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03-22-2010, 12:16 AM
I was trying to think of what the last scene reminded me of and I have just remembered - Alias. There was a very similar scene in Alias.

03-22-2010, 10:02 AM
I liked the twist where the terrorists didn't just blow up CTU but took out all their computers and communications. I will be interested to see the DVD for this season to see if there's any behind the scenes stuff about that. When they blew up CTU several "days" ago, they really did blow up the set, and did it in such a way that it was still safe to work on.

03-25-2010, 08:05 AM
Wow. I thought the insider could have been the probation officer, I didn't think it was Dana.

LOVE Chloe, "I'm not good with praise". :lol:

03-25-2010, 10:35 AM
I'm pretty good at suspending logic for the sake of entertainment, but how in the world did Dana get a security clearance to work at CTU? Between cavorting with terrorists and the sleazy background, surely there was some kind of red flag.

03-25-2010, 01:30 PM
There's always a CTU mole. :lol: They must have the worst security clearance in the world. At least that gives a reason for her presence on the show as the sleazy ex-bf storyline was a deadend.

03-25-2010, 01:55 PM
I thought the change in Dana's role was pretty lame. It felt forced. So far, she's been pretty wimpy, and suddenly she's all macho and active?

I agree about the security clearance issues, unless the country she's working for have some kickass ability to falsify documents and backgrounds... and I'm not buying that.

The security checks to work for a place like the CIA or etc. are extensive. They actually go talk to people from your background, in person. They'll interview your highschool friends. I have no idea how this character could have gotten around that kind of background check.

And I totally do not believe that in a high security facility like CTU, that parole officer would have been able to leave his conference room and wander, as he did. Even in my old company, which was merely medical devices with government contracts, that could not happen. It literally wasn't possible for a guest to leave and wander without causing immediate notice.

03-27-2010, 12:46 PM
Tick, tick... time's up for TV drama 24

Fox announced on Friday that its action-packed real-time show starring Kiefer Sutherland as anti-terrorism agent Jack Bauer will wind down at the end of its current eighth season on May 24.

Inevitable, but :(

03-27-2010, 01:57 PM
Actually, there's been talk that one of the other networks might pick up the show.

03-27-2010, 04:01 PM
:(:( I thought it might go one more year.

03-27-2010, 05:51 PM
I hope another network picks it up for a final season. As good as parts of this one has been so far, it doesn't feel satisfying for being a "final" season (mostly because of the Dana storyline).

That said, Chloe rocks! :)

03-27-2010, 06:16 PM
There's also some talk about a movie franchise. Which would be great.

03-27-2010, 07:17 PM
I'd already reported that the show was ending this season, back in another "24" thread*. I actually found it odd that this official announcement came so much later than my knowledge of the event. I'm not normally that tied in! :lol:

They've said that they plan to do films.

*Or I *thought* that I had. I could swear I did, but now I can't find that thread! I thought I posted it here, but maybe I only told my husband.

03-27-2010, 10:47 PM
I heard that NBC may pick up 24.

03-28-2010, 03:55 AM
Way to go Chloe! She DOES have guts!

03-28-2010, 02:39 PM
They've said that they plan to do films.

Oh, no, does that mean the movies will be 24 hours long?:lol: Or instead of "24" will the movie be called "2?" :lol: That said, I would love to see 24 on the big screen!