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06-12-2010, 02:38 AM
Comments on a couple of things in this thread:

- Yes, Fletcher has summer courses. I did not go to Fletcher, but I did attend grad school for a similar program at an equally ranked place and know many a Fletcher graduate. I don't know if Kwan is taking summer courses, but they do exist. If you don't take summer courses, most grad students in this field do internships, if they are not employed full-time in the field already. Of course, this internship possibility probably does not pertain to Kwan because she's getting more experience than most with her DoS gig.

- Your first five years as a career foreign service officer are not spent in Washington. You usually have tours overseas, mostly doing consular duties at first. No, I am not a diplomat, but I know many a diplomat and was contemplating pursuing this. Political appointee positions are another game entirely.

- In grad school-level IR programs, it is very common to have a range of ages. I entered a similar program to the one Kwan is doing and at 22/23, I was very, very young in comparison to my classmates, though there were a few that entered right out of college like I did. That was less than 10 years ago.

- No Kwan is definitely not "behind."

06-12-2010, 03:44 PM
umbs go blue

now that you got that off your chest as well as the other person,
i hope you feel better about it.

like i keep stating it is opinions,
we don't always agree but they are only opinions. Yet for some reason you fans want to tear apart skaters you don't like or want in the sport to make your skaters look better and sound better, so when some of us want to defend or point out their mistakes or they make money , or we should know about that money amount ; you get mad and keep pointing out how much that skater is making.

i thank you for your opinions, i don't give it much thought what you say either; after all it is your opinion.
when you people start listing money amounts, rumors, innuendo regarding skaters , i don't care who skater it is , they need to be defended because you have cross the line.
yes, protect , defent and pump up your favorite skater; but not at the expense of tearing down the other skater.
when it comes to skating like if the make a mistake and/or you notice a ur, wrong edge , yes point it out , but don't say my skater doesn't do it. They are human they do it. acknowlegdge that maybe once in awhile your skater makes mistakes, they don't skate for it, etc.
acknowledge your skater is human.
i see most of you like your skaters and will defend them, which is great .
but some of you go to far and don't want to say anything nice about another skater. I do that sometimes. I usually have to defend skaters because too much is being said what is wrong about one and not enough is being said what the other skaters do wrong.
if you got mad about my money bit, i don't care. the older skaters had to wait until skating competitive careers was over before got any money.
these skaters all i hear is we don't get enough money, so what , you get more than most people make in a year so quit complaining.
if they don't get the money, than they should be more than willing to tell how much money they get and how much money they think they should make and get.
yes gp money is less than what is was, so what you still get some.
skaters want more money than sell yourself and sport to the public, make us want to buy your products, your tickets, go see you . Because so far I have been seeing is see me and you owe me that regardless of how I skate or act.
I am entitled,

06-12-2010, 03:51 PM
New Drinking game...each time someone says opinions we take a shot. That might make the posts easier to read and understand. :40beers:

06-12-2010, 05:45 PM
^^^I can't play the game...I'd get so bombed that I would break a hip or something. :rofl:

06-12-2010, 06:55 PM
That is a pretty good chuck of change considering that her past earnings were probably invested, so she would probably not want to draw from them while the market is significantly lower than when invested.

Are you Michelle's financial advisor/accountant?

06-12-2010, 07:06 PM
IIRC, Michelle did a short interview about the show in Korea last year. She said to the effect that David Wilson first contacted her, it apparently took some convincing, and she finally relented. It didn't sound like a business negotiation over financial considerations.

I am sure Michelle got whatever amount she deserved in Korea. However, I doubt if she got far more than she would have elsewhere. In other words, I seriously doubt that Michelle said yes just because she could get, say, $3000 more per show than she could have elsewhere.

If they can duplicate the Korean show in the U.S. such that it is a short term engagement with no empty seats and good production, I think Michelle will very likely do it provided that she is healthy. Even if she is offered a bit less money than she can get elsewhere.

However, they cannot sell as many seats unless they offer a discount price. Very little TV money if at all. Little profit for people producing such shows for Michelle. So, I assume there is not a good possibility of Michelle doing a show here in the U.S. very soon.

Michelle is a born performer. I am sure she has been itching to perform and waiting for the right situation.