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10-17-2010, 08:28 PM
He was totally anti-celeb until he became one. Now he's drinking the koolaid 'cause he likes fame. He's a famewhore. I haven't forgiven him for using the "F" word towards WillIAm. At this point, I don't think I will either. I stopped reading his site ages ago - there are other sites I can go to for real, un-rehashed celeb dish. Lots of people do it quicker and better.

At least he is looking more presentable, sans the idiotic clothes and multi-colored hair styles.

I was never a fan of him because he did a lot of obnoxious things, like poking fun of actors' kids, who were under the age of 10. The Will.I.Am. episode further showed how pathetic he was. A year before that incident, he declared Jessie Metcalfe of deserving to have been beaten up in front of the nightclub. I don't know the entire story of that but many people on the internet had echoed what Perez was saying, that he deserved it because he was a jerk.

Now fast forward to 2009, Perez makes a public video crying for pity because he got a tiny scratch. I don't think violence is the answer but could Perez have been anymore of a hypocrite. Get this, he "apologized" hours later after ONTD grilled him and brought the Metcalfe issue back up.

Was it not just a few months ago that he posted a picture of Miley Cryus' upskirt? This is the same guy who begged for people to take his side of story. The same guy who made it a goal, a few years earlier, to out celebrities that he was certain was gay because he thought he was doing the gay community a favor.

With a string of PR mishaps in 2009, I only wonder why he hasn't been steamrolled off the internet.

10-17-2010, 08:46 PM
I meant to come and post on here immediately but I forgot. The other day I saw him make a post that was CLEARLY bullying. He referred to some celebrity and insinuated she may be a he or something along those lines. I am going to go back and try to find the post. He hasn't changed, he just isn't being so blatant.