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04-12-2010, 05:57 PM
What I'd like to see is a number with Charlie and Ben doing a remake of this skating duel routine with Charlie & Trevor Young:


That would be way cool in my book :swoon:

04-12-2010, 06:00 PM
That blue dress is a great color and style for Rachael!

For those who haven't seen it, here's her "I'll Fly Away" program from last season's World Team Trophy exhibition.


04-12-2010, 06:01 PM
-Somebody waaay upthread said that a lot of the skaters did not have the charisma and warmth needed for show skating. This is spot on. A lot of the eligible skaters such as D&W, Abbott, Mirai, while enjoyable, did not draw me in to their performances that much. Michael Weiss, meanwhile, is the absolute champ of this. He projects to the rafters and keeps your attention throughout the whole routine. I guess that's his pro experience showing. I loved his backflips and heel glides.

Overall I found that the "pros" had MUCH better audience connection but that was to be expected, naturally. Although I will say it's also nice to get to see the eligibles perform; many of them have their own styles as well.

-Yuka Sato was the absolute highlight of the show for me. She skated to Claire de Lune which is one of my favorite pieces of music and was ethereal and beautiful. This is what iceskating is supposed to be. Her first number was very fun and engaging.

Same here. She was made for this show. She IS the show. :D

However [Sasha Cohen] also does not project very well to the audience and comes across as a little cold. Totally disappeared in the group numbers.

As for Cohen, maybe it will come with time...or maybe that's just her style of skating, in which case it's a rather acquired taste I suppose (IMO).

-Alissa did not appeal to me at all. She looked very awkward in both the group numbers and her solo to I Like the Way You Move. Girlfriend canNOT get down :D

I wasn't really observant enough to pick her out in the group # but I can't be surprised by this. This is her first time performing on a tour isn't it? With practice I think she'll get it down. I agree that her first performance fell a bit flat for me, but I'm obviously in the minority when I say I liked her second piece. It was also great to meet her afterwards :D

But I thought similarly about Cohen's DSTM last year. To me, she just lacked that "oomph" needed to really work that song. (That said, good to see her finally attempt to loosen up a bit) I saw Yuna's performance of the same song on Youtube and she brought the sex appeal that IMO was almost completely missing from SC's version.

04-12-2010, 06:11 PM
What I'd like to see is a number with Charlie and Ben doing a remake of this skating duel routine with Charlie & Trevor Young:


That would be way cool in my book :swoon:

Love it! That would be perfect for SOI!

04-12-2010, 06:11 PM
OMG, Evan's wearing whites :lol:.

04-13-2010, 04:30 AM
Oh yeah! Replace Ben doing the guitar with Ben and Charlie doing a number like Dueling Banjos. It would be a hit and spice up the whole SOI show!

04-13-2010, 03:24 PM
DH and I went to the Boston show on Sunday and loved it! We also went to the meet and greet which requires fan club membership (for each attendee, BTW, except for kids under a certain age; so my husband had to join himself, which he really didn't mind, being a fan himself. I do think SOI is being a bit greedy there. We bought two tickets and had one fan club membership which I think should have covered the meet-n-greet for both tickets I bought. But I'd rather go and enjoy it than grouse about the extra charge.)

Those attending the fan greeting thing were instructed to appear at the box office 2-1/2 hours prior to the show, to be met by the SOI road manager who was about 1/2 hour late. I think the delay was the skaters' schedule, not tardiness on the road manager's part. After she arrived she and an arena guard took us to the ice to watch practices. She told us that Rachael and Tanith would come over later to talk to us and do autographs and pictures. They did just that, and Ben joined them too. Rachael told us she has narrowed down her college choice to Princeton and Stanford. I remarked that Debi Thomas would be very happy if she chose Stanford, and Rachael replied that in fact she's talked at length with Debi who's been very helpful to her. Tanith is even more gorgeous up close in person and is very gracious. Ben is one of the most cheerful people I've ever seen. I told him as he posed, "There it is - the best smile in skating!" I told him that the next time he goes to the CD store, to buy every Django Reinhardt CD they have, for skating music. His face lit up at the mention of Django and he air guitared and hummed a Django-like solo. He said, sure, I know him, I play guitar myself. Hope he'll use my idea! Later on he was hanging around the edges of the rink with his real electric guitar, but it wasn't turned on. During the show, DH and I did enjoy Ben's playing, unlike some of the other posters above. He played the NBC Olympic fanfare and later on, Little Wing, and darn well on both pieces. Sure, the time could have been given to more skating, but it gives the audience who aren't as familiar with these stars as FSU fans a look at a skater's "other life." Another thing to consider, is that some of the seats are filled with spouses or kids of the true skating fanatics. Things like this are a diversion that can keep that less interested audience member enthused about being there. (Back in the COI days, I noted this was a good reason for having the acrobat and hula hoop skaters.) Re: Ben Agosto's playing guitar during the show, consider this. Maybe some young boys watching the show might think, wow, cool, that guy's a skater and he rocks the guitar too! Just maybe some young boys might think, maybe I could do figure skating too, it's not just for sissies. Maybe I could be like Ben.

Back to the pre-show thing - Practicing when we arrived were Tanith and Ben, Jeremy, Alissa, and Rachael. Later in the practice arrived Yuka, Todd, Mike, Sasha, Mirai, and the surprise guest star, Emily Hughes. Jason Dungjen was also there, just watching. We were able to sit in the first 2 rows in back of the boards at center ice to watch until the practice ended about 1 hour before the show. For the skaters, this was like a regular practice session; no group numbers were rehearsed, although a few of the soloist music cuts were played.

The actual show has been reviewed above so I won't be redundant and mention all of the numbers. My favorite was the duet by Alissa and Sasha. Yuka's two solos were also beautiful. I was glad she used the solo piano Clair de Lune instead of the orchestral version, the latter of which makes me burst into tears no matter who is skating to it. It was also nice to see her talking on the ice with Jeremy between a couple of numbers. He seemed relaxed and enjoying himself, which is refreshing indeed. There was some funny microphone banter with Todd and Mike about who is "old" in this show. Jeremy joined them and observed that although Todd may be old, Mike will be a grandfather before Todd is! (And I'm thinking to myself, old - egads, Todd was a toddler when I graduated from high school!)

I missed Evan and Shen & Zhao (wish we could have had Pang and Tong if S/Z weren't available.) SOI really should have indicated in its ads that Evan was not appearing in Boston, as soon as he was announced for DWTS. It seemed that a lot of people thought he would be there, because notwithstanding the fine print, he was featured prominently in the television and print ads. I've seen him enough times not to be heartbroken over his absence Sunday, but can readily sympathize with anyone who was.

All in all, a very enjoyable afternoon!

04-13-2010, 04:02 PM
I just wanted to thank everybody for their tour reviews. I have 2 tickets for Cincinnati but I don't know if I can go now if I can't find a ride. My sister broke her leg and won't be able to drive :( though I'm thankful she wasn't hurt worse since she was hit by a drunk driver coming home from a bible study last night.

04-13-2010, 04:06 PM
I just wanted to thank everybody for their tour reviews. I have 2 tickets for Cincinnati but I don't know if I can go now if I can't find a ride. My sister broke her leg and won't be able to drive :( though I'm thankful she wasn't hurt worse since she was hit by a drunk driver coming home from a bible study last night.

Oh tarotx, that's horrible, so sorry for your sister :( I'm sure you can sell your tickets on craigslist, at least that way you won't have lost the money.

04-13-2010, 04:14 PM
There was some funny microphone banter with Todd and Mike about who is "old" in this show. Jeremy joined them and observed that although Todd may be old, Mike will be a grandfather before Todd is!

Well, the age difference between them is only 5 years. Which was significant when they were competitors in their 20s, but not so much any more.

04-14-2010, 12:07 AM
This is my review for the DC show.

Mirai- Huge disappointment. I was very much looking forward to seeing her, but not only did she just do her SP, which is a good but not great program, but she gave up after she fell.

Alissa - "You'll Never Walk Alone" - Our required GFB. Fine but not great.

Todd - "I want you to want me" Lame choreography, with lots of miming and pointing, ala Elvis. And he doesn't entirely seem comfortable with the upbeat music. But it was still fun, and the scratch spin at the end was unbelievable, possibly the best I've ever seen.

Sasha- Good, except for the splat. I think she sold it better at Nats though.

D/W - OD - It's a great program, but I really wanted to see something else.

Mikey - "You're Still You" GMB? Nice program, but nothing particularly special, except the backflip. I'm still not sure how that fit this program.

Sasha/Alissa - Lovely. The only jump was a double non-axel, which is probably a good thing considering who was skating; otherwise they would have ended up as synchronized falls.

B/A - Love. This program emphasizes most of my favorite things about B/A: their personality, sense of humor, chemistry, versatility and ability to perform and sell a program. There's virtually no dance team in history who could pull off all the moods in this piece. (Roca/Sur and T/D were all I could think of.)

D/W/B/A - Lame. It was lifts with stroking in between. There was no remotely interesting footwork and no partner-switching. I would have mich preffered them doing compulsories simultaneously if they were going to skate such a basic number. Plus, it meant that neither team had a second solo. It was also the first time that I have ever been bored watching B/A skate. And I've gone to 7 AM CD practices for them.

Todd - "Don't Let the Sun Go down on Me" This is one of my favorite songs, so I was really hoping for something special. But the program was merely very good. Part of the problem is that I don't think he used the music as well as he could have. In Kurt's prgram to the same music, everything, especially the jumps, seemed to fit more naturally with the music. (Disclaimer: Kurt is my favorite skater of all time, so most everyone doesn't look as good in comparison.) And Jeremy used his music so perfectly too, which again made Todd look slightly bad in comparison. But despite all this, I really did like the program.

Sasha - Halellujah - gorgeous program that she sold very well. The extended spiral at the end was beautiful.

04-14-2010, 12:22 AM
-Evan obviously wasn't there due to DWTS... However I think the show does a huge disservice to his fans because he is featured prominently on all the posters around town and the program but no explanation is given for his absence. Being the Olympic champion, arguably he is the biggest draw. There were a couple of old ladies behind me who kept saying before the show started how much they'd enjoyed him in Vancouver and how much they were looking forward to seeing him live... and then no Evan. They sounded so disappointed at the end. They didn't know that he was on Dancing with the Stars. I think it would be nice if the show broadcast at some point a taped message or something just saying that he cannot attend due to DWTS, he apologizes but enjoy the show or whatever. Yes they have a disclaimer on the program and website saying skaters are subject to change by city but still, I felt very bad for those ladies because it was obvious they'd come mostly to see him, and since not all fans trawl the Internet or watch TV regularly so they might not know that he has other commitments as well.

This has been one of my major concerns about how the show has been promoted this season. While I am very happy that Evan won the OGM, it bothers me that he is prominently featured in the posters and mini flyers when he is not able to be at the Sun/Mon/Tues shows. I think every skater who is a core cast member (doing the entire tour - that includes Meryl & Charlie who couldn't be a the NJ show due to the Ice Chips show in Boston, but will be at all the other stops on the tour) should be pictured in those posters/mini flyers, and all other guest skaters should be acknowledged at least by name for each city. I hate to see the veterans of the tour not be acknowledged at all (particularly Yuka, Mike, and Todd) on the current posters & mini flyers. In fact, I think its a slap in the face. Do I want Evan to do well in DWTS? Of course I do, but SOI should issue some kind of statement to the general public to explain why he is not there for their respective shows.

I also checked out the SOI website, and now it looks like Pang & Tong are not listed at all. :( There are still no dates indicated for Miki Ando. Shen & Zhao will do a lot of the west coast dates in May.

Whatever the case, we still go for the whole cast, and we mostly enjoyed what we saw. I just don't want to see a overlap of the three tours next season. I do want to see the return of more group numbers in addition to the individual performances (and firmly believe that every skater, whether core cast or not, should have the opportunity to do two programs if they wish).

04-14-2010, 12:35 AM
My review

It was very nice, i was wuth my litlle cusing, she love this shows :D

B/A - this is great program, cute, fun, sweet and at the and becames mature ( my cousin alos notice thta this could be Tanith and Charlie soundtrack). This number it is really good for them and show their charisma and fun personalities.
D/W - their indian folk dance is fun, very bollywood but i'm actualy tired of it, i'm glad this seasn is over. They could do somethinh new and fun, moderns.
D/W B/A - i like this number. It is a basic number but is good to see them on ice toghether.

Sasha - not one single smile, it sems thta she is forced to be there. She just doesn't shine on the group number. Her programs were really nice, very elegants, and the one with Alissa is wonderfull, but still don't feel sasha's charisma.

Alissa - she is elegant, i like her.


others were gerat too ;)

The group number were fun, just Strut was so so for me and it must be really difficult to skate with thta sunglasses on and on a dark arena!

04-14-2010, 04:09 AM
From the show in Boston
D/W and B/A lovely group routine

Few more videos in here:

Yukari Lepisto
04-14-2010, 04:45 AM
Does SOI have an autograph session?
I'm dying to get a picture taken with S/Z later in the tour.
Any ideas how I should go about it without being too stalky?