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06-13-2010, 04:14 PM
Lysacek not assigned to Grand Prix

Maybe he's getting ready to retire.

Praying for Inoue/Baldwin and Pang/Tong to retire (PRETTY PLEASE!!!!).



06-13-2010, 04:19 PM
I thought Abbott asked for SA this year.

Rippon gets SA AND SC while Abbott goes overseas twice.

Is Abbott being punished?

I don't think that he is being punished. Jeremy always skates well in the US and most of the time, in Canada. What he doesn't do well a lot of the times, is skate abroad. Perhaps US Figure Skating wants to get him hardened as far as skating in foreign venues.

06-13-2010, 04:26 PM
Maybe Alissa always gets SC because Benoit Lavoie has a huge crush on her, haha!

Aaron W
06-13-2010, 04:28 PM
At least for me, the SA ladies event could not be more Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..............

06-13-2010, 04:31 PM
Russia Grand Prix on the mens side is so much more competitive than it was last year! Last year Plushenko kind of rolled over everyone else but this year it would be so much harder to do so!

06-13-2010, 04:36 PM
Happy for Carriere!

Debbie S
06-13-2010, 04:40 PM
OK, just woke up and saw the lists (I lasted until about 2 am, then went to bed and looking at the other thread and when the lists were actually posted, I think I made the right decision :)).

My (preliminary) thoughts:

I assume the TBA spot at SA is being held for Evan. Obviously, he's unsure if he wants to compete and/or do the GP, so it wasn't feasible for another event/fed to hold a spot for him. And b/c there was a chance that Evan might be at SA, the USFSA didn't want to have Jeremy at the same event, b/c they'd knock each other out of the max points, so to speak. And since Evan is the OGM, and Jeremy didn't exactly have stellar results at either the Olys or Worlds, it seems logical that Evan would have priority.

I believe I've read here and other places that Alissa likes SC and requests it. I'm glad she got 2 GPs.

I can't believe I/B haven't retired yet. Does this mean I have to watch them in Greensboro? :scream: Oh well, I guess that could be my bathroom break....

I'm surprised the Shibs moved up - thought I read that they were staying on the JGP. Perhaps the short dance rules changed their mind - it's harder to move between Jr and Sr, since the dances are different. I hope they do well on the SGP - I don't want to see them buried b/c they didn't medal at JW.

I like that the U.S. is keeping a spot open in each discipline for SA (even if the men's is initially 'reserved') - it means that a skater/team who previously was 'out of range' can now get a GP spot if they skate well in summer comps....which means summer comps will be interesting to watch. ;)

I hope Lynn/Logan and Katz/Lynch can get an SA spot. And I would love to see Joelle Forte get the ladies spot. If Evan declines SA, I hope either Ryan Bradley or Armin M can get it.

06-13-2010, 04:43 PM
Ryan Bradley? ('cause I reaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllly want to see him skate again.) At least he's tweeting about new programs for this year.

06-13-2010, 04:44 PM
But what about Evan - did he announce retirement?
And Bradley?
Lysacek has not announced anything yet.

I heard that Bradley did not submit his name for GP selection but it sounds like he may be planning to compete at Nationals at least (according to Spinner's post above). He's currently rehabbing his foot after the surgery last month, and I assume that's why he has withdrawn from his originally scheduled appearance at the "Skate for Hope" benefit show on 6/19.

06-13-2010, 04:45 PM
I know its completely unrealistic but....Kimmie for SA :cheer2:

06-13-2010, 04:50 PM
I'm so happy Sonia Lafuente received a GP assignment!


I know its completely unrealistic but....Kimmie for SA :cheer2:


06-13-2010, 04:51 PM
And I would love to see Joelle Forte get the ladies spot. If Evan declines SA, I hope either Ryan Bradley or Armin M can get it.

I'd prefer Angela Maxwell, Melissa Bulanhagui for ladies and Grant Hochstein, Austin Kanallakan for men. Ryan and Armin have had chances and are on the alternates list anyway for last season's SB scores so I'd rather not see them get that spot, though I do enjoy their skating. I just much prefer to see new people get chances who are just as good if not better- Grant IMO is amazing and really needs to be given a shot now...Joelle should get the spot if she does amazing in summer comps.....but I'm sure USFS isn't bending over backwards to get her assigned since she attempted to skate for a different country and all that. Sorry AZE screwed her over and all that but I think we are better off rewarding our loyal Angela or Melissa first...or even Kimmie depending on how she looks in summer comps. And there's also Dobbs and Musademba....should be quite a competition at Liberty and Detroit this year...

06-13-2010, 04:51 PM
My guess is that Hochstein will get the men's spot at SA and Maxwell will get the ladies spot at SA, pending their results from summer competitions. Kimmie, idk, I saw her program at superstars on ice, all she did were double axels, she's nice but idk if she is really fit for a comeback. Maxwell on the other hand is amazing, you don't want to keep a skater like her a secret.

Happy to see Alexe and Min-Jung get an assignment :)!

06-13-2010, 04:56 PM
wow! post olympic retirements/splits for senior dance really has opened the GP field to US junior teams just moving up. Lots of opportunity this year now that Tanith/Ben & Navarro/Bommentre retired, Summersett/Gilles & Pratt/Obzansky split and Matthews/Pennington all out of the picture. What about Lynn/Logan and Wingle/McKernan? Would have expected Lynn & Logan to be given one GP before the newly moved ups.

06-13-2010, 04:57 PM
Some more musings.


Didier is being totally ridiculous giving Amodio one GP spot and Preaubert two. :rolleyes:

Yes, Amodio will most likely get the TBA spot at TEB but why try him this way whilst Alban is given the benefit of doubt? I guess Quasimodo is more consistent but still.

I was hoping Contesti would retire, oh well. :P

Very happy about Berntsson continuing. Swedish Robot Boys ftw! :cheer2:

Lysacek didn't want any GPs. He hasn't made a decision about retirement yet though.

I don't understand AT ALL how Voronov and Gachinsky can get two GPs, whilst Borodulin gets only one. He's had by far the best results of the three last season.


I'm happy at Murakami moving up, considering she's won everything she could in Juniors last season (same for Hanyu in Men).

Great for Viktoria Helgesson to get two GPs. She has improved so much last season. I hope it continues, she's such a lovely soft skater with great flow over the ice.

Very happy about Meier not retiring. She's the only decent skater left in Switzerland at the moment after Lambiel's, Othman's and Dorsaz's retirements.

Meier, Gizmo, Liu and Suguri should be competing in a special Elite Silver category. :saint:

Poor Gizmo with only one GP spot. She should always be guaranteed two because of all she did for senior citizen equality. :glamor:

I guess Chinese Fed is not allowing Liu to retire before some talented Juniors get old enough. :scream:

I don't understand why Musademba has picked one GP over two JGPS?

USFS has been very kind to Czisny, giving her two GPs after her absolutely disastrous last season. Not sure whether younger skaters weren't screwed over here.

I hope Min-Jung Kwak will get a second GP after somebody pulls out.

Surprised to see Meite pull up to Seniors after the weak season she's had. Marocco had quite a good season but still, I'd think she could be much more successful on the JGP and maybe even make the final if consistent. So strange decisions from both of them IMO.

Poor Glebova with only one assigment but then her season hasn't been particularly good.


I guess Pang/Tong were not allowed to retire before Sui/Han are Senior eligible. :scream:

And I see Zhangs are sticking with it too. :scream:

I thought Kawaguchi's shoulder would finally pop out and we would be put out of the misery of having to watch them. :scream:

I was also secretly hoping Davison would finally dump Dube. :shuffle:

Surprised to see Sui/Han with only one spot but I guess they are going to do JGP too and are just trying one Senior comp out to see how it feels.

Nice to see Berton/Hotarek with two GPs. They are awesome. Hope too see a 3toe/3toe combo from them at some point.

I wonder if Stolbova/Klimov are going to do JGP too (or did they age out?).

No idea what USFS is thinking giving Castelli/Shnapir a GP spot after their disastrous last season. :huh:

Interesting to see how McLaughlin/Brubaker are going to do next season. It seemed as if she was getting too tall for him.

Simpson/Miller will be too old for JGP next season but I don't think they are anywhere near good enough to warrant a GP spot. Although with her still being 14, I guess this was their only chance of competing internationally next season.

Don't understand at all why Hole/Johnson are moving up. If I remember correctly, they had neither 2axels nor any sbs triples and the throw triples weren't consistent either. Giving a second spot to Moore-Towers/Moscovitch or Brodeur/Mattatall would make much more sense IMO.

The TBA Pairs spot in Japan is :rofl:. As if there is a second pair anywhere near as good as Takahashi/Tran in Japan. :P

Kemp/King got no luck and got a GP where they are surely going to place last. :( RUS field is so weak in comparison.

Will be interesting if Canac/Bonheur get the second FRA spot. Former partners competing against each other. :drama:

Over the moon about Sulej/Chruscinski getting a GP spot. They've started to land the throw 3flip now, hope to see it in competition next season. :)

Ice Dance

Very weird how Yu/Wang who are Chinese champions and had better results last season have only one spot guaranteed (although I guess they will get the TBA one) whilst Huang/Zheng have two guaranteed already.

Didn't Zaretskis announce their retirement? :scream:

Zuev was supposed to retire due to a knee injury and Zadorozhniuk due to a back injury with Beknazarova and Verbillo teaming up?

I wonder why Shibutanis decide to move up? Same about Ralph/Hill, Paul/Islam and Cannuscio/Lorello. Given that unlike Pair teams they (fortunately) can't do both JGP and GP.

It's a shame to see McCurdy/Coreno getting shafted, I thought they have been quite decent last season and showed some improvement.

Hoping Kerrs really decided to stick around for at least one more season.

And I guess Scali has managed to persuade Faiella that starting a family can wait.

It will be such a :drama: battle for the TBA RUS spot between Rubleva/Shefer, Gorshkova/Butikov and Riazanova/Tkachenko.

The JPN TBA spot is as :rofl: as the Pairs one. As if anyone but Reeds is going to get it. :P

I wonder how Turoczi/Major managed to get a GP? (Not that I have anything against it, it's just very surprising)