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03-29-2010, 12:43 AM
Any guesses?

I'm curious as to what Carriere or Bebe will get next season.

I'm guessing Maxwell and Musademba won't be getting any.

03-29-2010, 12:55 AM
For men its gonna depend a lot whether if Evan, Johnny and Ryan come back next season. I will be very surprised if they do so without taking those three in consideration, and keeping in mind the maximun spots the US could get is 18:

For Sure 2 Spots :
Abbott - 2 (Top12 at worlds so this is a no brainer).
Rippon - 2 (ditto as Abbot)
Mroz - 2 (he's at both top 24 season best and world ranking, a safe bet)

Likely 2 spots :
Miner - 2 (he's got one in the bag thanks to JGPF and all the top Juniors who move up usually get two)
Hochstein 2 (highest result at Nationals after the top men, 4th at Jr. Worlds, he'll probably be the 3rd guy at Skate America)

Likely 1 spot, but you never know :

Carriere - 1 : out of both SB and WS lists, poor GP results plus bombed at Nationals, he'll get one only by reputation.
Mahbanoozadeh - 1 : Same as Carriere, plust he bombed at Jr. Worlds

Dark Horses for 1 spot :

Messing and Dornbush : not big enough names, not high placement at nationals and down to the 30s at Season Best list. Only will get one if none of the top guys are returning. How Old is Messing?? maybe he'll be better going back to Junior Grand Prix.

That would be 14 spots for US Men which is what usually gets. I'll do ladies later.

03-29-2010, 01:43 AM
Summary of season stats for these 6 US guys:

Miner - 1st in JGP Lake Placid; 2nd in JGP Croatia; 3rd at JGP Final (#35 SB score of 196.09); WD from Nationals (would have been Sr. debut) & Jr. Worlds due to injury

Hochstein - 2nd in JGP Hungary; 4th in JGP Germany; 5th at JGP Final; 7th at Nationals (Sr. debut); 5th at Jr. Worlds (#38 SB score of 194.30)

Mahbanoozadeh - 11th at Cup of China; 9th at Skate Canada (#42 SB Sr. score of 186.48); 8th at Nationals (Sr. debut); 10th at Jr. Worlds

Messing - 6th in JGP Poland (skated with an injury); 9th at Nationals (Sr. debut); 4th at Jr. Worlds (#34 SB score of 197.03); one more year of ISU junior eligibility in 2010-11

Dornbush - 1st in JGP Hungary; 5th in JGP Germany; 4th at JGP Final (#39 SB score of 191.80); 11th at Nationals (Sr. debut); one more year of ISU junior eligibility in 2010-11

Carriere - 3rd at Finlandia Trophy; 6th at Cup of China (#37 SB Sr. score of 195.08); 8th at Skate Canada; WD from Nationals after SP

03-29-2010, 06:51 AM
For pairs I would think the following, but a lot will depend on Indy

Caydee Denney/Jeremy Barrett -2 GP
Amanda Evora/Mark Ladwig -2 GP
Keauna McLaughlin/Rockne Brubaker -2 GP
Caitlin Yankowskas/John Coughlin -1 or 2 GP
Marissa Castelli/Simon Shnapir -1 GP
Amanda Dobbs/Joseph Jacobsen -1 GP (Skate America)

Chloe Katz/Joseph Lynch -B event
Tiffany Vise/Don Baldwin -B event
Britney Simpson/Nathan Miller -B event
Felicia Zhang/Taylor Toth -B event

Cassie Andrews/Nicholas Anderson -JGP
Brynn Carman/AJ Reiss -JGP
Morgan Agster/Adam Civiello -JGP
Kaitlin Budd/Matthew Blackmer -JGP
Ashley Cain/Joshua Reagan -JGP
Kylie Duarte/Colin Grafton -JGP
Mandy Garza/Brandon Frazier -JGP
Olivia Oltmanns/Joshua Santillan -JGP
Tracy Tanovich/Michael Chau -JGP (thanks Sylvia)

03-29-2010, 03:22 PM
And under the current ISU age rule, Tanovich/Chau [S11] are finally eligible for the JGP this coming season.

03-29-2010, 06:48 PM
No Brooke and Ben for GP? Are they retiring?

03-29-2010, 07:04 PM
And are Rena & John officially retired? I know he went away mad after Nationals, but I'm not sure I read any interviews where either of them said they were retiring. (On the other hand, with the craziness of Nationals/Olympics it certainly could have been lost in the noise.)

03-29-2010, 07:24 PM
And are Rena & John officially retired? I know he went away mad after Nationals, but I'm not sure I read any interviews where either of them said they were retiring. (On the other hand, with the craziness of Nationals/Olympics it certainly could have been lost in the noise.)

I was wondering the same thing. You'd think from his reaction to their loss to make the Olympic team at US Nationals that they would quit. But then again, they stuck it out for a number of years after many thought they should have retired.

Do skaters need to make official announcements of retirement? It also seemed like Brooke & Ben retired since they did not accept the invite to 4CC but I don't recall seeing anything about it.

03-29-2010, 09:16 PM
There's no such thing as official retirement anymore these days (unless you're Lambiel who did it twice LOL) but Im under the impression aswell that Castile&Okolski are done since they didnt even bother with 4CC this year which would have given them the chance to get GP events. If they do stick around, they will be lucky to get only one assignment and that would be the 3rd invitation from Skate America since they are not in the season best or world ranking lists plus have been absent from major competitions since 2008.

I agree with the rest of Sammy's predictions though. Doobs & Jacobsen will probably be the 3rd team at Skate America and Yankowskas&Coughlin will finally receive a second assignment thanks to their 4th place at 4 Continents.

03-29-2010, 09:28 PM
At Nationals this year Brooke and Ben said they're not sure if they're done competing yet. They said they might be back for another season.

I hope they do! Their FS at Nationals was a step in the right direction, and hopefully a big confidence booster!

03-29-2010, 09:50 PM
Do skaters need to make official announcements of retirement?
When the 2010-11 team envelopes are published online, the named skaters will then have to let USFS know if they intend to compete in the coming season. That's usually when official announcements of retirements, team splits and/or skaters "not competing in 2010-11" will start happening.

03-29-2010, 09:51 PM
The challenging part is that there is a limited number of men's spots on the JGP for US men based on their finish at Junior Worlds. Because of that, we will only have 7 spots for the entire series. My guess is that Messing, Brown, and Farris will each get an initial assignment. I also believe that Max Aaron will get one as well. If the first three medal, then they will all get a second assignment, leaving none for anybody else. It's tricky!

So for men, I see it this way:

GP: Abbott (2), Rippon (2), Hochstein (2), Mahbanoozadeh (2), Bradley (2), Mroz (2). If any of Weir or Lysacek come back, Mahbanoozadeh might get zero assignments.

Senior B's: Mahbanoozadeh (if no GP), Dornbush, Dyer, and Wong (Cassar will be alternate if he sticks around)

JGP: Messing, Brown, Farris, Aaron


GP: Flatt (2), Nagasu (2), Wagner (2), Gao (2), Dobbs (2), Gilles (2), Czisny (1)

Senior B's: Czisny, Liang, Zhang, Bulanhagui... maybe Davis

JGP: Zawadzki, Siraj, Baga, Jiang, Gong, Cain, Marley/Kulgeyko


GP: Denney/Barrett (2), Evora/Ladwig (2), McLaughlin/Brubaker (2), Yankowskas/Coughlin (2), Simpson/Miller (1), Dobbs/Jacobson (1)

Senior B's: Katz/Lynch, Zhang/Toth, Smith/Bartholomay, Vise/Baldwin

JGP: All age eligibles!!! LOL!


GP: Davis/White (2), Samuelson/Bates (2), Chock/Zuerlein (2), Hubbell/Hubbell (2), Tibbetts/Brubaker (2), Cannuscio/Lorello (1)

Senior B's: Summersett/Gilles, Kriengkrairut/Giuletti-Schmitt, Pratt/Obzansky

JGP: Shibutani/Shibutani, Gilles/Donohue, Olson/Cowan, TBD from Lake Placid

03-29-2010, 09:57 PM
I'd like to see some of the Senior dance teams heading off to the GP circuit assigned to the early season Senior Bs so that they get good feedback on whatever the new OD format turns out to be. That could end up being pretty important given the magnitude of the change being discussed.

03-29-2010, 09:58 PM
I'd think Caroline Zhang would be in line for at least one GP ahead of Czisny.

I'm also feeling a little bad for the Shibutani's, who are probably on the JGP circuit again and it has got to be feeling pretty old.

03-29-2010, 10:32 PM
I'm sure Caroline Zhang will at least be offered a GP assignment or 2. After this season, her ISU World Ranking is still 11th or 12th, IIRC. Now, she may decline those assignments to instead work on her technique, but I think she'll at least be offered two.

GP: Nagasu (2), Flatt (2), Wagner (2), Gao (2), Zawadzki (2), Zhang (2), Dobbs (1), Czisny (1), Gilles? (1)

Senior B: Czisny, Dobbs, Gilles, Musademba, Maxwell, Gong (?)

JGP: Baga, Siraj, Jiang, Cesario, Wang, Davis, Cain, Gong

All of this depends on 1) who retires (Liang? Czisny?), 2) who stays on the JGP (Zawadzki? Gao?), and who gets a Skate America "home pick" (possibly Musademba or Maxwell depending on good summer comp. results?).