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02-05-2011, 05:53 AM
Ah, but did he have the last solo spot? That's like the "Boitano spot".;) (Also see Sarah Meier at this year's Europeans.) It should be saved for someone competing in the current competition, though I wouldn't mind Evan skating earlier, maybe at the end of the first half.

Yes, he had the last solo spot.

02-07-2011, 08:00 AM
Evan is a spokesperson for the movie Rise and the press conference was held to promote the movie. What is controversial about an official spokesperson for a movie having a press conference to talk about the movie?

Furthermore, Evan was not the only non-competitor that performed at the Smucker's Skating Spectacular.

Yes, I've seen non-competitors perform in Nats gala exhibitions before, but not recent competitors who are reigning Olympic gold medalists but who did not compete at Nationals. Nothing at all controversial about any of it tho' ... just unprecedented. Sure, there's a first time for everything. In any case, I agree with those who said giving Evan the grand finale in the gala sends the message, "Y'all did okay, we love you, Ryan, but Evan is still our number 1 guy!" I also feel that the press conference face time and Evan's significant role in the RISE film and in promoting it, is simply another indicator that, "Evan's the number 1 guy," lest anyone forget and think that Johnny winning the MK Trophy actually means all that much.

Michelle Kwan -
2 Olympic Medals (Silver - 1998, Bronze - 2002)
5 time World Champion (1996, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2003)
9 time National Champion (1996, 1998 - 2005)

Johnny Weir -
3 time National Champion (2004 - 2006)
2008 Worlds Bronze Medalist
2x GPF Bronze Medalist
2001 World Junior Champ

Admirable, but not the same as Kwan's record.

Hey ryanbfan, simply mentioning Johnny and MK in the same sentence does not mean I'm comparing their hardware or their competitive skills. Of course, their personalities, lives, and skating careers are unique and not to be compared. Since they are both two of my favorite skaters, I do have a lot to say about them usually, and sometimes in the same sentence. As a matter of fact, Ms. Kwan's accomplishments are in a stratosphere few skaters ever reach. BTW, none of the hardware stats change anything I said about Johnny and MK in my previous post.

OT, Kudos to you and to all of Ryan B's fans for encouraging him to come back and compete this year at Nationals. It was definitely a thrill seeing him perform and win.