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11-12-2010, 05:11 AM
deadline is Nov 13, please read. Forward to people you know in Georgia
here is the email

This is for real. I work in TV

URGENT casting!!! I only have a few more days to finish casting
and I need at least 5 stories, please help!! If you don't know
anyone that fits this casting, please forward our notice to your
network of people, like facebook, twitter or any blog space. I
really appreciate it. MAJOR cable network now casting a new show
where candidates on the show will receive up to several thousand
dollars worth of home renovation and professional advice!!!
Looking for families and couples in the NW Georgia area who
owns their own home that has decoration issues. We are NOT
looking for homes that are old and need repair or bare homes that
has no decorations. The houses need to have a room or two that
are CLUTTERED with home décor (NOT WITH TRASH, but like
knickknacks or tchotchkes) OR has an over-the-top decoration
theme room like the jungle, the 60's or neon bright colors, to
name a few. If you know anyone, please send the following to
castinguly@gmail.com 1. Nominator Name, phone number and
email address: 2. Nominee Name and phone number: 3.
Nominee Residing City and State: 4. How many people live in
this household? 5. Describe the area in the home that needs a
design makeover. Please attach picture if they are available.