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11-02-2010, 12:44 AM
ETA: for those who visit SurvivorSucks and other hardcore fan sites, what's the mood this season? Have they noticed the same issues we have? Or since they are all likely spoiled and know the outcome, maybe they are less confused than some of us here are.

I hope I don't give anything away with this.

The spoiler thinks that this is a great season and that everyone will enjoy it now that the merge has happened and things start taking off. There's lots of :drama: coming.

However, most of the Sucksters have been kind of disgusted with the editing, in part because they have known some of the outcome (the spoiler has been dishing it out slowly and refusing to reveal too much in advance--but it's all spoiled now, so don't go). And when the spoiler explains how some things really went down--often before the broadcast, in detail--it annoys everyone that they saw something else and what they saw didn't make much sense.

I think the Survivor producers just hate this season. I can't explain why without spoiling, but I think that's the main problem, or at least a big part of it. I think they were very disappointed in this cast. Jeff has said, for example, that Brenda is very good, but she's no Parvati. He's said that his money was on Jill to win it all and yet she wasn't really there (Jill has a very nice Day After vid on Insider, BTW--Survivor really seems to have changed her life). Marty appears to be this season's alpha male, but he really isn't. And so on. They've had casts they haven't liked before, though, and made it work.

I'm hoping that things DO improve after the merge; there's usually a little more character development at that point, so maybe things will start making sense.

11-02-2010, 02:39 AM
Thanks Prancer. I guess we just have to be patient. Also, for me, the 2nd episode was so funny, did that set my expectations too high? I still love this show and just and so amused by being the fly on the wall, one with blinders on, but still.

11-02-2010, 01:00 PM
Thanks Prancer.

11-02-2010, 01:36 PM
Not many spoilers on survivor sucks this year. At least you don't have the booted list !!
It looks like the CBS people were asked to maintain a low profile this year :(

11-03-2010, 11:34 PM
Not many spoilers on survivor sucks this year. At least you don't have the booted list !!
It looks like the CBS people were asked to maintain a low profile this year :(

That's fine with me, because I accidentally ran into the HvsV boot list before the season even started. It kind of ruined it for me since it was the first season I had known the outcome of since season 11 or 12. Even though the season was awesome, I can only imagine how much better and more fun it would have been for me had I not known the final 3 and that Sandra was going to win.

I have a hunch this season about who is going to go far, but that's it. And I have only determined that based on what CBS has decided to show us. It's interesting that they're apparently hiding from us how a lot of the stuff is going down.

purple skates
11-04-2010, 01:24 AM
Good episode tonight. :)

11-04-2010, 01:29 AM
Stealing food?

11-04-2010, 01:34 AM
Not many spoilers on survivor sucks this year. At least you don't have the booted list !!
It looks like the CBS people were asked to maintain a low profile this year :(

Uh, what?

I don't know what you have been reading, but the whole boot list is out there, the winner has been named, and the entire season has been laid out in detail.

Don't ANYONE go to the Sucks spoiler board thinking they won't get spoiled, or very spoiled. It's all there.

11-04-2010, 01:52 AM
In Marie's defense, the entire boot list is not all that obvious to find. It's been posted in bits and pieces and sometimes a bit cryptically. If you read the threads consistently you'll find the whole list, but it's not glaring right at you. :)

11-04-2010, 01:54 AM
I will be very sad when/if Jane is voted off. That woman is incredible.

11-04-2010, 02:00 AM
I like Jane too. Question - what is her background? I read the blurb on cbs.com and she shows dogs, and her husband died. But there are references to something sad/tragic. Anyone know?
Marty just has to go. He is playing, but in such an obvious way to is annoying.
Alina - at least they explained how she has been playing and why the others were annoyed with her, which was vague in prior episodes.
Holly - suprisingly seems to be stable now.
Na - please leave. But at least she is thinking of the jury, unlike Marty.
Sash - someone feed him please.
Brenda - is keeping her hands clean, so it seems.
Did enjoy how Dan was stirring the pot for Marty in TC. He is playing.

my little pony
11-04-2010, 02:05 AM
of course it depends on the editing, but if something really tragic did happen to Jane like Marty pointed out fifty eleven times, then I like her even more for being upbeat and not bringing it up over and over like that lunch lady.

11-04-2010, 03:59 AM
Jane freaking rocks! One of my favorite players ever!

11-04-2010, 04:52 AM
this season is not the best for sure- but after having russel the last two shows- it really could only go downhill.
My 11 year old and i watch together every wednesday night ( wel used to be thursday) and he said ' i miss russell - thye need another russel" and i have to agree- HE was the master and brenda aint nothing compaured to him ( bugs me how she thinks she is all that - i hope tht she goes soon-

11-04-2010, 05:06 AM
I heart Jane.

Marty is digging his own grave, but I so cannot stand Brenda and Sash (even though they are so far playing well) that I keep hoping that Marty will wake up and find a way to get rid of one of them.

I had almost managed to forget about Benry until we saw his vote. I'll take Sash and Brenda over Benry any day of the week. The guy is a creep.

Oh, NaOnka :lol: