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07-05-2010, 03:04 PM
I agree the judges would have stopped doing Witt any favors after 88 had she stayed and might have even been eager to dump her. And actually her technical standard and consistency was going down the drain somewhat in 88. If the judges really wanted to encourage her to finally retire maybe they would have say placed a clean short program from her below Leistner and Trenary doing the same jump combination jump at the 89 Worlds, just to give her a message. That would have made her bolt for the door fast, maybe she would have even withdrawn from the LP with an "injury" in this case, LOL! Leistner they were probably just being nice to only since they knew it was probably her last year and she really only stayed in for one last chance at another World medal or the World title (plus a European title), and they were rewarding her for her years of service and solid skating without many medals behind all the big guns throughout the 80s.

I was always dissapointed Jill was injured in late 1990/early 1991 and could never get past the injuries, and we never saw her take up the challenge of what she might have been able to do in 91 and 92. I was never a fan but I still felt sorry for her. I know nearly everyone says she had no chance and maybe that was true. However at the Goodwill Games in the summer of 1990 she skated a very subpar performance with several mistakes and still lost only a 4-3 split to Yamaguchi who made only singled her last triple lutz. Still Kristi had not build up to the dominant skater she would soon be at that point, and Jill had the World Champion tag behind her at that point. It seems based on the level of skating Kerrigan was putting out Jill was atleast capable of beating her in any event in 91-92, and Nancy medaled at every Nationals, Worlds, and Olympics. So it would seem Jill had potential to atleast continue to be on the podium. Then again Jill was a headcase of sorts who so rarely did clean performances and competitions as well. Jill would have had a huge reputation advantage over Nancy too.

I think it's been debated before but Jill as '90 world champ would have only had to beat a 4-triple Kerrigan at '91 Nats, which was very doable, to get a ticket to Munich '91.

However, as you said a huge factor was that Jill herself was one of the biggest headcases. She was fine in at '90 Nats -and- '90 Worlds in the LPs but how long could that have held up under pressure? She was defending Nats. and World Champion going into the '90 - '91 season. That alone was severe pressure for her. Can you imagine headcase Jill about to skate with thoughts in the back of her mind that her title would be gone because power Tonya just made history with a 3x and KY was doing to 2 3z's? All the while steamroller Midori no longer had to worry about Figures? It would've been her nightmare scenario, and I don't know if she would've been able to withstand gutsy 4-triple Kerrigan for 3d [I think Kerrigan had problems with her boot at '91 Nats, but still did a 3z]

Anyway, Back OT - Sumners: I don't know what it is about Roz but her skating always left me :cold: TPTB gushed over her admittedly great skating skills but there just seemed to be something missing in the connection-to-the-audience dept. She also wasn't exactly solid, either on her jumps. It seemed like her money jump was the 2x.

Of all the American Ladies' winning LPs in the 80s, give me Zayak any day! I just love her exuberance and overcoming physical and personal problems, as well as a lack of love from the USFSA, to win was remarkable.

Also, I really like Debi and it's a shame that I created this thread to note the best championship winning LPs, because her win in '86 didn't do her skills justice. Her '87 worlds LP, '88 Nats LP were superior, and I think the daring 2x-3t from her '85 performances made those more watchable. None of that was present in her '86 Worlds performance.

ETA -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oRmeCp582A this '87 worlds SP is great w/ the voidiest music, Frankie Goes to Hollywood's 'Relax'! Look at the quality of the spins and jumps [besides the misfortune on the 2x] which beat Witt's any day!

I could've sworn Witt did 4 triples in '84. Oh well. I will have to look again. I put Witt '87 ahead of Biellmann '81 due to more executed triples and superior choreography/artistry [2d mark] but I still rank Biellmann high because what she did technically was so good and holds up well with time.