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06-11-2010, 07:46 AM
I've missed Fumie, she has been one of my favourites over the years. I will glad to (I hope) see her skate again next season, even better, it would be wonderful to see her skate well - the best IMO would be if she
made the world team. Miki and Suzuki can't really compete with her artistically when she's at her best.

Perhaps a continental tour with the Japanese, Yuna Kim and the Chinese pairs can be very popular? And then it can make its stops in NA and Europe. You know, they are all Olympic and world medalists and what not.

I love this idea and would definitely pay to see the show. However, I wonder if SOI and CSOI have a say in what shows from abroad are permitted to perform in Canada and the US? An Asian SOI would be direct competition for SOI and CSOI, both of which are struggling financially. From the producers' point of view it would make more sense to feature Asian skating starts in their own show, as opposed to letting them start in their own.