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01-09-2010, 05:31 AM
Jay's cousin is on the Boise State team, and we are soooo excited to see her compete this season. WOOHOO!

01-09-2010, 05:34 AM
#24 Michigan State defeated #11 Penn State (by 0.025 :eek: ) and #21 West Virginia tonight! Bars and beam scored low across the board.. hit routines were getting a 9.6 or lower. Signs that it's the beginning of the season, I guess. MSU broke a 49.0 on the floor without their 3 biggest scorers on that event! Gotta be quite a confidence boost for the team right out of the gate (last season they counted 4 falls on the beam in the first meet of the season :yikes: )

Gonna be an exciting season!

01-09-2010, 03:27 PM
Yesterday's results:
Alabama 195.650 @ Auburn 195.200
Ohio State 190.650 @ Missouri 194.725
Penn State 193.900 @ Michigan State 193.925 w/ Western Virginia 191.225 & Western Michigan 189.525
Wisconsin-Stout 173.675 @ Iowa State 193.300
Maryland 190.625 @ LSU 194.375
Florida 195.275 @ Oklahoma 196.250
Nebraska 195.700 @ Washington 193.450
Illinois 192.850 @ Oregon State 195.625 w/ Air Force 184.475 & Alaska 183.475

Today's meets and live stats links:
6pm EST - Iowa @ Michigan w/ Bowling Green (http://umgym.com/current-season/meet-results/?meet_id=2), also free video (http://all-access.cbssports.com/player.html?code=mich&media=160938)
7pm EST - Utah @ UCLA (http://www.uclabruins.com/sports/w-gym/sched/ucla-w-gym-sched.html), also free video (http://all-access.cbssports.com/player.html?code=ucla&media=160617)
8pm - Arizona @ Arkansas (http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=11564&SPID=682&DB_OEM_ID=6100&ATCLID=204862688)

Also today:
1pm - New Hampshire @ Rutgers, check New Hampshire's (http://www.unhwildcats.com/sports/gymnastics/index) official page for potential stats
7pm - Denver @ Minnesota, check Denver (http://www.denverpioneers.com/SportSelect.dbml?&&DB_OEM_ID=18600&SPID=10867&SPSID=90225) or Minnesota's (http://www.denverpioneers.com/SportSelect.dbml?&&DB_OEM_ID=18600&SPID=10867&SPSID=90225) official pages for potential stats

01-09-2010, 10:51 PM
I went to the LSU/Maryland meet last night. Well, we left after the 2nd rotation because it was a real snooze of a meet, IMO. I don't blame the girls but this is the first time I've ever been to a season opener and it was just really REALLY obvious that this was the girls first meet out.

I can't comment on beam or floor so I will stick to vault and bars.

Vault: I have to wonder what LSUs game plan is with vault? They vaulted two girls with a Yurchenko laid out (9.8 start value). Lyons was one of them and I know she is capable of a full but coming back from her ankle injury they probably decided to play it safe and get a vault under her belt. The real question for me is Summer Hubbard. She has never vaulted, AFAIK, and I read on one of the LSU blogs that she is hoping to compete a 9.9 vault. That is not acceptable from a top 6 finishing team, all vaults must be out of a 10.000 so I have to wonder if she is just filling in for an injured athlete, if they think she will actually have a 10 vault within a few weeks, or do we just have zero depth in vault? I wont pretend it is easy but a Yurchenko full is a staple vault for these girls, I can't believe LSU doesn't have 6 girls who can do that vault. I know LSU lost one girl to a knee injury and she is probably out all season. Another girl is out because of some kind of NCAA rule, when she is given the go ahead to compete I heard she will be AA so hopefully she will vault.

Bars: LSU looked good. Hubbard fell on her release but it is the first time out there this year, no big deal. Handstands weren't there yet but some of them were hit nicely. Dismounts looked good minus the one fall, I can't remember who fell now but it was on a double front, LSU has 3 girls doing that dismount. I was happy to see Rogers doing bars, she is really turning into a rock for LSU as a lead off gymnast. Her vault won the night with a stuck landing as LSU's first routine of the season. Hopefully a good omen.

I have to admit, things do not look good for LSU after this year. Every year we have had a star or two on the team. I think all of the girls on the team are very good but none of them are capable of pulling in big scores across more than 1 or 2 events. Jackson can do it this year on all 4 events. Last year she and ACK could do it on all 4 events. Next year it will be like having a team of specialists and no one sticks out as extremely consistent. I don't mean to sound glum but LSU needs to do some key recruiting.

ETA: I found this article which answers a LOT of my questions. Puts me at ease a bit but clearly depth is a problem but mid season we will get Ericka Garcia in action!


01-11-2010, 03:53 PM
Brian - what did you think of the MD team? Anyone to watch? We just don't hear much about them here in MD so I assume there is not much to talk about, but I'd be interested in your honest impressions. (I follow other Terp sports, but not gymn, so don't worry about honesty!)

01-11-2010, 07:44 PM
I thought MD looked really good for a team I knew nothing about and for the first meet of the season. Again, I only saw their bars and vault. There was one girl on the team who stood out for me on those two events, Abigail Adams.

01-11-2010, 09:24 PM
Thanks Brian. Maybe I will check out a meet this year.

01-13-2010, 07:01 PM
Here's the rankings after the first weekend of competition. They're pretty much meaningless since it's so early, but you can at least get a sense as to what events certain teams are capable of.

Team Total:
1 UCLA 196.600
2 Oklahoma, U. of 196.250
3 Nebraska, U. of 195.700
4 Alabama, U. of 195.650
5 Oregon State 195.625
6 Denver, U. of 195.575
7 Arkansas, U. of 195.400
8 Florida, U. of 195.275
9 Auburn Univ. 195.200
10 Georgia, U. of 195.150
11 Utah, U. of 195.125
12 Stanford Univ. 195.050
13 Michigan, U. of 194.875
14 Kentucky, U. of 194.850
15 Missouri, U. of 194.725
16 L.S.U. 194.375
17 Michigan State 193.925
18 Penn State 193.900
19 Washington, U. of 193.450
20 Minnesota, U. of 193.375
21 Iowa State 193.300
22 Iowa, U. of 193.200
23 Illinois-Champaign 192.850
24 San Jose State 191.800
25 West Virginia Univ. 191.225

1 Florida, U. of 49.300
2 UCLA 49.275
3 Alabama, U. of 49.150
4 Georgia, U. of 49.125
- Stanford Univ. 49.125
6 Nebraska, U. of 49.000
7 Oklahoma, U. of 48.950
8 Kentucky, U. of 48.925
9 Penn State 48.900
- Oregon State 48.900
11 Michigan State 48.875
12 Missouri, U. of 48.825
13 Illinois-Champaign 48.800
14 Auburn Univ. 48.775
15 L.S.U. 48.725

1 Oregon State 49.400
2 Arkansas, U. of 49.200
3 UCLA 49.175
- Michigan, U. of 49.175
- Oklahoma, U. of 49.175
6 Denver, U. of 48.975
7 Auburn Univ. 48.925
8 Georgia, U. of 48.850
- Utah, U. of 48.850
10 Alabama, U. of 48.825
11 Nebraska, U. of 48.750
12 Iowa, U. of 48.725
- Stanford Univ. 48.725
- Missouri, U. of 48.725
15 Kentucky, U. of 48.675

1 Nebraska, U. of 49.050
2 Oklahoma, U. of 49.025
3 Denver, U. of 49.000
4 Georgia, U. of 48.950
5 Auburn Univ. 48.925
- Alabama, U. of 48.925
7 Arkansas, U. of 48.900
- UCLA 48.900
9 Florida, U. of 48.875
10 Utah, U. of 48.775
11 Minnesota, U. of 48.550
12 Washington, U. of 48.475
13 Missouri, U. of 48.450
14 Iowa, U. of 48.425
15 Oregon State 48.400

1 UCLA 49.250
2 Oklahoma, U. of 49.100
3 Michigan State 49.050
4 L.S.U. 48.975
5 Florida, U. of 48.925
- Arkansas, U. of 48.925
- Oregon State 48.925
- Stanford Univ. 48.925
9 Nebraska, U. of 48.900
- Utah, U. of 48.900
- Denver, U. of 48.900
12 West Virginia Univ. 48.875
13 Kentucky, U. of 48.850
- Washington, U. of 48.850
15 Michigan, U. of 48.825

01-13-2010, 08:40 PM
As usual, LSU is best (not of all, but the best events for them) on vault and floor. I think they will do well on bars as well and that should keep them in the 5-10 range this year depending just how well they do.

I have read on two separate occasions where the LSU staff has referred to Engle's bar routine as the best in the Nation. I really like Engle but her bar routine is the same as it has always been. Why is it suddenly the best? She does a Khorkina release and a double front dismount. Nothing else really stands out. Maybe she is throwing a 2nd release in practice to add in later in the season? For having the best bar routine, they only had her 2nd or 3rd in the bars lineup last week. She has a lot of consistency issues so maybe they are trying to give her a big confidence boost...

01-13-2010, 11:32 PM
Going to be at the Boise State meet in Reno this weekend....expect reports. Maybe even live if there's WiFi at the venue and I can twitter on my Ipod Touch.....

01-13-2010, 11:41 PM
So nice to see UCLA off to such a good start. They're due for another NCAA title, I think it'll happen in the next couple of years for them, if not this year (hopefully)! :cheer2:

01-14-2010, 12:32 AM
I agree, Karpenko, I think they are building a great team. :)

01-15-2010, 08:10 PM
Tonight's meets and live stats links:

7:00 EST - Utah State @ Central Michigan, check CMU's homepage (http://www.cmuchippewas.com/SportSelect.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=10500&SPID=4202&SPSID=46392) for possible stats
7:00 EST - Rutgers at NC State (http://www.gopack.com/fls/9200/live/gym/NCS20100115.htm?SPSID=41774&SPID=3716&DB_OEM_ID=9200)
7:00 EST - Temple @ Maryland, w/ Cornell & Bridgeport, check Maryland's homepage (http://www.umterps.com/sports/w-gym/sched/md-w-gym-sched.html) for possible stats
7:00 EST - #7 Arkansas @ #8 Florida (http://www.gatorzone.com/gymnastics/live/?id=8483)
8:00 EST - #2 Oklahoma @ #9 Auburn (http://auburntigers.cstv.com/livestats/w-gym/20100115.html)
8:00 EST - Southeast Missouri @ Illinois State, check Illinois State's homepage (http://www.goredbirds.com/sports/w-gym/sched/ilsu-w-gym-sched.html) for possible stats
8:00 EST - #17 Michigan State @ #22 Iowa, w/ Illinois-Chicago (http://live.iowagymnastics.com/)
8:00 EST - #23 Illinois @ #3 Nebraska w/ #20 Minnesota (http://www.huskers.com/liveStats/liveStats.dbml)
8:30 EST - #10 Georgia @ #4 Alabama (http://www.gymtide.com/current_season/2010/scores/01/index.php)
9:00 EST - Iowa State @ Utah (http://utahutes.cstv.com/livestats/gym/index.html), additionally free video (http://all-access.cbssports.com/player.html?code=utah&media=161710)!
10:00 EST - Lady Luck Invitational - Arizona State, #14 Kentucky, #16 LSU, and #15 Missouri, check LSU's homepage (http://www.lsusports.net/SportSelect.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=5200&KEY=&SPID=2171&SPSID=27855) for possible stats, additionally free audio (http://www.lsusports.net/liveEvents/liveEvents.dbml?ATCLID=204869154&SPSID=27855&SPID=2171&DB_LANG=C&DB_OEM_ID=5200)
10:00 EST - Flips Invitational - Boise State, Sacramento State, #24 San Jose State (http://www.broncosports.com/fls/9900/stats/gym/2010/20100115.htm?SPSID=48576&SPID=4064&DB_OEM_ID=9900)
10:00 EST - #1 UCLA @ #19 Washington (http://www.gohuskies.com/livestats/w-gym/20100115.htm), additionally free video (http://all-access.cbssports.com/player.html?code=wash&media=161022)!
10:00 EST - UC Davis @ Seattle Pacific, free video (http://www.pennatlantic.com/main.php?module=event-detail&eventId=16446)!
11:00 EST - Towson @ Alaska, free video (http://www.pennatlantic.com/main.php?tableName=event&fileName=results&recordId=&module=event-results&orderBy=&searchIt=yes&sport=0&month=0&day=01&year=2007&conferenceId=0&schoolId=94)!

01-15-2010, 11:30 PM
The Lady Luck Invitational should be fun because it has 3 very closely ranked teams even if they are middle of the pack at the moment. I think LSU is the clear favorite but if they are still building people towards 10 SV vaults and such then any one of those teams, or all of them, can beat them. I hate when meets are out West, I don't want to wait that long! lol

ETA: Found this very informative update from LSU: http://lsugymnastics.blogspot.com/

Lyons has sprained her ankle again but it is not the one she has always had trouble with, out at least 3 weeks. E. Garcia looks cleared to compete beginning mid Feb. Big relief and not that late into the season at all, she should be comfortable come post season. I've heard good things about her and we need her, LSU's depth has never been like this with injuries and such.

I'm trying to find out what they are talking about when they mention Maryland coaching staff having poor sportsmanship. I was at the meet last week but left after the 2nd rotation. Very curious about that one...

Fridgebreak, if you want to add this link, it will have updates, there will be no live scoring. www.twitter.com/lsugym There will be live audio from the Geaux Zone which I believe is free but may require registering.

01-16-2010, 03:36 AM
Georgia lost to Bama, don't have exact scores but UGA had some issues.

LSU scores 49.375 on vault at their meet! 9.9 for Lee (wasnt even originally in the vault line up) and Sabrina and a 9.95 for Jackson! Jackson usually doesn't go for sticks until well later in the season, she must be feeling confident, she is usually horrified of vault despite being so good. It is a great score but most importantly it is .550 higher than last week which puts them in good position to improve their team score/ranking.