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07-26-2009, 10:35 PM
Thank you, Screech! I am forever in your debt for that link!

I've said it once, I'll say it again. I love this show too much!

07-26-2009, 10:37 PM
The trailer really got me excited for the rest of the season :) I'm over halfway through the first book, as well. I don't want to read the book before it happens on TV though, so I probably won't move on to the next book after I'm done with this one, yet.

07-27-2009, 12:49 AM
hee hee... only 1 hour 15 minutes until I start to fanwank

I sincerely hope there's more action this time around :drama:

Hey look--there's an Eric/Sookie smiley on FSU ->:bk1:

07-27-2009, 01:10 AM
Another good way to get info and updates on the show (like the fact that you can now order a Tru Blood orange flavour pop through the HBO website in the Tru Blood bottles) is to join the official fan page on Facebook.

There's some awesome info on the show out there that I would never otherwise come across. I try not to read spoilery things though, even though I've read all 9 books 2+ times. But I will read interviews just for small things or to hear what's going on. And it's awesome to have a group here that I can share my fangbangerness with!

07-27-2009, 02:07 AM
Yep I'm already a fan on facebook :D

07-27-2009, 02:15 AM
I've been robbed of Bubba. I fear I'll be robbed of Eric. Oh the inhumanity. :drama:

Just watching videos from Comic Con, and Alan Ball said he can't see a way of putting Bubba into the show and having it really work. Because in the book you can imagine he really is Elvis, but on the show it's just an Elvis impersonator, but it works really well in the books. Lots of audience disappointment there. But I kind of see what he's getting at.

Alan also said that though it hasn't officially been announced, it should be soon, that they're getting a season 3. Some of the things from the book that he said he's interested and excited to do:
- the werewolf world
- the Mississippi vampires
- Debbie Pelt

Cutest question from the audience was for Alexander: "Pink spandex, yes or no?" He held out his leg, pulled up his pants to reveal bright red and blue socks. Alan also kind of revealed there wouldn't be a pink spandex scene, but said 'but maybe you've changed my mind!'

Pretty much every question was for Alexander. You can tell who the favourite is!

Another cute one was asking about changing from Swedish to English, and he kind of twisted it and said if Comi Con was in sweden, this conference would be taking place in a barn with about 35 people, and about 25 would be called Skarsgard.

From Deborah (Jessica) the rubber fangs they sometimes use tend to fly out of their mouths when they talk too quickly, which is embarassing when you're trying to be cool and immortal. They used to use hard ones that were very sharp. Stephen said that most of Season 1 he had tiny indents on his bottom lip because of the sharpness and said that they were 'really sharp' to which Anna coyly added 'yes they are...' (which got a lot of cheers from the audience, and laughs from the cast). Stephen replied (kind of embarassed looking) 'I make no comment.'

I officially love Deborah. She said she hopes she and Jim Parrick (Hoyt) get to have a relationship and said that she loves his work and that 'he's really talented and should be here at this table.' (only main cast members were at the table). So that was kind of sweet, she said it kind of sadly.

Anyways, just my musings from watching the videos.

Oh, and Rutina Wesley (Tara) looks absolutely gorgeous with her hair relaxed and makeup on. The clothes and hair on the show don't do her justice!

And Anna and Stephen were kind of lovey (she kept kind of moving in to him, gazing at him adoringly, etc). It was cute.

07-27-2009, 04:16 AM
Loved when Hoyt showed up at Jessica's hotel room.....with wilted flowers. The look on both their faces when they see each other just makes me all tingley. And I'm not a romantic in any sense of the word. ;)

Does Lorena know Bill turned Jessica yet? Jessica was his first ever.

07-27-2009, 04:27 AM
I don't think people can complain about the season moving slowly any more. I'm still trying to get my head across everything that happened in this episode.

07-27-2009, 12:38 PM
I don't think people can complain about the season moving slowly any more. I'm still trying to get my head across everything that happened in this episode.

No, but I can now move on to complaining about the preview they showed immediately after. I don't think it was necessary for them to reveal Sam having a post-Mary Ann debrief with Daphne (I didnt' expect him to die, but it would have been nice had they left him out of the previews altogether) and showing us exactly which vampire sold out Godric. (Unless it's a tease and it really is someone else. But I doubt it)

A shout-out to the Terry/Lafayette scene that got overshadowed by a host of other "thrills" the episode had. I found it endearing that tough Terry took a moment to do his version of redneck therapy with Lafayette.

07-27-2009, 04:34 PM
A rapt audience of thousands roared when stars Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgård said that their love triangle will heat up in the second half of the current season, with Moyer promising that his Bill will be "fighting harder" for Sookie’s increasingly Eric-attracted heart. When Ball was asked if the romance will follow the arc of Harris’ novels, the producer paused and then answered with just, “Yes.” It was hard to know if he was serious or kidding—but most interpreted it as serious.



I'm glad the plan is to follow the books on this one. I love that storyline!

07-27-2009, 07:36 PM
Well, an interesting episode. My whole post is spoilery if you haven't seen the episode yet...

Lafayette's PTSD was intense, and loved Terry's comforting him - so nice to see this side of Terry. I wonder if Lafayette will confinde in him in any way? And why does Eric want Lafayette to sell V again... and whose blood is he selling?

So, anyone else think that Lorena was raping Bill? I thought that Jessica was going to head into the room and see them (but was much happier that she had her Hoyt time). Loved Hoyt standing up to his mom.

That flashback sex with Bill and Lorena was definitely insane. In other people's blood after you kill them? Getting all hot in that situation? But it was kind of great to see how Bill used to be before he 'found his humanity' again. He really has come a long way!

And Stephen Moyer has a great singing voice! (Though his French accent was cringe-worthy. Couldn't they have made them British?)

Still love how Jason keeps trying to push away Sarah, but she won't let him. And also love how Jason and the Luke-inator are friends again. I guess Jason's helping him with the fence mended the fences (pardon the pun).

We knew that they were going to go the Eric/Sookie route, but they made Eric's interest seem too abrupt IMO. One episode he says he's intrigued, then all of a sudden he hires Lorena to break Bill and Sookie up because he wants her?

WTF was up with that Tara/Eggs expedition? And did they ever get the water heater? I think this is the first time we've seen Tara's eyes get all goopy at a Maryann party, and, well, we saw the effects - she and Eggs at the orgy.

And Sam. Sucks that the one person he's had honest sex with wasn't having honest sex with him. We now know that Daphne was the 'big ass Paul Bunyon pig' Tara saw, and now Andy kind of figures it as well. So that must have been her at that orgy we saw drinking wine with goopy eyes

07-27-2009, 08:01 PM
And why does Eric want Lafayette to sell V again... and whose blood is he selling?

To trap pussylover in Dallas, who, no doubt, will be someone at the Newlins' church--maybe even the Rev himself?

The story still moved too slowly for my tastes and that is because Ball is trying to tell 3 different stories all in one hour. Maybe things will speed up a bit story-wise once the Church/Sookie story line starts to become entwined.

Wallowing in gore sex while your victim slowly expires beside you is just ewwwww... but so surreal that it didn't bother me that much to see it on screen.

Ho hum... another orgy. This time they're all GRUNTING like PIGS. Foreshadowing? Methinks so. Crushed a bit for Sam who can't catch a break with the ladies. Betchya that knife is due for Daphne who will be a sacrificial pig!

Yay for Hoyt growing a pair or two and standing up to Momma.

Sookie is stooopid. She and her big blabbery mouth wouldn't let Hugo get a word in edgewise during the Newlin meet and greet. Her own verbal diarrhea was her downfall. A smart telepath would have shut up more and listened.

Quibble with the make up: why oh why do Bill and Eric have pasty skins and red-rimmed eyes when all the other vamps have normal coloring? Is this deliberate or merely a case of make up artists gone wild? Inquiring minds want to know.

07-27-2009, 08:01 PM
Goodness. I haven't watched the episode yet(going to watch it when I get home), and i don't mind spoilers.....sounds like I have a lot to watch!

07-27-2009, 08:41 PM
Big-ass Paul Bunyon pig :rofl:

I too wondered what's Eric's game with Layfayette. I <3 Pam.

In the books, Eric had nothing to do with Lorena's calling Bill to heal. He actually bonded with Sookie during the whole rescuing Bill episode in Mississippi. Of course, he's intrigued by her fairy blood, but he doesn't know that yet.

If I see another orgy of the Bon Tempe residents, I'm going to scream. The book just glossed over all this leaving it up to the imagination until our intrepid heros return from Big D and Eric and Bill do a clean up operation. Wonder if they'll still do that or if Sam will save the town from MaryAnn's evil clutches?

07-27-2009, 09:06 PM
In the books Eric was interested in Sookie from the start - it was he who killed Longshadow in the books for trying to kill Sookie, not Bill, and he tries to sleep with her right from the start. On the show it just seems so sudden.

So I'm thinking that they're going to deviate from the books a bit for the whole Lorena thing (as they've already started). My guess is that this will take place of the torture stuff from book 3, though it seems she's already forced Bill to have sex with her (as happened in the books). So I'm thinking they won't do the whole computer database storyline, though I don't know what their purpose for going to Mississippi in season 3 will be then (and Alan has said he's looking forward to exploring the Mississippi vamps).

Speaking of Lorena, anyone else notice the actress's name has been added to the opening credits? Seems she'll be a fixture for the rest of the season.