But after that, when the problems with nuclear power plants had begun, I realized that we had to leave as soon as possible. I sent part of a group ahead, and flew with the rest a day later. I also realized early enough that World Championship in Japan was not happening this time around. And I gave free reins to the athletes right away - gave them an opportunity to work freely.

I'm really glad that I had one month to work with Sergei Voronov. I'm glad, in general, that he didn't get on the team in this season and we were able to work peacefully. Had he got to compete at Europeans and Worlds he would perhaps still believe that everything was alright. This way, he realized that something had gone wrong. Sergei started to pay attention to many things he never thought about before.

-[B]For example?

-It's very difficult to explain to an athlete that you have to be an individual and not to copy anyone. The problem with the most of the Russian boys is that each of them tries to copy someone. And all you need to do is to be yourself. It is important that a person understands it. I keep a free group atmosphere, I don't pressure anybody, don't lecture them. If someone don't understand something, I'd better put them in such conditions that they finally realize it, rather than yell at a student a hundred times a day. It's pointless to try to get results from someone who does not understand why they need it.

-Last summer you moved to Russia to have a permanent residence here, but this year, as far as I know, you once again take the whole group, including new students, to the United States for two summer months. Why?

-Summer is the time when we get most of the choreographing done, I'm usually in hundred different places in between practices to look for and listen to music, meet people, do other things. Hackensack, where we train when we are in the U.S., is very quiet place, everything is close, New York is nearby. And in Moscow, to get in the city centre from Novogorsk each time is a huge stress and waste of time. I cannot function in such mode. So why to cause yourself unnecessary problems?

04-22-2011, 03:11 PM
Interview with Yuko Kavaguti (Kawaguchi): http://www.themoscowtimes.com/news/article/after-earthquake-japanese-skater-sets-mind-on-moscow/435582.html

04-22-2011, 07:23 PM
TV program about Ilinykh-Katsalapov (in russian)

04-22-2011, 08:47 PM
Oooh, can anyone tells us what they say? Just the highlight will do :)

Thank you, iris81!

04-22-2011, 09:55 PM
Oooh, can anyone tells us what they say? Just the highlight will do :)
Brief highlight (sorry for my English), maybe later someone will add more details:
TAT says they are kissed by God, she was crying from the first second of their dance
Sikharulidze says how it's important to find "your" partner
Lena and Nikita talk a lot about how they quarreled all the time when they were young (before she went to USA), Elena knew that Nikita was better than her, but she did not like it.
They both like Zhulin, tell he is not only coach for them, but also a friend and 100% knows how to work with them.
Elena's grandmother says it's difficult not to give food to granddaughter, to restrict her (but she knows Nikita will need to lift her)
Zhulin says in training for Nikita better works rewards, Alena needs tougher approach (I think, it's idiom carrot and stick).
Elena recalls how Navka and Kostomarov prepared for OG, how Roman was nervous, shouted at Navka, pushed her, but Tatyana never said a bad word to him, took his hand and said "it's ok, let's go training" . She was impressed what people do to achieve a goal.
Vlasova "when you are tired, you work 2 times harder, it's never easy".
Navka said a lot of compliments to them. "future depends on themselves".

04-22-2011, 10:19 PM
New video about Volosozhar-Trankov
They say again that Tanya likes to skate to lyrical programs, Max prefers short program. During performance they sometimes talk to each other - when they need to tell how more steps/moves to do. Max skates without socks.

04-23-2011, 12:49 AM
Well, that's a turnaround from TAT's early season comments on them. :)

04-23-2011, 04:43 AM
Well, that's a turnaround from TAT's early season comments on them. :)

Yeah, way to rewrite that narrative!