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03-16-2010, 06:55 PM
Odds are out for who will win American Idol:


Crystal Bowersox +180
Siobhan Magnus +450
Casey James +550
Lee Dewyze +650
Michael Lynche +800
Andrew Garcia +1000
Didi Benami +1200
Katie Stevens +1800
Aaron Kelly +3000
Lacey Brown +3300
Tim Urban +4000
Paige Miles +5000

Recent Paige Miles tweet:

In rehearsals but I have completely lost my voice! Throat infection. Let’s hope for a miraculous recovery by tomorrow night!

And from mjsbigblog:

@AI9Contestants: Paige Miles: I have no voice at all! Doctor says its VC Laryngitis with swelling so pray for me! I will make it work regardless but what a way 2 start Top 12 :0} !!! Still excited for today! Big stage now!!!

Casey also under the weather (also from mjsbigblog):

It’s been reported that Casey James is also under the weather. He had to see a doctor for a case of the flu…

Looks like votefortheworst will pick somebody new after tonight’s performances. I think Tim was decent the last two weeks (song choice aside), so I’m glad they’re easing up on him. Plus Beach Boys night is coming up soon, and I want to see him perform shirtless!!! (Beach Boys night is a joke, by the way, but I think it’d be a good theme night!)

American Idol is Top TV Money Maker of 2009:


Paula Abdul to host a new version of Star Search (I wanted her to join Simon’s X-Factor…):


David Cook will perform “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” on Wednesday’s results show:


Ke$ha and Orianthi will also perform.

Ace Young talks about nudity in the new production of “Hair”:


Watch the clip to the end…there is not a sufficient amount of words in any language to communicate how jealous I am of the interviewer!!!

Jordin Sparks Battlefield Tour Dates:


03-16-2010, 07:09 PM
vBet is up: Who will make it to the AI9 Final 3? (www.fsuniverse.net/forum/showthread.php?t=72551)

Waging odds were set mostly to the Vegas odds listed by Peter, with some liberty taken on Tim's chances ... lest we underestimate the Idol voting prowess of the tweens, the gays, and other likely aficionados.

03-16-2010, 08:23 PM
Siobhan reportedly is singing Paint It Black.

I think Crystal, Lee, and Casey should do fine this week given the theme. They might not each get to sing their first choice, but there are enough good options that this week should work well for them.

Andrew should get smart, stop making desperate choices and arrangements, and do something like Angie. Otherwise, I think he may be in trouble. Paige, too. I think Aaron, Katie, and Tim all will make it to the tour.

I'd be surprised if none of the tweendreams make the final three. I don't think both Crystal and Siobhan will, and I don't think either of them will win the title.

03-16-2010, 10:42 PM
Why is David Cook on the show on nights when I can't watch??? :wuzrobbed

03-16-2010, 10:57 PM
Song spoilers:

Michael – Miss You
Didi – Play with fire
Casey – all over now
Lacey – ruby Tuesday
Andrew – gimme shelter
Katie – wild horses
Tim – under my thumb
Siobhan – paint it black
Lee – beast of burden
Paige – honky Tonk women
Aaron – Angie
Crystal. you don’t always get (I assume this is supposed to be You Can't Always Get What You Want?)

03-16-2010, 11:13 PM
If Paige carries that off, I'll fall off my sofa laughing. Same with Andrew.

03-16-2010, 11:25 PM
A little bit more info and opinion from someone at dress rehearsals:

Michael Lynche – “Miss You” – R&B Style, had to do it twice. Audio problems. Didn’t sound good with eyes closed. Good stage presence, though
Didi Benami – “Play with fire – Dramatic, sexy version. Hit all the big notes
Casey James – “It’s All Over Now” – He was good. Played electric guitar, Southern Rock version
Lacey Brown – “Ruby Tuesday” – 4 people on strings. Awkward in the beginning, picked up steam.
Andrew Garcia – “Gimme Shelter” – No guitar, LOVED the beginning. The chorus not so much. Too low
Katie Stevens – “Wild Horses” – Sang it straight up. Pretty. Didn’t seem at pageanty. Best Katie performance so far.
Tim Urban – “Under My Thumb” – Least favorite vocal. Reggae arrangement.
Siobhan Magnus – “Paint it Black” – Really good. Very dramatic, Short barbie doll dress combat boots, all in black.
Lee Dewyze – “Beast of Burden” – Radio ready version of the song. A little nervous in the beginning
Paige Miles – “Honky Tonk Woman” – Sounded great. Forgot the words. Didn’t sing the whole song. Didn’t sound sick
Aaron Kelly – “Angie” – Kinda pulled it off. Wasn’t great.
Crystal Bowersox – You Don’t Always Get What You Want” – AWESOME as always. Played guitar. Took it gospelly/Janis Joplin. Beautiful. Moving.

ETA: Andrew would not have been my choice for that song. I think he would have been better doing the song Aaron is doing. I am not looking forward to Aaron's karaoke performance of that song. I think Lee could have chosen a song he could do more with. Like the one Didi is doing. Looking forward to Crystal and Siobhan. Casey, too.

03-16-2010, 11:42 PM
The Stones were, for the most part, a bit before my time and I never really got into their music. I'm not really looking forward to tonight. :blah:

03-17-2010, 12:01 AM
Two hours? Oh, well.

03-17-2010, 12:02 AM
Yea, me too. Not really before my time, but don't really know the songs and don't really care for them. :scream:

03-17-2010, 12:06 AM
Love the Stones. Are we skipping the special guest stars this season? It would have been :rofl: to watch Keith with the contestants.

03-17-2010, 12:07 AM
I'm super excited to see Crystal. That's one of my favourite Stones songs, I think she's going to kill it.

03-17-2010, 12:07 AM
I'm sorry, but I have never understood all the hoopla about the Stones, especially Mick Jagger - he must have some kind of mojo because he is possibly one of the fugliest men on the planet :scream: , and that "swagger" and showmanship that's gushed over ad nauseum is IMO obnoxious posturing that makes Plushenko seem tame by comparison.

...And of course Michael Lynch gets a mention of his family in the package before singing. Did you know he and his wife had a baby recently? :wall:

His rendition of Miss You seems like it's been "Stevie Wonder-ized."

Not bad, if you like this genre of music.

03-17-2010, 12:08 AM
Michael does a good job on Miss You, which sounds nothing like how the Stones did it. He pretty much made it his own, but he can't sing in this style every week.

03-17-2010, 12:08 AM
Big Mike. I like.