View Full Version : Tigers as pet in the U.S.

07-30-2010, 01:59 AM
Who knew that tigers are popular pet in the U.S. and that there are places outside of zoos breeding them.


Around lunchtime on August 4, 2008, 16-year-old Dakoda Wood, an employee at a roadside zoo called Predator World in Branson West, Mo., entered a tiger cage to take a picture for some tourists. He tripped, according to reports at the time, and three tigers set upon him. He was seized by the throat and dragged into a nearby pool of water. Colleagues pulled Wood from the cage, and he was airlifted to an area hospital.


[Now paralyzed from the above incident,] His version of events differs from the news reports. "I tripped while in with 3 tigers and hit my head knocked myself out fell with my head under water," he writes, "and one of the tigers saved my life by grabbing me by my neck and pulled me out of the water, but she broke my neck. I was very active and adventurous person, the main things I liked to do is scuba and ride my dirt bike."

Delusion much? The reaction of the victim above reminds me of the Siegfried and Roy's tiger incident where S&R and their camp (and even some FSUers who posted on a thread about this incident) tried to claim that the tiger was simply trying to protect Siegfried and didn't know that she had punctured his neck. Yeah, right :rolleyes:.