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02-12-2010, 09:46 PM
I'm sure the rest of the Villains must have figured that the one person from the most recent season must have been pretty darned cagey to get cast on ASS:HvV, so even without details the rest of them should be looking for his MO right off the bat.

Plus, didn't they all go somewhere together for the pre-final selection? I'm sure there was some talk. Russell sure is desperate to have his genius recognized (esp as it took place right after his first season's final TC) so it wouldn't surprise me if he let on a few secrets to his success.

02-12-2010, 09:54 PM
Tom would have been smart to stick to his orig idea of getting rid of Cirie
What was Cirie's rationale for trying to keep Sugar: "keep the deadweight around so people don't look at me as deadweight"?

02-12-2010, 10:32 PM
What was Cirie's rationale for trying to keep Sugar: "keep the deadweight around so people don't look at me as deadweight"?

Cirie said that Sugar was a follower and that could be beneficial. She also said that Sugar was annoying and it was always good to have someone annoying around (give the tribe a reason to get rid of someone else before they get rid of you).

02-12-2010, 11:27 PM
I'd love for that to happen, just so we can all laugh at her going down in flames for a third time :EVILLE:

Amanda can tell everyone to take her to F2 or F3 for that reason. Hee Hee

02-13-2010, 01:19 AM
Courtney Yates! from China!

She was recruited, knew nothing about Survivor, hated everything, was terrible at all challenges, made friends with Todd, and came in 2nd in the game. She's awesome!!!

Yes, now I remember. I had totally blanked out China.

my little pony
02-13-2010, 05:37 AM
What was Cirie's rationale for trying to keep Sugar: "keep the deadweight around so people don't look at me as deadweight"?

Cirie is more deadweight than Sugar or anyone for that matter.. If she had her way, they would be unable to win a single challenge after they voted off everyone who can do anything better than her.

02-13-2010, 01:31 PM
I missed the previews. Can someone please fill me in?

I'm enjoying it a lot so far, but I really don't like those brutal no-holds-barred physical challenges. I keep thinking someone is going to break an arm or a leg at some point, and I wish they would set more rules or change something!

So glad Sugar is gone though I never liked Cirie for some reason and so was kind of hoping they'd send her home.

02-13-2010, 01:51 PM
Sugar is a follower certainly, but a follower of men, which is of no use to Cirie, Amanda and potentially Parvati.

02-14-2010, 05:51 AM
I have to think that they must have been shown/told something from his season. Parvati and Danielle both seemed to have his number instantly.

One of the biggest complaints about Survivor casting in the past few years has been that Erika Shay, the casting director, casts her friends on the show. Parvati is one of her best friends.

So this was an interesting bit from one of Sugar's interviews:

On Russell and what anybody knew before the season started:

Certain people might have inside people who might know more about what's really going on and they're best friends with people... It's life, it's "Survivor," it's Hollywood. People did know certain things [coughsParvaticoughs].

That's exactly who I was thinking of. She made some comments in an interview during the show that seemed like she knew more about Russell --

Yeah. Well, all they told us, the common players, was that Russell was on the last season, he obviously did something important or big enough for them to bring him back and when he was placed on the Villains team we knew he was a villain and probably went really far in the game. But some other people maybe knew some things...

[At this point, the interview is cut off by CBS]


So IF Parvati has inside information (I don't consider Sugar particularly trustworthy), it doesn't seem as if the others do--although it's funny that Sugar didn't say anything about James knowing Russell. James is a pretty quiet guy, though; he could probably go all season without saying anything.

02-19-2010, 02:15 AM
Bumping for tonight's show.

The Boston Rob thing was overblown. Looks like he just fainted in the jungle and came back in a :kickass: mood. He really is a rockstar.

Not too surprised that Steph was targeted by Rupert the useless and James the bully. :respec: to Colby and Tom for speaking out at tribal. Surprised Steph held her tongue during the 'you outlasted your whole tribe of suck' ranting of James. I'd have turned and asked how many HII's he went home with? :rolleyes:

Next week looks interesting - another physical immunity challenge? I predict lots of hurt feelings.

02-19-2010, 02:20 AM

That was, um, QUITE a tribal council. I don't think I've ever seen such a contentious TC. And it sure doesn't look like things will get better with the Heroes next week.

LOL at Russell thinking he can compete with Rob by catching a chicken. It's actually impressive--chickens are stupid but spearing them takes some talent. Even so, LOL! Build a shelter that works.

Jeff said last season that Survivor needs more women with a viewpoint. Well, Jeff, ya see how welcome that is? That's why women tend to play the UTR game.

What, you thought I would watch lowly men at Olys instead?

02-19-2010, 03:24 AM
Well, I for one, am glad that Stephenie is gone. She is extremely abrasive, and I really don't know why she would be considered a hero. I was glad that James called her out on her bullsh*t. She can't hold her tongue. She couldn't shut up during the challenge and she couldn't keep it quiet during tribal council. I understand the point James was trying to make--I'm sure there was another way to make it, though. And how is Amanda weaker than Cirie? I don't understand Steph's logic in that argument at all. If that was the case, Cirie should have been out before Sugar.

My feelings about Rob have changed. I absolutely wanted his ass out in the beginning. But, he's growing on me and has become more likable. I think marriage and fatherhood has mellowed him. Even though he didn't choose it, he was vulnerable. It made him almost human.

my little pony
02-19-2010, 05:36 AM
they are down 2 tribe members and havent given any real thought to kicking out Cirie, good luck with your merge

02-19-2010, 07:17 AM
I understand the point James was trying to make--I'm sure there was another way to make it, though.

While I think Stephenie is annoying when she opens her mouth, I think James is, too. His reasoning for the boot was :confused: and he can't seem to let anything go any more than Stephenie can.

I did laugh when Stephenie said she was booted because she was a threat. Uh, yeah, Steph, that was it. That's always it when people go against you in this game.

they are down 2 tribe members and havent given any real thought to kicking out Cirie, good luck with your merge

Tom seems to be thinking about her; he wanted her out last week. Something must have shifted in the tribe that we didn't see, because the lines seemed to have changed since last week.

02-19-2010, 02:16 PM
I love this show!

Villains - glad to see y'all are coming round to the Boston Rob love :rollin: and yeah it's possible that marriage and fatherhood have mellowed him, but I for one saw all that back in the Marquesas. He's mouthy, but he's a good, hard working person, and damn smart. Loved when Tyson said "you can rest now" after the challenge, and thought it rather telling when Russell said, "I didn't realize what a strong personality he is." Funny that Russell feels he has to step it up and compete with him, because it appears that Russell, who is also capable of hard work, was sitting back and doing nothing, I guess to attempt to create the mayhem he did last season.

Speaking of Russell's exploits - where did all these chickens come from? Did they actually set a bunch free in the jungle for them to catch?

And how much did we love Tyson's "roll over Rupert's toe"? :lol:

I'll also join those noting that Jerri has changed a lot, and honestly I think I'm kinda liking her. If she can keep Coach from being so annoying, even better.

Heroes - OK James, you are now on probation as one of my favourite players ever. I can see the emotion right after they lost, but he kept on and on and on, and needs to shut up, which it appears he does not do just yet from the previews. His Survivor record is not exactly stellar after all. Interesting that Tom seems to *really* not like him - when one might think they would get along based on work ethic etc. Some north/south prejudices coming into play? Tom being a little snotty as a winner and because of his career?

Does anyone think Cirie and Amanda are purposely distancing themselves from each other? They seemed tight last week, and now suddenly Cirie is off on her own ... and yet not really a target either, which hopefully means that she is working her magic all round, and not just with Candice.

And since when is Amanda deemed a weak player? I recall that in both seasons, she was one of the best challenge players. So is it about rivalry with Stephenie then? If weakness was the issue, then Cirie and Rupert should go first, despite his giantlike strength, because he's otherwise not much of a contributor. They have plenty of other muscle men.

I'm very annoyed though that this early, only women were targets last night. No talk of getting rid of future challenge threats, millionaires, very popular players, known charmers, and people who could easily have some supporters/partners on the other team at merge time.

I guess it's too early for a Cirie to say, "hey girls - the men are voting out one of us, so while they split between Amanda and Steph, why don't we vote one of their asses out with our 4 votes?" Plus, as we've seen, other than Parvati, no one has been able to get a women's alliance going. We need to see more of Parvati and see what she's thinking.

And random note - I love JT. :)