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06-17-2010, 03:17 AM
I think I can rank them.

1. Alex/Robert - loved both of them. Routines and dancing

3. kent- such a good dancer, please dial back the cheese in the non-dancing parts or I'll have to hate you

4.Christina- she gets the bonus Mark points

5. Lauren- I like her dancing

6. Jose - I liked the choreo

7. Melinda- Pasha points

8. Alexie- cuteness

9. Adechike- overshadowed

10. Ashley- she gets last place because I had to go back to the spoiler thread to even remember who the 11th person was. Competent and forgettable. She can go.

Billy - I refuse to rank him due to the utterly unfair suckitude of his partner and choreo

06-17-2010, 04:01 AM
^^ I agree with those rankings mostly.

I thought Kent's number with Anya looked like his first visit to a whorehouse. He danced young and out of his element and forcing too many moves. But the judges madly lurve him.
And even though Robert's number was good, it had some very awkward partner holds and moves. Too dang much praise for a sloppy number. Still, he's in the top 3 or 4. He should be; he's another pro.
Alexie is a Laker girl and surprise she danced like one. Kind of too bad she followed a professional like Alex.
Jose and Comfort's routine was entertaining but not great.
I agree that Christina gets bonus MARK point. LOOOOVE Mark. Ditto with Pasha points. I'm so glad he's on this show. Oh and I loved seeing Neil again! Yeah for the all stars. And Lauren had to have such confidence in his ability with all those leaps and lifts. So major points to her for that.

Alex is by far the best so far. The audience went silent in admiration when he danced.

So probably a girl leaving tomorrow. Sounds like Ashley for under the bus. Or maybe it'll be Adechike. The judges were harsh with him.

06-17-2010, 04:04 AM
I wish the judges didn't have to pretend that all of the choreographers are genius. THEY JUST AREN'T! (looking at you Tyce).

1. Alex - OMG, IMO, I agree re best ever performance on the show (not necessarily best choreography). Y'all know ballet is my thing and he's really good. Yeah, you can see a ton of ballet dancers out there who are even better, but not on this show. The match with Allison was spectacular and since she's my favorite girl ever on the show, I was in 7th heaven.
2. Robert -- finally saw a glimpse of his performance quality in the intro show (missing in the auditions) and he was excellent. Totally committed and charismatic. Too bad he had Courtney - she gets the movement, but her legs hurt my eyes. Was wishing Katee did that number.
3. Kent - what the? Unexpectedly mature in places then cute little dweeb. He was totally committed and he knows how to create chemistry - you look your partner in the eyes with feeling. He was loving every minute of it and so do I. I think aw shucks is going to play with the teenies. Anya - fab as usual.
4.Cristina for her performance - pleasantly surprised by her technical attempt too- I didn't think it would hold up through the night,but she committed to the character more than any other girl. Thought Mark would make her invisible, but she held her own. Mark sometimes just has one face for me, but he was as good as ever.
5. Billy for his dancing, but he was robbed big time with the worst trite Tyce shite. Lauren was less irritating than in the past, but it was just a dumb empty piece.
6/7.Tie Lauren/Alexie - did not like Lauren's piece - it was couch tricks and playful and not much room for chemistry. She danced really well. Alexie also danced really well, but the piece was meh cutesy and she did cutesy.
8. Jose - I liked him a lot in the hip hop but I don't see what's the big deal when he does his bboy stuff. Nothing out of this world. Hope he brings if it he has to do a solo. Comfort looked great and they had good chemistry.
9.Ashley - good technique, great lines, nice job, lacking in emotional intensity. Was Neil in that? Can't remember.
10. Expressionless Adechike. Never saw him from the time he took Kathryn's shoes off till she left him at the end. She is incredible- can't take my eyes off her. He's a nice dancer but he's not the full package.
11. Poor Melinda. She worked it best she could, but her legs weren't stretched and her posture was awkward. Totally outdanced by Pasha.

Okay, who is Ashley in love with? Another SYTYCD dancer? This could be scandalous and delicious :)
I thought she glanced into the audience when she said it.

06-17-2010, 05:02 AM
Does Alex remind anyone else of Michelle Kwan?

06-17-2010, 05:41 AM
Okay guys I always try to stay out of here for my own personal sanity but I have to give one little plug ;) Robert is a good friend of mine...he's a wonderful dancer, super hot obviously, and a sweet and genuine person!

So if you don't know who to vote for...vote for Robert! (or if he's not your fave you can throw him a couple extra votes on the side :sekret: no one will know) I haven't watched this week's show yet, but it sounds like he did well!

06-17-2010, 06:46 AM
Cat looked amazing tonight :swoon: WHY must she do that "mr Nigel Lythgoe, SUH!" into? It isn't cute. And after 5 seasons it's time to retire the "jidges" bit, or at least tone it down. But I ain't mad, I still love my boo-Cat.

Overall, the new format isn't as bad as I thought. Glad the all-stars don't stand with the contestants getting remarks, although Nigel especially still manages to focus on the all-star sometimes. But I think they need to wait beyond week one to start shoving the "THIS FORMAT IS WORKING" down our throats.

Overall good critiques tonight! most were right on and only a couple of really :rolleyes: comments. And the chemistry between Mia and Adam is great :lol:

Billy/Lauren - Tyce Broadway. I'm convinced Billy got this pairing and dance to get it out of the way, and because TPTB know he's not going home tomorrow. Dancing was great, didn't love the choreography...but it wasn't Tyce's worst either. next!

Christina/Mark - Sonya Jazz. Loved the opening pose. I really liked this dance, although it would have been stronger without the trademark Sonya jerkiness tossed in. Christina has all the goods and she looked very strong in this - she just needed to have confidence in her technique and DANCE it. If there's a tour I think this piece will look great by then. I really hope she is safe.

Jose/Comfort - NappyTabs. See? When they get away from working out their relationship issues onstage they can make compelling dance! I really like Jose and thought he did a good job, although I agree w/judges that he needs to bring a bit more power to his moves. Maybe all that yoga is making him too mellow :lol: (and I'll comment on the all-star by saying Comfort looked great again. She really has improved since Season 4!)

Adechike/Kathryn - Travis Jazz. Erg... this piece was completely choreographed to highlight the woman. Sure, a more powerful performer could have overcome the choreography and had a bit more presence, but I think that's a big fail for Travis, in that it was his JOB to create a piece that shows the contestant. Also, this isn't the first time the show has had a piece with a very dark-skinned man partnering a very pale woman, where the lighting/costumes completely direct your eye to the woman and the man almost disappears. They've got professional costumers and lighting crew, there's no excuse for that.

Melinda/Pasha - Tony/Meredith Jive. I wanted to like this. She definitely brought energy. but the more it went on the more obvious it was that it was a complete mess. Even if the dance had gone well her facial expressions were atrocious. Based on performance she should go first, although I suspect she may have an advantage doing a solo against 2 contemporary dancers.

Alex/Allison - Sonya Contemporary. Lovely piece, great dancing and gorgeous unison. Really excellent, but not the best dance ever on the show. Hummingbird, This Woman's Work, Hometown Glory, Addiction...all better IMO. I'm very relieved that this should put the whole "emotionless Alex" BS to rest - but I think he brought the angst of the piece a little too much into his face. Plus Allison had a noticeable stumble (well covered) at the beginning. but these are tiny quibbles, that was definitely a highlight :cheer2:

Alexie/Twitch - CrappyTabs. It just isn't possible to get 2 decent pieces in a row from them. Yawn. I expect Alexie to be in the bottom tomorrow, and probably to go home.

Lauren/Ade - Mandy Moore Pop/Jazz. Loved the piece! very playful and fun. Lauren has the strongest performance presence of all the women this season, and from the neck down I thought she did a great job. The faces were terrible though. I hope she can fix that. I felt bad for her having to get lectured about not listening to the critique though - hope that doesn't turn into a 'thing' about her.

Kent/Anya - Tony/Meredith Cha Cha. Am I the only one who didn't think this was going to be a disaster? Sure, it was better than I expected, but Kent is a very nice dancer and I thought he'd be able to pull it off. Another case of looking pretty good from the neck down...I kinda loved that he knew what he was going to get called on before the judges started though :P I also think the choice of music didn't help - if the style were disco I'd say he nailed it.

Ashley/Neil - Tyce contemporary. There were a couple of nice moments in this and Ashley is a very nice dancer. But the song was zzzz, the choreo was zzzzz, and knowing nothing about her except her robot voice isn't going to make people pick up the phone. She shouldn't go this week but unless she gets a better partner/choreographer and shows more personality she's leaving sooner than later.

Robert/Courtney - Robert Cheesman W. African. Yay! Relatively new choreographer (to the US version) and an exciting style to the end the show - and a very good performance as well! Nitpicky - I studied West African dance for a few years and both Robert and Courtney held their weight too high, but it looked like a choreographic choice and they both did the same thing so it was fine. I really liked the piece and they danced very well together. It's a bit much to say Robert is the "best" contemporary guy they've ever had, but he's not likely to be the cannon fodder he seemed last week.

I'll call bottom 3 as Melinda, Alexie and either Adechike or possibly Lauren, with either Alexie or probably Adechike (thrown under the bus to even up the guys/girls) going home.

Poor Courtney. First Dominic, now Robert.
Sabra was Dominic's original partner. Courtney was with Gev (and in a different season). Did he drop her? I only remember that they had a little showmance and were adorkable.

06-17-2010, 07:02 AM
I miss cute Gev. I wish they'd brought him back instead of Dominic. As I recall he was a great partner for Courtney and he was such a charming and sincere little guy.

I called a lot for Cristina tonight and didn't get a single busy signal. I'm worried her early performance was completely forgotten by many voters and she doesn't have the fan base that the guys have. My fingers are crossed for her.

My placements for tonight:

Katherine (she is so beautiful and SO GOOD. I wish I could vote for her)

06-17-2010, 07:13 AM
I voted a bunch for Cristina and Jose...I hope they don't get forgotten either!

06-17-2010, 07:25 AM
I voted a bunch for Cristina and Jose...I hope they don't get forgotten either!

Why do people like Cristina? She is hurky-jerky, and has a very rigid back. Ick. And Jose? Really? I used to think that you understood dance, but now I know that you are a faker. :wall: But I still lurve you. :lol:

06-17-2010, 01:11 PM
I watched the judges last night for the first time in a long time just to see if I would continue to skip them. They were better. They offered realistic, constructive criticism. Mia was great :eek: and her playfulness with Adam was pretty entertaining.

My rankings:

Alex: no question about it. He was beautiful. His partnership with Allison was gorgeous, and he was so committed. Fabulous job by all. Love the song, Loved the choreography. Loved Alex. The judges, however, were OTT.
Robert: I've really liked Sean Cheesman on SYTYCD Canada and his Afro-Jazz pieces are always a highlight. Courtney's legs were distracting (missing the stretch) but Robert danced it really well.
Cristina: Mark has one sinister face for me and it's gotten old, but he did well. Cristina did very well to match him. I thought she got the character, and though she danced heavy at times (lacking the quick release) she got most of it. Give her this piece in a couple of weeks and she will be much better at it.
Jose: he did well and wasn't totally overshadowed by Comfort. Still, I didn't really like the choreography that much.
Lauren: I thought she didn't connect much with her partner, but she was pretty good. She was very clean and precise and I can definitely appreciate that.
Kent: This wasn't as good as the judges made it sound. He did enjoy it and it made up for a lot of his shortcomings. The cha cha looked messy ad labored at times, mostly (I thought) because Kent couldn't lead Anya to save his life and she had to generate all her speed and put herself where she was supposed to be. It was messy. But he was cute. He's so going to win this, even if his "cute" schtick is going to get old.
Ashley: I liked her. She's still going home soon because it's been difficult to connect with her, but I thought she did very well and did show emotion.
Billy: I thought both he and Lauren danced very well. But the piece was rather crappy and utterly forgettable.
Melinda: I still really like her. I like her performance quality and I like that she seems older than she is. She also took the criticism really well and that can only increase how much I like her. But she wasn't good.
Adechike: He was so outmatched performance-wise. Kathryn was just on fire (she's so much better than last season!) and he was barely there. I'd vote for him to go first.
Alexie: That was cute, silly hip hop. Forgettable. My least favorite piece of the night. She didn't register much.

I think Adechike's going home first, and sadly, deservedly so.

06-17-2010, 01:19 PM
I'm probably in the minority, but I didn't get the hype over the Alex dance. It was nice, and well danced, but I didn't understand why they said it was the best. Far from that for me.

Cosmic Connect
06-17-2010, 02:20 PM
I'm probably in the minority, but I didn't get the hype over the Alex dance. It was nice, and well danced, but I didn't understand why they said it was the best. Far from that for me.

I thought the choreography was contrived, but Alex was brilliant.

For the person who said something about Courtney and Dominic, they were on in different seasons. What are you talking about?

I thought Kent was very cute, but for me was helped by the fact that I was distracted by Anya's costume, which was most unflattering.

I thought Billy did well in a crappy routine with one of my least favorite dancers who was ever on the show, Lauren.

Although I enjoyed the performances, I found the all star format contrary to the very intention of the show. It should be about a competition among young dancers. It should also be about chemistry and partnerships. Mark, Twitch, Pasha and Kathryn totally overshadowed their partners. Yes, I get that now a Kameron or a Jessica won't be carried to the top 10 by a Lacey or Will, but we will also miss the magic of a Gev and a Courtney learning to cha cha. It's like they've decharmed the show and morphed it into a high level Dancing with the Stars.

06-17-2010, 02:39 PM
^^ I agree with those rankings mostly.

I thought Kent's number with Anya looked like his first visit to a whorehouse. He danced young and out of his element and forcing too many moves. But the judges madly lurve him.

True. In addition, he *danced* well, but he didn't do good ballroom technique. The dance was missing it's "snap". But without Mary on the judging panel, no one knows enough to comment on the actual technique. :shrugs:

But I thought he tried hard - and it showed. :lol: He's just not a sexy man. He's a boy. That's fine, but the cha cha requires heat, which he does not yet have.

06-17-2010, 02:39 PM
I'm probably in the minority, but I didn't get the hype over the Alex dance. It was nice, and well danced, but I didn't understand why they said it was the best. Far from that for me.
I think Alex has the potential to dance the best dance in this show's history, but in this case the choreography was a bit of a hindrance.

06-17-2010, 02:46 PM
world premier of a Justin Bieber video tomorrow? To paraphrase Nancy Kerrigan, Whyyyyyyy? We've been a good audience, we stayed through the fluff pieces, we weren't too annoyed by the strange people who shouted out their faves names in the middle of a piece and we even complimented Mia. why are they doing this to us?

:respec: entire post!