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08-17-2010, 04:09 PM
Eva always had the ability to strip down songs to their bare soul. Sting's "Fields of Gold" just feels so cheap and artificial in comparison to her version. :)

So true. Even Sting, the largest ego on the planet about his music, had to admit she'd trumped him.

08-17-2010, 04:57 PM
The website maintained by Eva's cousin:

Any skating, and Michelle Kwan fan, owes her a great debt:

The record company, and Eva's family, presented MK with a copy of Eva's gold record; because of the impact of Michelle's use of Eva's recording.

08-17-2010, 07:32 PM
Thank you (((skatesindreams))).

08-18-2010, 04:40 AM
I was at a bookstore the other day, and this recording came on of a woman with a rather good voice. She appeared to have amazing range, doing show tunes, jazz, gospel-y things...and lo and behold it was Eva Cassidy. So I guess I'm a new fan too.

08-18-2010, 05:00 AM
Big fan here too. I love her version of Cheek to Cheek. The only other pure voice that comes to mind is Karen Carpenter. Not saying they sound alike at all but Karen also had that unique sound.

08-18-2010, 05:41 AM
i adore eva- i actually had no idea about her when michelle used FOG
but i stumbled on her when her cd was re=released in uk
i love her fog version and it ws so moving whne mk skated to it....

08-18-2010, 01:19 PM
Count me as another fan...
I love "I Know You By Heart" It is such a beautiful song and the emotion she projects is amazing.