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09-23-2010, 01:08 AM
My 1st laptop was a Compaq that was purchased 5 years ago. It doesn't even have 1 gig or ram and only 75 gig hard drive. That said, my kids use it now and works great for their needs: using it for research projects for school, typing up reports, listening to music, and playing games. As long as I clean and defragment once every other week, it runs perfect.

This past Feb. I purchase my HP Pavilion dv7. It's a 17" laptop with 4gig ram and 500 hard drive. It has lightscribe and plays blurays to boot. It came with Corel PSP and VideoStudio along with a bunch of other useful programs. I can do multiple things at once without a hitch, that includes surfing the net while it renders my homevideos taken on a 1080 hd camcorder. I LOVE my laptop!

I did extensive research before purchasing this HP but I also came across another brand that usually had excellent reviews: Asus, NOT Acer, ASUS. I probably would've bought the Asus but I saw this HP on a great deal: $698!

09-29-2010, 05:07 PM
I've owned both Toshiba and HP laptops and had an absolutely miserable time with both.

With the Toshiba, the screen stopped working after about a year - it would keep flickering on and off for hours. There were also problems charging the battery. When I took it in they said the motherboard would have to be replaced - 500$!! Thankfully I'd bought the extended warranty so I didn't have to pay. They replaced the motherboard, and three months later, had to replace it AGAIN when the same problems reoccurred. They also told me that mine was a common defect in that model but did Toshiba do a recall and reimburse customers? Of course not. Instead they chose to rob customers of 500$ to replace motherboards :-/ Interestingly, my roommate bought a Toshiba laptop 4 months ago and her screen doesn't work either!

The HP pavilion I got to replace the Toshiba wasn't much better. The wireless card stopped working four months after I bought it and the battery after ten months. I couldn't use it unless it was plugged in. It was also slow as hell, would keep crashing etc.

Finally I got a Mac and lived happily ever after :D

12-08-2010, 12:06 AM
Just an update on the original post - my hard drive died last night (in the middle of finals writing. A meltdown ensued), and after a not at all positive experience with Dell Tech support (which is not my first), I went ahead and ordered a new Sony Vaio EA today. 500HD, 4GB ram, the i5 processor, etc. It's PURPLE :D (and they tossed in a new keyboard skin for free which I got in pink, wheee, so glam, my new laptop).

The NYU computer stored helped me get my files and pictures back, so it all ended well.