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01-18-2011, 11:14 PM
Bulgaria can. :cheer: Oooo! Ireland, too!

01-24-2011, 02:23 PM
You can listen to the songs that applied for the Festival da Canção here (http://videos.sapo.pt/festivalcancao2011). I haven't heard all of them, but the ones I've heard are awful. :( :revenge:

01-30-2011, 02:40 PM
Boyband (now, a fair bit older than boys) Blue (Uk number 1 in 05 with Too Close also sang All rise, One love etc) will represent the UK this year. No national contest just a striaght entry. The song is apparently called I can.


01-31-2011, 02:06 AM
[double post - sorry and please delete]

01-31-2011, 03:09 AM
Thanks for the info Poths!

Gonna try to compile everything we know so far:

Eurovision logo and slogan have been chosen:

Logo: http://www.eurovision.tv/page/news?id=23293&_t=dsseldorf_2011_feel_your_heart_beat
Slogan: "Feel your heart beat!"

I think the logo is great. :)

So far, four songs have been selected:

Albania - Aurela Gace "Kenge Ime"

My favourite song, so far (well the only one that I like ;)). Really powerful. Her 70s communist diva look makes it even more awesome. :D

Can't believe I didn't like it at first!

I hope it doesn't get translated into English because it sounds awesome the way it is.

Netherlands - 3JS "Je Vecht Nooit Alleen"

A mediocre, cheesy piece of soft rock. It's quite catchy and very radio friendly, though.

Romania - Hotel FM "Change"

This sounds very outdated to me. Unfortunately a safe choice often wins (there were much more interesting songs in the final).

Switzerland - Anna Rossinelli "In Love For A While"

The video above is a new version that has been performed on a Swiss TV show recently:

In addition, four acts have been chosen to represent their countries but we don't know their songs yet:

Cyprus - Christos Mylordos

He was chosen during a tv show, clip below:

Afterwards a number of songs have been prepared and he performed them in front of the Jury on 20th January. They chose one song and will make their choice public early Feb.

In previous years, the tv viewers have chosen the song but after a string of abysmal results in recent years, the broadcaster decided to change the rules.

France - Amaury Vassili

A 21-year old, very porny opera singer. Very successful in France, 250 thousand copies of his debut album have been sold.

Here is a clip of him singing live:

Turkey - Yüksek Sadakat

Another Turkish rock band. Their name means "hi-fi" apparently.

Here is a video of their number one hit "Aşk Durdukça:"

United Kingdom - Blue

A boyband that has been on hiatus since 2004.

Back in their heyday (2001-2003), they have been a major commercial success, selling in excess of 1 million copies of each other albums. I am not sure Eurovision is the best way to plan your comeback for an act of that calibre, to be honest. :P

If you've never heard of them, here is a video of their debut hit "All Rise:"

They are hot, I like that they all look more like men than boys (I guess that was the record label's idea for them).

National qualifications are taking place in all the other countries:

Azerbeijan - Scottish Nikola Barkley was one of the favourites but had to withdraw after AZE tv added another semi-final and she wasn't informed in advance LOL! It's worse than their figure skating fed. They keep changing the rules all the freakin time. It's crazy. Actually now the added semi has been cancelled so maybe Nikola is in after all?

Final was supposed to take place early February but tv now said it will be late Feb, early March but nobody knows when yet. :D Contestants were singing recent Eurovision songs in the semis.

Belgia - 14 songs chosen for the final, held on 12th Feb

Croatia - two semis took place so far

Cyprus - a singer have been chosen

Estonia - 20 songs chosen by people voting on the tv's internet site, divided into two-semis, final on 26th Feb

Greece - 6 finalists chosen

Iceland - 7 songs in the final (12th Feb), one of them by Yohanna who placed 2nd last year
Yohanna's song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUcPg-AuQ2k&

Ireland - 5 acts chosen: Nikki Kavanagh, Jedward, Vard Sisters, Don Mescall, an unnamed EMI quartet; final on 11th Feb

Italy - in the past, the winner of San Remo festival went to Eurovision but broadcaster said they might send an X-Factor winner instead

Finland - 10 songs in the final (12th Feb)

Macedonia - 20 songs chosen for the final (end of Feb)

Malta - 24 songs chosen, all will be performed on 11th Feb and 16 best will be chosen and perform again on 12th Feb

Norway - three semis took place, final no idea when ;)

Poland - 10 songs chosen for the final which will take place on 15th Feb
You can listen to all the songs, here (just scroll down and you will see YT video links):

Magdalena Tul gave an entertaining performance of her song "Jestes" on a popular Polish tv show recently:

My favourite of the lot, by far is the super catchy "Supergirl" by SheMoans. It was the theme song of "Poland's Next Top Model." Love the chorus!

Portugal - 12 songs chosen for the final by viewers through the tv's internet site

San Marino - internal selection, will be announced on 3rd Feb

Serbia - three songwriters have been chosen, they are going to write songs and choose acts who will perform them

Spain - interesting idea for the qualification, in the first semi acts were divided into groups of 3 and sang Eurovision hits, one was eliminated from each of the groups

01-31-2011, 11:06 AM
Oooo! Blue! Brits pulling out the stops!


Poths can 'meh' all he likes :lol:

01-31-2011, 03:03 PM
That dark haired dude, whatever his name is ;), is sooooooo porny! :swoon:

EDIT: He's called Antony Costa.

A yummy naked pic that you probably shouldn't open at work: ;)

He's really let himself go recently though!

I guess his management is going to put him on a hamster wheel for the next few months. ;)

01-31-2011, 05:12 PM
Yup, in Norwat we've had three semifinals so far, and 6 songs are ready for the final, among them The Blacksheeps, who won Junior Eurovision.

Feb 5th, there's the "last chance" semifinal, with those who were 3rd and 4th in the other semi finals. It appears there will be eight songs though, so no idea where the last two comes from

feb 12th is our finale! Eight songs, one will win, by televote from the Norwegian people. Last year, they did a really good job eh....:P

02-01-2011, 08:54 PM
Lena's efforts to defend her title (I never thought she was really serious with that!):

12 songs, 6 of them presented in each semi-final, 3 of them chosen by tele-voting for the final six, and after that tv-viewers will decide which one is the German Eurovision entry. 3 songs so far made it to the final: "Maybe", "Taken by a stranger" and "What happened to me".

Too bad "I like you", a charmer IMO, didn't make it, I admit I have soft spot for it; should've been in the final, instead of "Maybe" which is quite meh to me. Btw., Stefan Raab's own entry didn't make it to the final either ... :eek:

02-05-2011, 11:47 PM
There was a sort of a preview show for the Irish national final on this evening. Don't know if any of you outside of Ireland will be able to watch, but here is the link anyway:


Of the snippets I heard, I think it's between Jedward and Nikki Kavanagh.

France will be represented by Amaury Vassili (http://www.amauryvassili.com/).

02-06-2011, 05:16 PM
France will be represented by Amaury Vassili.

I just saw that. Amaury Vassili will sing a song in Corsican (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corsican_language) called Sonniu.

edit: so I listened to a few songs and remember his name skating fans!!! I think we have our new Josh Groban/Il Divo :saint:

02-06-2011, 06:41 PM
Rep to Poths if he can tell me what song Switzerland is reminding me of, the first few seconds and I have this song in my head but I can't place it. Driving me crazy.

.Just saw this now and having listened to it, I'm :wall:

Is it Bowie, All the Young Dudes?

The melody at "All the young dudes..." is copied on part of the Swiss song.

02-06-2011, 06:49 PM
There was a sort of a preview show for the Irish national final on this evening. Don't know if any of you outside of Ireland will be able to watch, but here is the link anyway:


Of the snippets I heard, I think it's between Jedward and Nikki Kavanagh.

France will be represented by Amaury Vassili (http://www.amauryvassili.com/).
I'm a spanner but, I really want the Vard sisters to go. :( They haven't a hope but it's so nice and Irish. :swoon:

02-06-2011, 11:28 PM
I'm a spanner but, I really want the Vard sisters to go. :( They haven't a hope but it's so nice and Irish. :swoon:

You're only saying that because you want to do them all at once, ye greedy fecker. :P

02-07-2011, 07:34 AM
What's the collective term for a MILF? :saint:

MsILF? :shuffle: