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01-13-2011, 08:55 PM
I couldn't really fit this into any of the other TV discussion threads so ...

Has anyone else seen this BBC 6-part series? It probably aired on one of the US cable networks, but I picked it up from my library on DVD. Wonderful creepy stuff. It's about a Catholic priest in England (played by the always great Martin Shaw -- the main reason I picked this up) whose official remit is investigating miracles, but who frequently gets unwillingly pulled into cases of possession & exorcism.

If you're a believer it gives you chills to contemplate the presence of Satan and his demons on Earth, and if you're a non-believer it scares the poop out of you to think of how much evil can be done in the name of religion. Throw in a good mix of human failings (greed, pride, lust, ambition) and some great acting & directing ... and the result is first class entertainment.