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10-31-2010, 12:57 PM
I officiate field hockey and lacrosse, and we are told that if a player leaves for "concussion like" symptoms, they aren't allowed back in the game w/o a doctor's note.

However, the 'standard of proof' is so low, a coach could scribble something illegible on a piece of paper and say, "oh, it's from Dr. So and So," and we'd have to let the kid back in. So the rule is really stupid.

We don't have the authority to sit a kid if we are concerned for their safety. The most I can do is strongly suggest the trainer come on the field if there's been a collision that results in a stoppage of play. If the trainer comes on, the kid has to go off, even if only for a little bit. Most kids don't want to leave, so it's critical to get a trainer or coach to see them close up so that common sense can prevail.

I'm guessing with college intermural sports, there's not a lot of regulation. There's a doctor here in Wisconsin, Dr. Michael McCrea, who actually wrote a book on mild traumatic brain injury, which includes sports injuries and something called "second impact syndrome." That might be helpful for your daughter's boyfriend, or her, since he's probably having trouble reading and remembering.

Back to the open water race, to draw a parallel between those officials' and referees in football, it would be as though a player was down on the field and they just kept the game going around him. I'm sure it's hard to tell if a swimmer goes missing when there are so many, but they need to find a way to count the athletes periodically.

11-01-2010, 08:16 PM
Some more updated information...