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12-14-2010, 07:59 PM
Count me in for Muppet Christmas Carol, Love Actually, and A Christmas Story as perennial favourites. I've only seen The Family Stone once but I might watch it again this year. Also Elf.

I recently saw a new one from a couple of years go, The Christmas Cottage. I comes across more like a made-for-TV movie even though it wasn't. I'm a certified Christmas sap so I enjoyed it somewhat just for its sentiment, but if I'd watched it at any other time of year I'm not sure I would have been so tolerant. (Mostly I wanted to see it because a. Peter O'Toole and b. it was filmed locally and I know a couple of people who were involved in the production, AND my uncle's house was in it!)

Slightly OT but ... a local theatre company (Arts Club) is doing stage versions of White Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life again this year. I've seen them both before, but they're part of my season's ticket so I'll be seeing them again. The only downside is that then I'm not in the mood to see the movies that year!