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11-20-2010, 01:51 PM
Does anyone know what's up with icenetwork? How come they don't know about the downgrades and stuff?


11-20-2010, 01:54 PM
Does anyone know what's up with icenetwork? How come they don't know about the downgrades and stuff?
It's because they don't have access to the detailed protocols after the SP (the writer is not in Moscow).

11-20-2010, 04:59 PM
Amazing long from Ashley at COR even with a deduction (110.85 for the FS, Combined: 167.02)! Wow. She's really putting up a fight! Ashley for Worlds 2011!

11-20-2010, 05:33 PM
Good effort by Wagner at Cup of Russia! She dramatically improved her season's best score from 143.73 at NHK Trophy to 167.02 in Moscow, while Zawadzki's 153.78 today is only slightly lower than her 154.35 at Skate Canada. Wagner now has the 3rd highest international score among the U.S. ladies behind Czisny (172.37 at Skate Canada) and Gao (167.14 at JGP Austria).

chipso1 will hopefully posted an updated international scores list soon. :)

11-20-2010, 05:47 PM
She surpassed Flatt SA? Ouch. oh man.

11-20-2010, 06:32 PM
Updated List -- Through Cup of Russia
Just for fun! :)

Top scoring U.S. Senior Ladies

1. Alissa CZISNY (172.37) Skate Canada
2. Christina GAO (167.14) JGP Austria
3. Ashley WAGNER (167.02) Cup of Russia
4. Rachael FLATT (162.86) Skate America
5. Yasmin SIRAJ (161.75) JGP Sheffield
6. Vanessa LAM (156.41) JGP Ostrava

7. Agnes ZAWADZKI (154.35) Skate Canada
8. Mirai NAGASU (146.23) Cup of China
9. Kiri BAGA (138.70) JGP Japan
10. Kristiene GONG (134.32) JGP Sheffield
11. Caroline ZHANG (133.86) NHK Trophy
12. Melissa BULANHAGUI (133.72) Nebelhorn Trophy

13. Amanda DOBBS (132.45) Cup of China
14. Alexe GILLES (125.64) Skate Canada
15. Karen ZHOU (123.63) Coupe de Nice DNQ to Nationals
16. Felicia ZHANG (123.16) JGP Dresden
17. Samantha CESARIO (122.39) JGP Romania
18. Kristine MUSADEMBA (119.45) Cup of China

Wagner improves upon her NHK Trophy score and moves up from 8th to 3rd. Zawadzki scored just under what she did at Skate Canada but is bumped to 7th overall.

Next week in Paris: Czisny, Nagasu

Grand Prix points thus far: Flatt (26), Wagner (18), Czisny (15), Zawadzki (14), Nagasu (9), Dobbs (5), C. Zhang (4), Musademba (3).

11-22-2010, 12:02 AM
Just wondering aloud - Does anyone have any early predictions for Nats? -

I think it will break down into a mix of Czisny, Flatt, Wagner, Nagasu, and Gao as the top 5 credible challengers for the podium.

But I think the team of 2 to Worlds will just be about the best among Czisny, Flatt, Wagner and Nagasu. I just don't think all things equal that Gao will be put on a Worlds team unless everyone is a disaster and she skates well. She's still considered a junior even if she is old enough to compete at a Senior Worlds. [I think I got her age right]. There are too many with proven experience in front of her right at the moment - a 'wait your turn' thing

A lot will depend upon a) Czisny holding it together....finally! and b) Nagasu getting over her early season injury and finding confidence in the LP again. I think Czisny, despite her coaching change and a strong start at SC, has her work cut out for her to prove to the USFSA and the Nats. Judges that she's capable. TEB will be very interesting from a US ladies standpoint because intl. judges will judge Nagasu [top US finisher at Olympics and Worlds last season] and a rejuvenated Czisny [big scorer this year] against one another.

But, if it boils down to a contest of the strongest nerves, ie - several mistakes from skaters, I'll bet Flatt is on the team and perhaps wins the title again.

So far, poor Agnes has set a pattern of challenging in the SP but bombing in the LP. She's put herself in a hole and I think she's behind the other 5 for consideration at this point.

Zhang is DOA as far as Nats is concerned this year, which is a painful thing for me to say, even if I'm happy and proud that she's biting the bullet and doing what she needs to do to improve herself.

Gilles has been an utter disaster this season and is probably not even being considered.

Dobbs who was a mild surprise last year is also doing rather poorly this year.

I think you might see one of the upcoming Juniors without much to lose wedge into the final group of the Nats. LP, possibly - Siraj, Lam, Gong but they won't be on the podium but perhaps one of them will be somewhere near it.

11-22-2010, 12:16 AM
Czisny is too much of a wild card to predict. She was breathtaking at Skate Canada, but seemed to revert back to her old ways at Mids, falling numerous times.

Nagasu is the best ladies skater we have, but I agree that her placement is dependent on how she recovers from injury and a disastrous showing in China. She always seems to be well prepared at Nationals, though, and I have faith she'll look much better by January.

Gao will challenge for the podium, IMO, but I don't see her as top 2 this season. With her consistency and huge 3F+3T, I think she's in good position for 3rd or 4th and a trip to either Four Continents or Junior Worlds.

Flatt's programs are perhaps the weakest of the top 6, but if she lands on her feet she's on the podium, especially in this field of beautifully inconsistent ladies. That said, if her jumps desert her like they did at Worlds last season, there's not much to hold her up with.

Wagner really impressed me in Russia this weekend, but her competition nerves and technical issues (flutz, two-footed landings) could come back to bite her if the other girls skate well. Ashley skates with a maturity and musicality that is superior to Flatt, Gao and Zawadzki, and she appears to be getting back on track after her illness this summer.

And then there's Zawadzki. She's averaging the 2nd highest SP score among U.S. ladies thus far this season, but hasn't cracked 100 points for a FS in her SW Regionals, SC or CoR programs this season. I'm not quite sure if it's simply the pressure of skating on the SGP getting to her, but she won't be a factor at all if she falls three times at Nationals like she did in Russia this weekend.

I'll wait until after the GPF to make podium predictions...

ETA: I think skaters 7-12 will be: Lam, Siraj, Baga, C. Zhang, Cesario and Gong. Looking forward to hopefully seeing senior newbies like Lam, Siraj and Baga on NBC. :)

11-22-2010, 12:22 AM
The one thing that you can bet on is that whoever is the top two at Nationals will be sent to Worlds.

Although I do agree with your analysis about who will be in the mix. I think a lot will depend on whether Mirai has recovered further from her injury. It seems like Rachael is making good progress and should be healthy by nats (knock on wood). Wagner doesn't seem to get much credit internationally. We'll see if she gets more credit Nationally.

11-22-2010, 12:46 AM
I agree that the top 6 will be Flatt, Wagner, Czisny, Zawadzki, Nagasu, and Gao and I agree that 7-12 will likely be Lam, Cesario, Baga, Gong, C. Zhang and Siraj. In what order...I have no fuc**** clue. Each one of the top 6 could be national champ on any given day in my book.

11-22-2010, 12:55 AM

Czisny - I didn't know that Czisny bombed at Midwestern Sectionals :yikes:. Then, her back is against the wall and she'll need to deliver from now on IMO for the judges at Nats to consider her for top 2 and the Worlds team. I still expect to see her stronger and a factor, but she may not have a chance if 2 of Nagasu, Flatt and Wagner deliver at Nats.

Flatt - I think she's planning a 3-3 but has been hampered by injury, so her tech content should be there shortly.

Wagner - put herself back in the mix with her CoR programs. She really doesn't seem to get much respect internationally but I like her attack. If she could just hit everything at one time, it probably would help her breakthrough in the eyes of int'l. judges

11-22-2010, 01:03 AM

Czisny - I didn't know that Czisny bombed at Midwestern Sectionals :yikes:.

I don't get the impression that she was trying all that hard. With that field, she just needed to show up.

11-22-2010, 01:37 AM
I don't get the impression that she was trying all that hard. With that field, she just needed to show up.

I don't think that means she wasn't trying hard. She went for the triples, and they just didn't really work (only 2 clean in her FS).

11-22-2010, 02:27 AM
She needs to put that behind her. Even with a couple of falls she could still qualify for GPF (as long as she stays in the top 4).

11-22-2010, 03:07 AM
I don't think that means she wasn't trying hard. She went for the triples, and they just didn't really work (only 2 clean in her FS).

I was there. I got the impression that she was kind of phoning it in. This is not a criticism. It's just what it looked like to me.