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01-31-2010, 11:01 PM
W/the second day of the Scotties well under way in the Soo, I thought I'd start the thread. :)

First off though...Congratulations to both Ontario Junior Teams on winning the National Junior Championships last weekend. Also wish them both the best of luck at Junior Worlds in a few weeks!!

You know...As much as I adore the coverage we get from TSN, I'm not liking it as much as usual. Why? Well, because my Parents often go up to the Soo and have taken up all of his stuff and machine for Dialysis twice in the past year. We have a place to stay at w/my Cousin Gloria. I know she'd love to go, but would never have bought the tickets for herself, she would have gone though if someone had tickets that ended up not being able to used though.

So she could have gone to the Morning Draw w/my Dad and then come back to the house, pick me up and use Dad's tickets for the Afternoon Draw while he took a nap and then the Evening Draw depending on how Dad was feeling. If he wasn't feeling like it, she could come back w/me for the Evening Draw. We were actually *talking* about doing that very thing in the Summer, but then Dad decided it would be too much hassle to have to bring up all his Dialysis stuff and machine. Not sure why, since they've done it four times last year, (twice w/the way it's done before the patients who do the type of Dialysis Dad does go on the Cycler Machine and then twice once he got the Machine) but...

Even though Mom, Gloria and I all did our best to talk him into it...Even my Cousin Lois, who has been a Dialysis Nurse at the unit in Sudbury since it first was formed, thought it was a fantastic idea and tried to convince Dad it was doable, but he didn't think so. In the end though, he's ended up developing a hernia thanks to him being a stubborn old goat ( ;) ) and doing things he's not supposed to...Like using the Snowblower and also lifting heavy things and...

So we wouldn't have been able to go in the end, but...It still hurts a bit knowing they're so close to us and we *could* have gone. :( Know what I mean? It's such a fun week too. If you're a Curling fan and you haven't, you really do need to attend a Scotties or a Brier someday. Such a blast and a half!!

Anyway...Some interesting games so far. Big thing at the moment though seems to be that some teams are having a hard time figuring out the ice. It's so straight, they're overthrowing the rocks...If I understand Ray, Vic and Linda right that is.

Very entertaining game so far between the Ladies from La Belle Province and Kelly Scott and the girls from BC. Too bad the rock didn't stick for her two, but that last shot by the Skip from Quebec was still a pretty good one. Really surprised by Jeanna Schrader's numbers though.

I can't ever remember her having such a low set of percentages across the board before. I know everyone has an "off game", but she's just been *so* consistant over the years that it's a wee bit surprising.

It's also Sandra Schimler Day at the Scotties and if you can, call in and donate to what's a very worthwhile cause. W/money so tight these days and our Health Care system being what it is, our NICU's need all the help they can get to go out and buy the equipment needed to help the Preemies that come into their Units.

BTW...I *love* the new pin they're all wearing and people pledging $100 will be recieving. It's really gorgeous.

Only other thing I can think of to add is...What a shot Amber Holland made to win the car and become the 2010 Scotties Ford Hot Shot!!! She's just beaming in the shot of her in her new car honking the horn and w/that beauty she made, Amber's more than w/in her right to be beaming. :D

Skate Talker
02-01-2010, 03:35 PM
Wow - such enthusiasm. I am watching little bits and pieces as my time allows.

02-01-2010, 04:45 PM
I'm trying to get my internet improved (to wireless from satellite) so that I can stream some things like curling on the internet. TSN has been carrying most of the curling on TV this year, and I don't get it.

I followed the Juniors on the internet, but their score updating was not very prompt.

pat c
02-03-2010, 08:16 PM
I've been watching off and on. I agree that the percentages are very low this year. Are they calculating them differently or is it just the year?

pat c
02-03-2010, 09:56 PM
I can't believe how PEI is really turning out to be the major spoiler in the hearts. :lol:

Good for them.

And NWT, giant killer. Wow. Good for them too.

02-04-2010, 12:38 AM

Can't answer the question about percentages, because I just don't know.

One thing I'm really shocked by and so is my Dad, is how badly Jeanna Schreder of BC is playing. Over all the years we've seen Kelly Scott and the girls, I've never seen Jeanna's play so down. Even her easy shots are either not being made or just barely being made. Just so odd to see.

Oh and who else was feeling a little better about their own Curling skills when Kelly made that looooooong guard the other night? I was laughing right along w/her, because those were *my* speciality shots when I curled in HS. :D Threw lead, but was Vice because thanks to my knees, I usually ended up leaving looooooong guards like that. When they made it across the Hog line that is. :D I was great at helping out my Skip when it came to game play though, so that's why I was actually Vice. :)

An awful lot of teams at 4 and 5 losses going into Tonight's Draw. Going to be an interesting last few Draws to see how it all shakes down for Playoff play.

pat c
02-04-2010, 02:59 AM
I've never seen such so/so curling at the hearts. There's usually one rink that comes out ahead of the pack. And yes, I'm beginning to think I wasn't that bad at curling seeing what's going on this weekend.

But what about Man's third? Man that girl has form and style, and she usually make sher shots. I'm impressed with her.

02-05-2010, 07:32 AM
Mmmhmmm...She has been really impressive this week.

Well, well, well...We have Tie Breakers after all. The one thing I'd remind Krista McCarville is that Jennifer Jones has had to go the Tie Breaker route to her last two Hearts Titles, so it *can* be done!! Oh and for those wondering over just how much support there is for Team Ontario, it's not just because it's "our" team since there's no Team Northern Ontario at the Scotties.

Earlier in the week during what passes for our "local news" from Sudbury, a fluff piece revealed that Tara George, Team Ontario's Third, was born and raised in the Soo. She was laughing that as soon as they'd clinched the Ontario Scotties and called her Parents to tell them they'd gotten to the Scotties, the rush was on for all the Family to try and get tickets. :D

So for those wondering, there's your answer to why Tara's shots sometimes get louder applause/reaction than entire teams have been getting this week. :D Oh and did everyone see wee Bella, Krista's little baby girl? She looked so cute in her little toque and sweater and in Daddy's arms tonight. :)

Was surprised to see Cheryl Bernard and the girls there tonight though. I understand them wanting to get some practice on Arena Ice before the Olympics, but to come all the way to the Soo from Alberta for that? Obviously they've probally got Sponsor Obligations too, but it just really struck me as being very odd for them to be here now.

It was great to see that the Skip of PEI from the 2001 Hearts in Sudbury is back at a Northern Ontario Scotties as an Alternate. They were the "Cinderella Team" that week too and Shelley had dared the other teams to try and catch em after PEI had won their sixth game mid week.

The Flu caught em instead. They still made the Playoffs, but didn't make it out their Playoff Game. I've never felt as sorry for an Athlete at an event I was attending as a Fan as I did for Shelley during their final Round Robin Game. To this day, I can see her in my mind's eye literally weaving and wobbling down the Sheet and her the same colour as the ice they were playing on.

After the week they'd had until the Bug nailed them, they were playing *so* well too. It would be wonderful if the current Team PEI playing in Northern Ontario became the first team from the Island to win the Scotties when it comes to Shelley. Kind of a full circle kind of a thing. :)

pat c
02-06-2010, 03:03 PM
I'm hoping for McCarville. Jones has had some good opportunities and gone to worlds 3x?
So I think it's someone else's turn. I think PEI have done really well. I look forward to seeing them next year. I don't think they'll win it this year, but I could be wrong. ;)

02-06-2010, 06:54 PM
Jones was also 4th 2 of the 3 times she went to Worlds so it is not like her odds to do great if she goes to Worlds are even that high either. I am sorry to say I find them an overrated, often lucky, and obnoxious team on the whole. Definitely hoping for 1 of the other 3 remaining teams all who are great stories in their own way to win instead.

Dave of the North
02-06-2010, 11:13 PM
When the PEI skip missed that chance for 3 in the second, I knew it wasn't going to be happening that game. They have another chance tonight.

Meanwhile the men are in their provincial playdowns: Lots of familiar names might beat the Brier:
Robert Campbell will be in the PEI final,
Brad Gushue will be in the NL final,
Glenn Howard will be in the ON final,
Kevin Koe and Randy Ferbey are in a semifinal in Alberta.
In NB Terry Odishaw will be in the final, and Rick Perron (Grant Odishaw at 3rd) and James Grattan (Russ Howard's son Steve at third) will be in the semi final. BC: Sean Geall is in the final, while Bob Ursel is in a semi.

(Genealogy note: Kevin Champion is the third on Robert Campbell's team. Although I've never met him, he's my second cousin once removed, 4th cousin once removed, 5th cousin two different ways, 6th cousins two different ways, and 6th cousin once removed 3 different ways...:P) PEI is a small place...

ETA - actually it is Rod MacDonald in the PEI final, with Kevin Champion at third. Robert Campbell is in the semi-final.

02-07-2010, 12:50 AM
Of the teams left I would like to see McCarville win. IMO she is a young and talented team and has been building to something like this. I would be happy for PEI too who are a great underdog story. As long as it is not Jones (ugh) I will be very happy, though I know it could well end up being her (and if it is I predict her finishing 4th at Worlds as usual).

Dave of the North
02-07-2010, 03:27 AM
:cheer2: PEI! :cheer2:

(though I don't why they didn't throw their first two rocks through the rings in the last end)

pat c
02-07-2010, 03:48 AM
Good lord.

02-07-2010, 04:33 AM
Go PEI GO!! What a win it would be if they can pull it off. I certainly will be cheering for them.