View Full Version : Will My Voice Return Tomorrow?

11-29-2010, 07:42 PM
So I got sick over the weekend after spending the past week with family in CA. So I had to stay home from work today. And it's making me crazy. I haven't gone to work since November 19! I'm beginning to feel like I don't have a job anymore. What will happen tomorrow?

11-29-2010, 08:21 PM
No wonder it it so quite around here! :lol: Get well so haribobo! :cheer2:

11-29-2010, 08:40 PM
If yours comes back, will you ask it if it saw mine? Cause it's missing too!

11-29-2010, 08:58 PM
Darn...I don't know whether to vote for Michelle Kwan or purple. Both are so lovely.

11-30-2010, 10:11 PM
So, what happened today?


12-01-2010, 12:30 AM
It came back about halfway. :P I couldn't really take calls at work today because halfway through my answer, my voice would peter out. I got some more data-entry type stuff to do but that also involved some phone calls, so I finally gave up and went home at 2pm. Really hoping its more or less there tomorrow, I do not like feeling more incompetent than I already usually am. :lol: Lots of tea, honey, soup, etc. seems to be slowly helping.

12-01-2010, 12:43 AM
About halfway? Does that mean that "Lenka Kulovana" was the correct prediction? ;)

12-01-2010, 02:02 AM
Yes. :hat1::D