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11-01-2010, 03:40 AM
I saw the NBC telecast for NHK. It's been so long since I watched FS on TV! I think the last time it was in Feb.2010 (Olympics). That alone made my day.

The mens competition was very good, considering that this was the first one of the season for most skaters. Loved Amodio's performance. I hope he can keep up that performance level. Abbott and Takahashi were also very good (except for Dai's fall). Artistically these two are at a whole another level compared to most other skaters. I also enjoyed the young Japanese Hanryu and Shawn Sawyer (despite his struggles with the jumps).

Ladies competition was tame, by comparison. I actually enjoyed Carolina's performance this time, despite the limited jumps content and some mistakes on jumps. She has really matured as a skater. Still, I felt that Rachael should have probably won. Carolina did not have the 3lutz and 3flip due to injury, and she did struggle with some of the easier jumps too. Hers was the most enjoyable program to watch, but I am not sure it was worthy of the gold. I don't know how she can get through this season with that knee injury. At other competitions she will be competing against skaters who land the jumps and have the presentation too.

There was no contest jumpwise between Rachael and the rest of the field, unless there were downgrades on some of her jumps (I have not seen the protocols yet). Murakami was good for her first senior level competition. It was tough watching Mao struggle so much. I hope the switch to Mr.Sato as her coach will work out in the long run. Right now it does not seem to be working.

I wish they had shown at least the top 2 pairs. In dance they showed Davis & White because they are American, I think. I want to watch the top skaters regardless of their nationality. When will NBC learn what the audience wants?

Tara's commentating was a pleasant surprise. The commentators were actually talking about what was going on on the ice, instead of some irrelevant off ice stuff that some other commentators say (exception: Weiss talking about himself at one time instead of what he was watching). It was refreshing considering how Dick Button either praises a skater to the sky or slams him/her completely.

11-01-2010, 04:39 AM
I think it was Lipinski who made the good point that Flatt would be better working on speed and extension rather than choreography to get people into her programs more.

11-03-2010, 02:11 AM
I accidentally deleted this from my DVR box. Would anyone be able to make a copy of this NBC broadcast of the NHK from last Sunday (Oct. 31)? It would be much appreciated! Of course, I'll pay for costs, etc.

Thanks so much! :)