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10-22-2010, 04:35 PM
I also wondered what happened to Dr. Fife. Considering in the season finale William basically handed Naomi over to him, they were so quick to write him out. He was excellent, and frankly I miss him. A reason might be that obviously Audra McDonald is going to be absent for several episodes, and the producers may have thought they'd have nothing for him to do while she's gone. There's hope he may reappear later in the season.

Makes sense. Anyone know why Audra is out for awhile? Hopefully some great project (singing???) That is the the one thing about PP that annoys, they have some awesome talented folks that don't match the low quality in the show.

10-29-2010, 03:07 AM
I missed Grey's last week which bummed me out (we had people over so I was busy talking to them) but hopefully they rerun that episode sometime soon. I really enjoyed tonight's episode even though I don't always like the whole documentary style of filming. Alex working in pediatrics is awesome and I like that Cristina is starting to come out of her surgery funk. The arms story was pretty cool but Bailey & Mary's story totally made me cry. Darn you Chandra Wilson. :fragile:

I'm one of few people here who enjoys PP most of the time but I don't take the show all that seriously. I watch mainly because I love the cast (I've been a Kate Walsh fan forever) and they always seem to have some interesting medical cases. I was mad at everyone the other week for not taking care of Betsy too but I think that was the point. There are kids all over the world who need someone to care about them and adopt them and a lot of people sit on their hands and don't do anything just like they did that day. Maybe the message didn't quite get through but I think I understood what Shonda was getting at with that show. It helps to follow her on Twitter too because she tends to explain things better, LOL ;)

10-29-2010, 03:26 AM
So are Callie and Arizona totally off the show, just taking a break, or are they going to show what happens in Africa?

LOVED Alex in peds. Especially the part where he sings to the patient while she's getting an MRI. :swoon: But is it me, or has he put on a little weight?

10-29-2010, 04:49 AM
So are Callie and Arizona totally off the show, just taking a break, or are they going to show what happens in Africa?

LOVED Alex in peds. Especially the part where he sings to the patient while she's getting an MRI. :swoon: But is it me, or has he put on a little weight?

I think Jesica Capshaw is pregnant in real life so they're writing her out temporarily to have her baby. I haven't heard when Callie will be back yet or even if she's coming back at the same time as Arizona or not. Agree that Alex in peds is awesome. :D

10-29-2010, 12:26 PM
Didn't really like this episode much at all :shuffle:

10-29-2010, 05:03 PM
This wasn't my favourite episode, but it did have its moments. When I first saw that they were doing a documentary approach I thought "Really? Been there done that." (In ER, in the West Wing, in CSI, in ... I can't remember how many other shows.) But it was actually pretty effective in a lot of ways. It was a great example of the Heisenberg principle -- you could see how many of them were changing their behaviours and speech because they were being filmed. That part was actually better done in this show than I've seen in other shows.

Loved Alex and his "I'm not here for the kids." You're not fooling anyone any more, Alex! I didn't like how they turned Lexie into a punchline, again. Leave the poor girl alone.

I didn't buy the whole film crew in the arm transplant surgery, though. That ER was already very crowded with the actual surgeons and all the others watching, seemed unrealistic that there's be room for a film crew, never mind all the other ethical issues.

I really hope we don't have a "Grey's Anatomy in Africa" episode. That would be lame.

Y'know, I'd nearly given up on Grey's last season, but this season has been quite excellent ... so far. It's the post-traumatic twist that's doing it of course, and I'm not sure how long they can carry that through. But for now, great work.

pixie cut
10-29-2010, 05:18 PM
I admit I liked when Teddy obviously used the f-bomb to get Jackson out of the forced lock down.

Callie has to be the most disgustingly passive aggressive character on the planet. She forced Cristina and Owen out of the apartment and now she's taking off. BAD writing.

10-30-2010, 07:42 AM
I love Alex in peds. And I don't seem to be the only one. ;)

I was annoyed with Private Practice today. Again. I'm sorry, it isn't as if Addison and Sam disagreed about whether a patient should have surgery or try drug therapy. If my boyfriend and I disagreed about what constitutes rape and what the appropriate response to that is, it wouldn't matter if that disagreement happened at work or on the moon, you'd better believe that discussion is coming home. That's not some tiny issue of disagreeing on appropriate treatment. Not to mention that, as doctors, I believe they are bound by law to report rape. And since that's what we're talking about, I know I'm not going to be happy about what is happening to Charlotte. It's starting to feel like a case of too many dramatically awful things happening too often.

pixie cut
11-05-2010, 01:51 PM
Doing the bump again this week.

Thought Grey's was okay. What I don't get about the Cristina PTSD storyline is they don't show her seeking therapy or in any way trying to move past her issues. Also, Owen once again has been written into total normalcy and his own PTSD issues are not addressed. Big fail.

There were interesting moments in Private Practice, like Charlotte and Amelia bonding. I particularly liked showing Sheldon work. That's often a abused character and it's nice to show the actor's strengths and a solid portrayal. I did not like the rape storyline. It's a cheap hook.

11-05-2010, 03:30 PM
It was an interesting episode, some of it good, some of it bad.

The part I loved the most was April getting all intense with Owen. It was hilarious!

I'm curious to see where they take Christina's storyline, and am also curious to see how she and Meredith work on the issue.

I was frustrated for Bailey. But hopefully something will come back when they test the brain tissues.

The parts that bugged me:
The Chief hinting to Callie that it's too bad she was going because he had plans for her was just low. Sure, he could be sad that she's leaving, but he shouldn't have made her consider work before a relationship.

Arizona's cold goodbye. Oh wait, she didn't say goodbye. That felt totally out of character for her, even if they were breaking up.

And I don't think I'm going to like them putting April and Alex together. But I'll reserve judgment until they have a few more scenes together.

Private Practice was pretty good IMO. I won't go into more detail... but I liked it.

11-05-2010, 04:10 PM
I'm really taking issue with Grey's mainly because of Christina. I really like her characted and what I don't get is that she always identified herself, first and foremost, as a surgeon. And now, rather than try to deal with the issue (like pixie cut said), it's as if she's not even trying to seek any help. For someone like her, I would think she'd want to do everything in her power to get back what she's lost.

As for Private Practice... I thought it was such an intense episode. I liked Addison/Charlotte a lot and I'm curious hwo this story will develop.

11-05-2010, 10:51 PM
I've been having computer issues for days so I wasn't able to post last night but I liked both Grey's and PP. Grey's was awesome simply for April going postal on Owen, LOL :lol: I think Cristina's story could work a lot better if Owen was trying to help her more having been affected by PTSD himself. I do like Meredith and her having some troubles because that's realistic after what they went through and I really don't think Cristina will quit forever. I liked the interaction between Bailey and Derek and their respective issues. I even liked the potential for Owen to give the other residents trauma training although I don't know if that totally worked. Grey's has been much better overall this year and that makes me very happy since I've loved the show from Day One. :)

Private Practice was amazing. I couldn't sleep last night after it was over and I thought they did a tremendous job showing how traumatizing and heartbreaking sexual assault is not only for the survivor (loved Charlotte throwing her drink at Cooper when he called her a victim) but for the people around them too. There were three parts that got me very choked up: When Charlotte was being examined by Addison, Cooper breaking down in her office when he saw the mess, and when she was crying for him to take her home. Being attacked in the place where she works has got to be something they're going to deal with in this story and I'm glad this isn't just a four episode arc or anything. It's a long term thing which is how it should be told and it seems like they took a lot of care to make things accurate. KayDee Strickland was so heartbreaking and expressive last night. I was really impressed with how she went back and forth so seemlessly between the old Charlotte who is stubborn and tough and this new one who was terrified, broken, and feeling alone. :(

BTW-If anyone else follows any of the PP cast on Twitter, they were very appreciative of the support and comments that fans sent today. I really like how interactive the cast is with the fans. Tim Daly and Taye Diggs are a hoot, LOL :P

11-12-2010, 02:44 AM
Alex in peds works on SO many levels although I'm not too sure about this new pediatric surgeon who stole Alex's idea to help that patient. That pissed me off. :mad: Felt bad for Avery not really having much to do. Callie letting Cristina cut her hair was way ballsy (and I'm not a fan of Cristina's decision to quit but she's hilarious as a non-doctor tonight) and I'm actually kind of enjoying their interaction right now as comic relief. :D Crazy about the diplomat guy's accident and all his injuries but I was cracking up when they all thought it was Bono in the hospital with security. :lol: Good ep so far for the most part. :)

That new show Off the Map looks pretty good and anything that's giving the wonderful Zach Gilford another regular gig on TV is worth watching IMO. :cheer:

11-12-2010, 03:40 AM
I thought this episode was ok....the Alex/April thing was very annoying...wish they'd get over the whole Cristina thing, and the doctor that stole Alex's idea was annoying as well...but that was a good story bit at least.

11-12-2010, 03:44 AM
The new doctor is John Cage from Ally McBeal!! I love him! :cheer2:

Christina and Callie were hilarious tonight. There hasn't been enough of that silliness on Grey's for a long time.