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05-04-2010, 11:08 AM
Thank you for the article, Fashonista.

I'm sorry for Novitski but if his health is too unstable to make it safety to Sochi, the best thing is to retire. Nobody wants to see a second Shabalin-Drama.
Thank you for the many interesting programmes you skated for us over the years! :inavoid:

Did I understand it right that Katherine Copley has retired due to injury? :( If so, I wonder which lucky girl skates with Deividas next.

:eek: that Russian Fed considered Andreev for Domnina. If he needs to skate with a Russian Diva I think Khokhlova is a better match for a former single skater because she doesn't have that classical ice dancer look.
Well, if the likes of Alexander Gorshkov, TAT and Ovsyannikov can see some potential for this team, who am I to doubt it?

Btw, this (http://twitter.com/FedorAndreev/status/13330984346) is Fedors latest Twitter. Wonder what is means?

On my way to FL, excited to do choreography!!!

05-04-2010, 02:14 PM
Vaitsehovskaya's article

Pair Hohlova/Novitski no longer exits (http://winter.sport-express.ru/figureskating/reviews/5438/)
April 29th was the day when the bronze medalist and European 2009 champions Khokhlova/Novitski received their medals on the sport centre "Dream" and announced to their coaches that they are no longer to skate together. Novitski finishes his career due to the injuries, Khokhlova will try skating with another partner.

The next day the "SE" journalist met the skaters in their coach's house.

Novitski came before the partner and it was visible that his career ending, which we discussed in March during the worlds in Turin is still a painful issue.

-I just don't know what to do now. When Yana and I received our medals we were greeted so warmly... I thought that greeting from the fans means alot and only that would be enough of a reason to go on skating.

On the other hand I realize there is no guarantee I will be able to skate as I need to in order to compete on the high level. My problems began at 2006 when 2 weeks before the worlds in Calgary - Yana and I had a bad car accident. Right after returning from Canada I had to undergo a knee surgery. Of course, with the age the training becomes harder and harder, and it becomes even worse during the competition when the pressure is combined with the stress.

Theoretically I'd love to stay in figure skating, but not as a coach, more in administrative work. It's just that I'm not ready yet to take any decisions about my future. I keep coming to the ice rink, train a bit just to keep in shape...

- The world championship being their last competition together Yana and Sergey announced to Irina and I at the beginning of March, said Svinin. we agreed - the decision was reasonable since Sergey could not train fully for the whole last season.

Irina and I were trying to protect him as much as we could, though we realized it's not the way to get ready for the Olympics. Of course, we couldn't expect any high results.
The world championships they couldn't even complete because after the original dance Novitski's knee injury became worse.
Though after we came back to Moscow and Sergey treated his injury immediately he told us he could try skating for another season. This was not acceptable by anyone: neither Yana, nor us nor the Figure skating federation. If thinking of skating together it must be for another Olympic cycle.

To go on skating just to get into the top 10 for such a pair as Khokhlova/Novitski, as far as I'm concerned is unspeakable. They already got to the levels that I, as a skater, didn't even come close to. Besides, not many can do that. In order to progress they have to work differently, to work harder. Especially since their competitors are progressing. In this case what shall happen to their health no one knows. We, as coaches, can not take such a responsibility upon us.

As far as Khokhlova is concerned, it is premature saying she moved to another coaches. So far nothing is clear. There are attempts only. The only certain thing so far is should she continue skating she will represent Russia.

Frankly, we never made any effort to find her another partner because she never mentioned continuing skating. And it's not as if there were many partners in our sport. To find someone would most probably mean breaking another pair. There aren't so many good pairs in Russia. It was easier in our times - one could find at least 5-6 replacements even on the highest level.

Of course the same as back then, now all the coach changes are hard and painful and might even cause a complete end of relationship between the coaches and the skaters. Irina and I were not going to take a stand of `If not us then no one should have you!', but nevertheless, we were a bit hurt that Yana decided to fly to the US for a tryout in Spilband/Zueva group without telling us.

On April 11th Khokhlova flew to Detroit, to tryout with the best (judging by the last Olympics result) coaches team - Spilband and Zueva after talking to them on the phone. She was lucky - their best couples - Virtue/Moir and Davis/White were skating in a show, so the coaches were not overloaded.

The decision to fly was partly from despair - there was no hope to find a suitable partner in Moscow, while in Spilband/Zueva group the Lithuanian skater Davidas Standugas was left alone. He represented Lithuania since 2006 together with an American skater Cathrin Copelly, becoming 10th in Europeans 2009.

Last season Lithuanian government declined Copelly's claim for the citizenship, hence the couple could not participate the Olympics, which was followed with Catherine's injury that pushed her to end the skating career.

Just before Khokhlova's departure to the USA I spoke to Zueva on the phone. She confirmed they agreed to the tryout with a new partner and then added:
- Actually there is another option - my son Fedor. Back in Vancouver I was contacted by some people from the Russian Federation who asked whether I'd agree that he switches to the ice dance and represents Russia. Though the partner in their mind was Oxana Domnina - Fedor is a bit tall for Khokhlova.

Zueva's son - Fedor Andreev who became the Canadian junior champion some years back and trained under one of the best American coaches - Callahan. At 2005 he had a bad back injury while attempting a quad jump, after which he retired from skating for two years and concentrated in motor sport. At 2007 he was back on the ice.

After that Andrey participated the national championships and coached ice dancers in his spare time.

The week that Khokhlova spent in Detroit was busy - for 2-3 hours she skated with Stagnunas, then for the same amount of time with Andreev.

At the end of the week it turned out she can't fly back to Russia - all the flights above the Atlantics were cancelled because of the vulcano erruption in Iceland. She had another week to experiment on the ice.
By that time both Shpilband and Zueva were convinced that Khokhlova and Andreev are not only look well together on the ice, but even despite the partner's age - 28, are very promising.

Khokhlova came back to Moscow at the end of April. She brought a DVD with the recording of her "american" trainings with both partners and some partly ready dances with Andreev. Fedor managed to learn the Golden Waltz, they also recorded parts of the programmes choreographed by Shpilband to various music bits.

After the recordings were examined by the Russian figure skating federation, which included the Olympic champion and the ISU technical expert Alexand Gorshkov, Tatiana Tarasova and Oleg Ovsiannikov they all came to the same conclusion: the possible duo of Khokhlova/Andreev is worth the effort.

I found Igor Shpilband, who went to his vacation right after Khokhlova's departure from Detroit on the phone in Florida:

- Now it's all up to them, he said. I think Fedor will need some time to come to a final decision. Marina and I don't have much to say on the matter - he is a grown man and it is about four years of his life. For me, as a coach, the possibility to work with them is interesting. I would certainly love to try. If only because nothing of the kind had ever existed in ice dance before.

05-04-2010, 03:26 PM

05-04-2010, 03:34 PM
Copelly has RETIRED??? I am in 10000000 depressions. :fragile:

:fragile: :fragile:

Andreev and Khokhlova, wtfffffffffffffff?

Standugas ditched for a 28 year old novice?

My head is spinning from this gem of a :sekret: article. :cheer:

Massively jumping ahead of myself here, but if Andreev was to do well in Dance, it would definitely make a Lifetime movie.

Frankly, I don't know why the Russian fed care about putting teams together, they CLEARLY have the next generation in the form of the Junior World Champions. Having said that, Fedor's age really isn't an issue since he'd had such a long break from the sport and his body is probably well rested.

05-04-2010, 03:45 PM
Very surprising that they apparently even thought about pairing Fedor Andreev with Oksana Domnina! (as Marina Zueva is quoted in the article).

This whole situation is crazy. I would really like to know what they are thinking.

05-04-2010, 03:55 PM
FSU "demands" a copy of that DVD. :D

The Russian Fed knows that they have gems in Elena Ilinykh & Nikita Katsalapov but they have to diversify their options. What if something happens to them? You can't put all your eggs in the same basket, even in ice dance. Bobroba/Soloviev seems like a good match with great lines. Those 2 teams have the potential to be olympic medalist.
At this point, finding the perfect partner for Domnina and LaKhok seems so hard but they can take a gamble on it since they have 2 other young pairs. Andreev seems like a huge gamble. He won't have to learn all those CD though. A cleverly choreographed short dance could hide his weaknesses. Zoueva has great acrobats that would highlight Jana's flexibility.
When Stiegler switched to ice dance, they were able to present decent programs in a short period of time.
You gotto love this crazy off-season.

05-04-2010, 04:16 PM

05-04-2010, 04:44 PM
Thanks for the link. The Russian Fed and dance experts must be desperate or genuinly convinced that Khokhlova/Andreev have a chance to become a strong team.
Very surprising that they apparently even thought about pairing Fedor Andreev with Oksana Domnina! (as Marina Zueva is quoted in the article).

Maybe these experts have spent too much time judging the Ice Age program. After watching the actors, singers and other celebrities partnered with world champion skaters, the Khokhlova/Andreev partnership must seem almost possible. ;)

05-04-2010, 04:47 PM
I just worry that this will hurt I/K. and B/S too.

05-04-2010, 04:48 PM
Maybe these experts have spent too much time judging the Ice Age program. After watching the actors, singers and other celebrities partnered with world champion skaters, the Khokhlova/Andreev partnership must seem almost possible. ;)


05-04-2010, 05:20 PM
what a busy off-season. But if this crazy partnership end up looking good and work out how much ths could hurt D/W and V/M?

05-04-2010, 05:48 PM
:lol: Don't worry - be happy ! :lol:

Think of the fun we'll have watching.

There's no chance this will hurt V/M and D/W position on the NA side or I/K and B/S on the Russian side...:rolleyes: nobody's going to shortchange their main talents to promote a shot in the dark.

Jana skates. Fedor skates. Russia hedges it's bets and Z/S get to test how strong their Mojo really is...:cool:

05-04-2010, 05:58 PM
what a busy off-season. But if this crazy partnership end up looking good and work out how much ths could hurt D/W and V/M?

:smokin: It's genius.

Even if they won't be winning medals, :psoty: Fedor+DivaLaKhokh = :grope: :rockstar: :inavoid: which IMO, is :kickass:

:sekret: :judge: :hat1: Russian Fed gets itself into Canton and provides major distraction...


05-04-2010, 06:01 PM
I am just :eek: over this whole thing and then add the article. I can't wait to see how all this shakes out.

05-04-2010, 06:16 PM
I just worry that this will hurt I/K. and B/S too.

IMO both I/K and B/S would benefit from not being Russian number ones too soon, if only there were some top teams like G/P and K/O to look up to and aspire to!

But such teams as I/K and B/S to be hurt by a team in which the male partner is a 28-year-old mediocre singles skater with questionable motivation, starting ice dance just now? The only way they can be hurt is by splitting their sides laughing. :rofl: