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07-25-2010, 08:17 AM
Abbott needs more force and attack on some of those turns and upper body movements. There's a lot of potential with that program :hat1:

I think that maybe later in season the programme will look just great, it is too new now. Abbott really needs to add besides force and attack also passion into it. Remembering as I watched Evan doing Paso Doble and Argentinian Tango on DWTS, I cannot help thinking that this could actually have been a wonderful programme for him. Well, I´m eagerly looking forward how Abbott´s interpretation of this programme is developing.

08-01-2010, 12:54 AM
Abbott's SP, from today's "All That Skate":

Definitely Najarro's style could be seen. Movements still don't look natural "on" Jeremy, I think. Maybe because it's still very "fresh". So I will wait till the competitive version to decide if I like it. :)

Very detailed choreography but I agree that it looks somewhat forced at this stage.

Given it's the "second runthrough," I hope he eases up into it as the season goes along.

I really liked it! Fantastic choreography! But like he said this is only his third time skating the entire program and the choreography is very complex and takes time to grow into it. The only thing I think he may have a harder time with though is his upper body. I feel he needs more rigidity and a little less supple fluidity. He's known for his very smooth upper body movement so I think a program like this may be against his natural way of moving. I think taking some arm movement out may actually make the program look a bit better! But I'm not disappointed at all!

That is a very good point!

Jeremy's movements are naturally very fluid but tango requires more rigid, defined movement. I think he's still struggling with that a little.

Having said all that, I wish other skaters had such "problems." You hardly ever see choreography as complex as this on any skater.

I think what he is doing with his arms will cause charges of "flailing".

Completely clueless. As ever.

He's not flailing. His arms movement is always purposeful, the movements are defined and the arms definitely aren't being flopping around.