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08-12-2010, 06:41 AM
Wow, I'm used to this thread being 7+ pages by the time I see the show. Did most people decide to ignore the finale?

Judges were full of hot air and OTT declarations, but on the whole, I'll take happy drunky judges over spiteful pissy judges. Good thing Adechike went home last week or we'd have had a much bitchier night.

Bollywood w/ Lauren - Kent hit all body, leg, and arm positions in time and with sharpness, but was not paying attention to his hands. We've heard time and time again how critical the hand gestures are to this genre, and he totally threw them away. If this weren't the finale (and/or if it wasn't Kent) someone would have made a comment about it.

Solo was fine

Stacey Tookey piece w/Allison - I need to watch this one again. During the piece, I wrote down "nice piece, no emotional connection + Allison looks like his mom" I wanted to see this piece on either Robert (w/Allison) or Lauren (with Ade). but then afterwards Kent was clearly genuinely in a weird space. And I appreciated that the judges were trying to get him to talk and he kept it to himself (just gave them a stupid line that made Adam cream himself blah blah). I want to give this one another chance because he was not faking that emotion after the fact and I must have missed something.

Allison did look like his mom though

NappyTabs with Twitch - This wasn't my favorite NappyTabs piece, but I'm glad they gave her a non-relationship piece. She was amazing in it, completely kept up with Twitch. All night Lauren performed as if she's already an All-Star.

Best solo of the night for me - she just gives it everything she's got.

Tony/Melanie Cha Cha with Pasha -
This was interesting. She was a little tentative in the beginning lift, but once they really got into the cha cha she was aces. from where I was sitting, her leg lines matched Pasha's perfectly, and I would not have guessed she does not have a background in ballroom. I can't believe they made the lights go so dark while she was getting into that upside down lift :eek: - fnla lift was slightly tentative as well, but overall great job!

Tyce Jazz w/!!!Mark!!! - I liked the choreography. I wish we'd seen Robert do this piece earlier in the season. It was a good piece for him, but he doesn't have the intensity or the polish that Mark does. and I disagree with Adam about the jumping "down" comment - Robert's jump looked a bit heavy.

I liked Robert's solo tonight :cool:

Spencer Liffs B'way with Kathryn - very nice choreo that managed to live up to the iconic music. this was a great style for him, the partnering was improved!!! I was a little distracted by Kathryn's skirt going all twisty though.

Lauren/Robert: Dee Caspary choreo
I loved this piece. Loved it. I think this was Robert's best piece on the show, and this is where Lauren showed she's already professional level. Allison could not have done this piece better than Lauren did. And huge props to Robert - all his partnering was steady as can be (I think because he didn't do any press lifts) :cheer2: Big yay.

Lauren/Kent: Mandy Moore '80s revival
I thought this was cute, but halfway through I realized that creaky old me would be able to perform this piece, so yeah, not a big technical piece. it's not like it was that dreadful foxes piece from S2 though :shuffle: so no need for Nigel to be such an ass. I know the piece was made to suit Lauren and Kent's personalities, but I was kind of wishing Lauren was dancing it with Billy.

Kent/Robert - Malevos
I loved the idea of this. I had high hopes. but I thought this was on the same level as Jose and Adechike's Paso duet. Maybe worse, because I expected so much more. They were both tentative, the footwork was slow....it looked like a parody, not a real dance. I thought it was interesting that the judges didn't want to critique it at all and just lobbed a bunch of nothing comments :lol: This was a really bad way to end the competition, sigh.

am power voting for Lauren. I know I can't keep up with the Kent fans and I'm ok with him winning (anyone catch Lauren almost call him "America's favorite dancer? they all know the coronation is coming), but I think Lauren has been the best all season long so I'm a-gonna try.

08-12-2010, 06:49 AM
Wow, I'm used to this thread being 7+ pages by the time I see the show. Did most people decide to ignore the finale?

I haven't even gotten around to watching last week's show. I just can't bring myself to care since Billy left.

Ellen may have revealed a clue to Twitch's dance partner replacement for tomorrow's hip hop.

@TheEllenShow I like it! I wonder if it WILL happen? Watch the finale tomorrow RT @amydansie My guess for who will be dancing w/ @official_tWitch is Ellen

Seems more plausible they'd go for the laughs than do something serious so I'm expecting it to be Ellen now. :lol:

08-12-2010, 07:52 AM
I wonder if the ratings for the show reflect the steady decline in posts every week on the SYTYCD thread.

Personally, I haven't felt like watching the show after Billy left. Even tonight, I fast-forwarded through all of the fluff, the judges' comments, and even some of the dances (Lauren/Kent Mandy Moore choreo). I'm sorry to say I don't really think any of the dances tonight stood out for me as ones I'll watch again. That being said, I'll still watch tomorrow!

08-12-2010, 09:49 AM
I am watching out of habit. After Alex left, I just wasn't interested.

I am looking forward to watching Mark's number. I am working a night shift so will be able to watch it when I get home.

08-12-2010, 10:39 AM
After Alex went, I simply lost interest. Kent isn't that good at all, he is trying too hard. And I think that others were just a lot better than he is like Billy, robert or Adéchiké.
Kent is a fluke IMO.

08-12-2010, 11:37 AM
FWIW, I thought all three of them looked worn out. Can we get a dancer with Kent's lower body line and explosiveness and combine that with Robert's upper body and musicality? Oh snap, we had two of them and they're not in the final.

I thought Kent was weakest of the three tonight. The Mandy piece was just plain weird and I agree with Nigel that Mandy didn't challenge the dancers at all. I was still dancing in the mid-80s and have this strange feeling that HTBS was the recital piece for the studio's junior jazz group, probably with harder choreo. Kent should have been able to dance it with campy abandon, but it didn't come across that way. As for the Malevos, Robert just killed him. In both this and the Bollywood, Kent just threw away the arms that were critical to selling the pieces.

I'd be happy with a Lauren or Robert win. Both did very well with what they were given and really killed at least one of the pieces.

08-12-2010, 11:43 AM
Although DI hasn't been all that helpful this year, I just took a quick peek.
Lauren got the most traffic using the DI software, followed by Kent, then Robert. The order is reversed for #of busy signals tracked. Robert had the most, followed by Kent, then Lauren. Texting will decide this, so I guess we're getting whoever the tweens want.

08-12-2010, 12:16 PM
I had to record and watch later, so I didn't get to vote. I watched the entire season, so this is how I feel:

#1 - Lauren. I think Mia's final comments summed it up. She's just incredible. She can do anything. Her body and her character are always so *there*, and she's so in tune with all music.

#2 - Kent. Although I don't love him in the way all the girlies do, he is a super strong, virtuosic dancer. Although in this finale he didn't have the greatest of dances, he did have a stronger overall season than Robert IMO.

#3 - Robert. He really has had two amazing shows in a row, but he was really weak during the rest of the season for me. He's so lanky, but he finds a way to bend and contract when he's not supposed to that diminishes him - he's just not finished enough. He's never gone over the top for me, whereas the others have.

But yeah, I was kinda feeling the gushfest that the judges were having. But of course both Adam and Nigel were pretty much useless and annoying in their comments.

Yep, I think Lauren should win it.

08-12-2010, 12:28 PM
I haven't watched the show since week 4 (I think) and I found out I haven't really missed it. I'll check who wins tonight- I expect it to be Kent, which is what I said from the very beginning.

I think I might be through with SYTYCD.

08-12-2010, 12:33 PM
I was at work last night and couldn't watch live. I'd give the night to Robert.

There's really just something about Lauren that I can't warm up to. I didn't think the dance with Pasha was that great, there were moments in it that looked downright akward to me, usually the moments right before a lift. Not sure if that's because of Lauren or Pasha. And I never like her solos because I can't get past the fact that her hair is always flinging in her face. When I heard Nappy Tabs was doing the choreography for her number with Twitch I kept wishing that it had been Dave Scott instead.

I thought Kent got a little hosed by the choreographers last night. I think Mandy Moore deserved to get blasted for that piece of crap she gave him and Lauren, I also thought the last routine (whatever it was called) with Robert was a hot mess, even in concept let alone how they danced. Wasn't that imrpessed with the Bollywood routine either, I think we've seen better choreographed routines already this season. I did like the Contemporary piece he did with Alison though. (but I have a secret love for Stacey Tookey - not so secret anymore I guess)

Maybe this makes me incredibly un-deep but I didn't get the pillow, even after it was explained to me in the package.

Anyway, these are my opinions. I'm used to not agreeing with anyone else here :)

(oh, Also I thought Mia was tolerable for the first time this season)

08-12-2010, 01:42 PM
Of the three left, Lauren is my favorite, so I hope she wins.

Having said that: while she danced the piece with Twitch just fine, the dance seemed really sloooooow. I thought they spent way too much time behind the podium just doing arm choreography (not that arm choreography is easy, but they should have come out sooner than they did).

Since they moved to the new theater, I think a lot of the dances have suffered from being too small for such a large stage. On top of that, when the choreographers make weird lighting and costuming choices, the dancers bodies/body parts get lost in the background of the stage. I felt this way with Robert and Mark's piece last night. (I think this may be why Napolean and Tabitha use so many props-- they help to focus the audience's/camera's attention to one point of the stage, or help to define the space that the dancers are in better, like the chair and couch in the Alex/Twitch piece.)

I felt for Mandy Moore last night. Poor thing looked like she was going to burst into tears. However, my husband kept saying through that piece, "WE could do *this* dance", and he was right :/

As for Ellen's tweet I read that to mean that Will is going to be the replacement. I don't know if I should be excited by that, though. I don't remember him doing hip hop before... can anyone juggle my memory?

08-12-2010, 01:46 PM
I always watch on DVR and start to FF when the critique drives me bananas, so I may have missed something. Caveat, I don't "get" Kent, so my comments may be slanted that way....so:

Kent's Bollywood seemed easier than the other Bollywood numbers this season. There was nothing done on their knees at all (isn't that a feature of Bollywood) and it seemed more posing and spinning. I'm super resentful that the last couple weeks the choreographers seem to give him dances that his face fits into, rather than get him to actually control his face. Agree the 80s number was fluff. And I can't take him seriously with someone like Allison...I still see him as children's theater rather than an adult male dancer. His comment that made Adam wet himself in ecstasy, I'd almost swear was scripted to get that judge reaction. Blah... :rolleyes:

Robert certainly is most improved of the three, but as a Mark lover, I felt dancing with Mark really showed that he's not quite there yet. Mark is sharp and precise and finishes things off (and hottttttt) but I felt that dance revealed Robert's just not that quality. Yet.

Lauren stole it for me. I really disliked her most of the season but about 4 weeks ago she started to nail it for me, every single dance she just took on and convinced me she was best all round. So I got Lauren for the win.

Still wish Alex had been in it though, then I could have FF through about 75 minutes of the 2 hours.....

And to whomever feels like a dirty old woman watching Robert, I feel that way with Pasha. I missed the season he was on and am now really, really regretting it. That boy is just smokin' hot!

08-12-2010, 01:55 PM
Kent's Bollywood seemed easier than the other Bollywood numbers this season. There was nothing done on their knees at all (isn't that a feature of Bollywood) and it seemed more posing and spinning.

That's what I thought too... in the middle of the Bollywood I thought to myself, wow this is so much easier than Billy's Bollywood. Even with that, it didn't look sharp at all to me. It seemed kind of slow, and I thought he and Lauren were out of sync at times.

my little pony
08-12-2010, 02:16 PM
I had no trouble getting in for Lauren all night :(

08-12-2010, 03:14 PM
Spoilers for the guest dancer are out there, I guess, as Nigel just tweeted that he wanted the spoiling to stop. It's a she. Anyone have a minute to dig it up and post it here? I'd do it, but I can't from work.