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05-25-2010, 03:46 AM
I find all the Romanians got worse as the years went on. I actually liked Milo and Gogean back in 92, even 93 and 94 somewhat. By 96 I couldnt stand them. Amanar by 99 and 2000 was just a fridge break for me. Her form was much worse, her tumbling didnt stand out as much anymore, and her bars was a horrid mess by then, and she didnt have any intangible appeal anymore that she had a bit of when younger. Bontas was ok in the late 80s when she first emerged, but by 92 I was glad to see her surprisingly overthrown as the top Romanian by Milo during the competition. I suspect alot of it is coaching, but then again if you dont get coached by Bela full time you get blacklisted by him like Marinescu was.

Agreed. All three were great early in their careers. I liked both Milo and Gogean in 1992, although actually preferred Gogean between the two. She never had a ton of charisma, but in 1992 she just came across as more reserved than robotic as in later years. And her dance and bars were quite nice. But by 1996, I definitely preferred Amanar over both of them. I just rewatched her Atlanta FX and wow. Her tumbling was just amazing. I wish Marinescu had been in the AA over Milo, who I thought she was terribly overscored throughout the competition.

05-25-2010, 03:50 AM
I would have actually pulled Milo out of the AA for Amanar instead of Marinescu. I think Amanar had to be put in especialy after her score in team optionals, but would have taken Milo out instead of Marinescu.