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10-20-2010, 09:29 PM
Though this case has gotten just a little attention, so far, it's coming on the heels of the Caster Semenya case ... and may be picking up steam.

This HRC Business Council member writes (www.cnn.com/2010/OPINION/10/18/rose.transsexuals.sports/index.html?hpt=C2) that the case of transexual golfer Lana Lawless highlights an overlying issue: Transsexual athletes are being treated unfairly. Rose chides sports [USA sports for the most part] not giving transsexual athletes the same rights that they very deservedly get in life-in-general (legal, social, et al).

Ms. Rose goes off tangent, to the detriment of her case, by comparing this to the historical plight of people of African descent/African Americans in sports. This is biology, a proven advantage for a male physique, altered or not ... not overt racism and disgusting claims that the races are built differently. Seriously, writers need to stop creating the "easy" image by regurgitating Nazi Germany to make a point about eville/bias/etc.

But she hits a little closer to home (and terms of similarity and timeliness) concerning Semenya's plight ... and eventual victory. Close, but not exact, because Caster is clearly not a transsexual, and to wit has always been who she is. And through the turmoil of those tests she had to endure, Semenya was proven to be female (a born female).

So, what's your opinion? Is Ms. Rose right? Should transsexuals be allowed to compete any sport versus non-trans women? Is it fair to "original" women to be competing against women who have a man's body structure and size?

Comments below this article (ranging the usual gamut -- reasonable to extreme hatred) might help get your thoughts going ... they gave me some insight, but didn't change my mind. I say "No, they should not. Though I agree that it's not wholly fair to the would-be trans athlete to diallowed from competing in some women's sports, it is more unfair for other women to have to compete at the obvious physical disadvantage the former would bring."

Sometimes you take the very very good (having the opportunity to make the transition) with the knowledge that some (much smaller) things are just going to be out-of-reach."

10-20-2010, 10:47 PM
I can't remember if I read an article linked here or if it was off FSU but this reminds me of an issue emerging in marathons between men and women. I'll look for the link later because it kind of raises the same/similar issues you mentioned regarding the physical advantages/disadvantages.

Here's a quickie summary until I can find the article link.

Technically a lot of marathons intended for women can't specifically deny men from entering the race. Discrimination is not allowed. So organizers tend to make the prizes really girly which can be offensive to true female marathon runners who don't like the girly crap. The men entering the races also get a lot of crap because what kind of guy could call himself a man if he had to enter a girl's race to win.

ETA: I forgot to add my answer. I agree with you that no they should not be able to compete. I'm a big believer in equality but even I can tell there are some biological factors that need to be taken into consideration.

I also found the link: