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09-24-2010, 03:00 PM
Does anyone here even like Gretchen's stuff I don't get her at allllllllllllll

So confused

Totally agree. Wretchen Kvetchan's stuff is IMO, matronly and shapeless. Love, love, love Mondo and his designs. He is just so talented and adorable! When I remember that he was feeling so isolated and unloved at the very beginning of the series, it is so ironic in that everyone, including all of the judges love him.

09-24-2010, 03:07 PM
I do NOT understand the judges--I actually didn't find Michael's at all as bad as they thought. It's not supposed to be functional. And it was one massive giving of the finger to the people who said he could not construct anything and apparently is so untalented at sewing he couldn't stitch a hem without help. His 'ready-to-wear' was the problem, and mostly just because it was fairly dull. Whereas Gretchen's "high-fashion" look wasn't at all coture and it made a girl who is a size four at the absolute MOST look like a fourteen. Her velvet look was like someone threw Elmo in a paper shredder. Her ready-to-wear was just more caftan-like drapery that is apparently designed to hide the body of a woman shaped like a toothpick. She has to be screwing a producer.

For sheer high-fashion cray-cray, Mondo was the clear winner. I loved it as clothing art that would be fun to photograph, which was kind of the whole point of the challenge. And his ready-to-wear was absolutely the most wearable while still being related to his design.

Andy's I liked for the art factor. Sure, it was weird. Again, this was not the challege to design something at all functional. And his took a whopping crapload of work to construct and he did it beautifully. The ready to wear clearly belonged with the first look without aping it. Boy got skills. He and Mondo were so far beyond Gretchen it wasn't funny.

Of the bottom, Michael shouldn't have been in there, and of the others, Valerie should have gone because WHAT. The white dress was like a high-school sewing class stab at high fashion, and the ready to wear look had NOTHING to do with it! I would have also kept Ivy over her for exactly one of the reasons the judges seemed to hate it--it wasn't black or white. Seriously, can we have a challenge where the designers are absolutely forbidden from using white, black, beige/tan or gray? At all, anywhere? Stop using the Carmelite Convent palate, people!

09-24-2010, 04:21 PM
Shoot, I almost forgot to snark ...

:( The more Make-up Daddy speaks, the less I want him. Damn you, fancy speaking.

:wideeyes: Valerie deserved to be auffed for what she herself (presumably designed and) wore on the runway. :scream: Horrible baby doll dress meets shut-in's house frock. The top cups oddly squashed her breasts, and combined with the beige color to highlight that her body resembles a yellow squash. Then, OMG, there were the Wizard of Oz munchkin's stockings ... and styling that included a shellacked hairdo that was right out of Little Rascals.

:lol: [Did I get see what I thought I saw? ...] Ninagarcia stepping in it by describing Val's design as Guatamalen prom dress, and then having to apologize ("no offense to you") when Val said she was from there.

:huh: Seriously, how on earth did that hairy frock fit for Gloria Steinhem (current-day, 70-something version, not the cool 1970s version) from Gretchen get into the top 3? I still find her infinitly entertaining, but I am baffled by the adoration her designs get.

09-24-2010, 04:37 PM
Gretchen should have been in the bottom instead of Michael. Michael's couture look was, however, a spoiled but tacky midwestern high school girl's idea of a high fashion prom dress (there's one over the top piece of work like that at every third prom worn by a girl who is extremely proud of it but cannot dance or sit). But at least the model didn't look like she was channeling her dead grandmother's caftan with some feathers sewn on. And she didn't look three times her actual size. I am so not getting the judges' love for all things Gretchen. I thought for sure she was finally going to be on the hot seat for that dreck.

Christopher was lucky that Valerie and Ivy were so awful and Michael was a bit tacky. Because that couture look was just bad and the rtw look was boring (I think I've already forgotten it).

Mondo and Andy are creative at least. And I think that's how they won this challenge.

I am so sick of the constant "twists" thrown at them this season. Once in awhile that is okay and legitimate. But it has become every single challenge. Michael and April were both smart to work their butts off the first day guessing that something was coming.

09-24-2010, 04:43 PM
I did not like Gretchen's Bea Arthur tribute dress at all!

09-24-2010, 04:47 PM
:huh: Seriously, how on earth did that hairy frock fit for Gloria Steinhem (current-day, 70-something version, not the cool 1970s version) from Gretchen get into the top 3?

It was horrible, but it at least was not boring. Michael, Chris, Ivy, Valerie, even April, all boring this time. That's the reasoning I came up with.

09-24-2010, 04:47 PM
Gretchen's looked like Norma Desmond threw her ratty robe over her beaded evening gown. Yuck. Michael's was a little pageant-y, but it wasn't hairy like Gretchen's. Maybe a little over the top, but it was pretty nice. Ivy's was like a home ec project - how did her skills fail her so badly. I didn't like Christopher's either. April's was a little too witchy woman for me. Valerie has really faded.

I would just have had a top 2 - Mondo and Andy.

09-24-2010, 05:07 PM
I believe that Gretchen was "referencing" Fortuny, one of the greatest of the "historic" designers:

Not easy to do, successfully.

I appreciated Andy's work,
Mondo's not quite so much; although, I understand why it would make a good "advertorial".

love skating
09-24-2010, 06:03 PM
I don't hate Gretchen as much as most here, but I did hate her velvet dress last night. I also was not in love with Mondo's high fashion dress, but I did love his ready to wear dress. I would've given the win to Andy for his warrior outfit and nice cocktail dress. I also thought Valerie should have gone home instead of Ivy. I did like Valerie's designs early in the competition, but the last three weeks have been awful. And while I can't stand Michael C., I didn't think his dresses this week were that bad. I would've had either Christopher or Gretchen in the bottom. And I'm really tired of April's black, black and more black outfits.

09-24-2010, 06:14 PM
I believe that Gretchen was "referencing" Fortuny, one of the greatest of the "historic" designers:

Not easy to do, successfully.

Which would be why Gretchen failed miserably. Nothing in either link resembles the Velveteen Rabbit in a slasher flick or adds 50 lbs.

Michael's at least required serious construction work (which was what saved his butt.) And I agree with love skating--April really needs to find a new color. Any color. I'll take chartreuse at this point.

09-24-2010, 06:47 PM
Mondo's looks photographed great. I think he deserved the win.

I thought Michael C was quite good - I actually liked both dresses. And ITA about the construction.... who's dress was badly made this time, Ivy??

So glad she left. As soon as she referenced the sea, I knew she would. Water dresses always sound like a good idea but never turn out. These were hideous...

April... well I'm not a fan of her esthetic, at all. But I can see the clothes were well made in the style she was going for.

Gretchen's dress was frightening. I thought she risked being sent home for it. Her styling was even worse... since others have ended up in the bottom for styling, why not her?

It seemed like the judges regretted putting Michael C in the bottom as soon as they had. My guess is that Michael Kors or Nina Garcia had really low marks for him, putting him in the bottom, but neither Heidi or the guest judge seemed to agree.

09-24-2010, 07:26 PM
My top three would have been Mondo, Andy, and April. Bottom three would have been Christopher (cardinal sin of making the girl's butt look bigger), Gretchen, and Ivy. I almost liked Michael C's looks. Had the cocktail dress been longer and the ball gown not had a wired hem and that ridiculous train, I would have liked them. I really do not get why the judges are so gaga over Gretchen's frumpy-boho aesthetic. There's nothing young or fresh about it even if she does show a fair amount of skin from time to time. And I noticed that pre-runway she was putting her RTW model in those shiteous beige suede boots (again) but apparently changed her mind at the last minute. I wonder if Tim warned her off them.

09-24-2010, 07:29 PM
I think Michael C should have gotten dinged on the fact that we've seen close variants of both those dresses on red carpets in the past couple years. He sews well (so suck it, Ivy) but I'm not seeing much creativity.

I didn't think Gretchen should have been in the top 3, but I can't really think of someone else who were anywhere close to Andy and Mondo. They were clearly head and shoulders above the rest. I would have voted for Andy, but it was really close between those two.

Sick of seeing nothing but black from April. Not only is it monotonous, but we can't SEE the outfits that well. Pick a color. Any color.

I didn't mind the eye-searingly bright blue that Ivy was working with, and I appreciate the general shape and lines she was going for on her dress, but the workmanship....oy.

09-24-2010, 07:33 PM
I believe that Gretchen was "referencing" Fortuny, one of the greatest of the "historic" designers:

You are right. Interesting that she accuses Michael of being referential and not fashion forward.

09-24-2010, 07:35 PM
I'll give Ivy credit for stepping outside the neutral box, but the chiffon was just the wrong shade of blue. I think the satin underneath was okay but electric blue does not say "ocean" to me.

I agree with danceronice about April. Could the girl at least pick a color to offset the black? Something that might actually show on the runway? Please? I suspect she can do good detail work but we can't feckin' see it.

ETA: Gretchen and Fortuny: If that's what she was going for, massive fail. I visited the Fortuny museum in May - the dresses were on dress forms with just an ankle-high rope barrier around them. (I sooooo wanted to touch them.) Although the silhouettes might appear shapeless in a photo, they're not IRL. They're loose, but they fall in a way so you can see the wearer's shape. Unlike Gretchen's sack-like creations.