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11-09-2010, 08:08 PM
Hee hee, anyone else want to see Eric as a male model?

Um, YES! :lol: In the books he's Mr. January in the annual Fangtasia calendar that he sends Sookie - and apparently it's supposed to be deliberately very cheesy. I'd luv to see ASkars do that scene, white fur, knee bent pose and all :rofl:

11-09-2010, 11:47 PM
I think that might be a joke, I would say 90% of the Swedish population wouldn't know what an Albanian speaking Swedish would sound like. It might be "sounds vaguely Eastern European", although I don't think Hyde comes across as Eastern European, he just sounds like he's got one hell of a speech impediment.
I kind of love Allan's normal accent. IIRC, he's Danish, though one of his parents is from England. And I believe he's said that his weird accent is one of the reasons he was cast as Godric - you couldn't really pinpoint his origins.

Um, YES! :lol: In the books he's Mr. January in the annual Fangtasia calendar that he sends Sookie - and apparently it's supposed to be deliberately very cheesy. I'd luv to see ASkars do that scene, white fur, knee bent pose and all :rofl:
Just an FYI, Ben Stiller has said that a script is in the works for Zoolander 2, which is supposed to take place with him and Hansel as washed up 40ish models trying to make a comeback. Anyone else hoping they have a flashback to Zoolander with his roommates? Or Meekus as a vision guiding him? Or Meekus having had an evil twin? Seriously, they'd be idiots not to use Alex considering how his star has risen.

11-10-2010, 09:04 AM
I kind of love Allan's normal accent. IIRC, he's Danish, though one of his parents is from England. And I believe he's said that his weird accent is one of the reasons he was cast as Godric - you couldn't really pinpoint his origins.

Oh, I don't mind his accent in English, it's just his Swedish that sounds really weird.

11-12-2010, 03:50 AM
Another casting spoiler: (http://www.trueblood-news.com/courtney-ford-cast-as-portia-bellefleur)
Courtney Ford has been cast as Portia Bellefleur. I wonder how they're going to incorporate her. I expected them to do so in season 2. Maybe they're going to follow the book 2 storyline of her dating Bill? But they'd have to change her character quite a bit in order to work that. Or maybe Jason needs legal representation for the Hot Shot community or something? I dunno.

Other news!!

Ryan talks about (http://www.trueblood-news.com/ryan-kwanten-at-home-in-melbourne) what life is like when he goes back to Australia (ie, sleeping in his old single bed at his parents' house), how lucky he feels to be so busy, etc.

True Blood has been nominated for 2 People's Choice Awards (http://www.trueblood-news.com/2-people-choice-nominations-for-true-blood) - Favourite TV Obsession and Favourite Sci Fi/Fantasy Show. You can vote online.

Some True Blood men have been listed in People's list of 100 sexiest men. (http://www.trueblood-news.com/video-true-blood-actors-make-peoples-top-100-sexy-men) Alex, Joe, Stephen and Ryan are in the top 100, while Joe, Mehcad Brooks (Eggs) and Stephen(?????) are listed in the 25 chests to be thankful for. Um, did they not see Alex's 8-pack in the season premiere? Anyways, I'm sure we'll see them in the Sexiest Man Alive issue out soon.

Yet another interview of Alex during his time in Germany. (http://www.trueblood-news.com/alexander-skarsgard-eric-wouldnt-touch-trublood) But this one is video and it's about 20 minutes! AND he speaks some German in it! Though the interview is done in English. He's as adorable as always. The interviewer's reaction is hilarious when he greets her with cheek kisses. It's also nice to hear him talk about things that he isn't usually asked - like what he wanted to do when he was a teenager and not acting (football, but says he was talentless, then rock star, but talentless...) and how he dealt with 3 years of rejection in LA before Generation Kill. And how bruised he is after taking his first ever surf lesson in Hawaii (I'll kiss him all better!)

More Alex - he's on the cover of Scene Magazine (http://www.trueblood-online.com/cast-crew/alexander-skarsgard-eric/alexander-skarsgard-on-the-cover-of-scene-magazine/#comments), which is Louisiana's entertainment magazine.

Hilarious video of Kristin explaining how she learns Swedis (http://skarsgardnews.com/?p=9000)h, and confusion over pronouncing Oland (the windy shithole Eric wills her), since according to him, Oland is in Denmark, Oland is in Sweden, and how he'd inform the script guy that she was saying the Denmark one instead of Swedish, and they'd have to re-shoot the scene. Hee.

And the depressing news - Skarsworth is still on - Alex visited Kate (http://laineygossip.com/Alexander_Skarsgard_visits_Kate_Bosworth_on_the_se t_of_BFF_and_Baby_10nov10.aspx?CatID=0&CelID=0) on the set of her new (terrible sounding) movie 'BFF and Baby' in LA. The only shots of him involve him bring food into her trailer. Grrr, some girls have all the luck. Guess Battleship is done filming? Or he has the weekend off.

11-18-2010, 05:19 PM
Me again.

Casting spoiler: Not about new cast, but about another character we've seen before... Natasha Alam (Yvetta) said in an interview that her daughter "still has to come visit me on the set - I hope it happens very soon. I can't wait to get back on set of this spectacular show." Apparently there are rumours that she will be involved in the 'curse' storyline, being a scorned lover and whatnot... She really grew on me by the end, so I'm kind of excited for her to be back. (Source) (http://celebritybabyscoop.com/2010/11/17/natasha-alam)

And another bit of season 4 info, Sam Trammell reveals how long it takes for Sam to get naked in season 4. (http://www.trueblood-news.com/sam-merlotte-gets-naked-immediately-in-season-4) And according to Kristin Bauer's twitter, costume fittings have already begun. Shooting is scheduled to begin in just 2 weeks!!!

Lots of Joe Manganiello. In addition to being in Italian Vanity Fair (http://www.trueblood-news.com/joe-manganiello-in-italian-vanity-fair), he's also one of People's Sexiest Men Alive (I believe in the top 10). His magazine photo is him in a wet t-shirt. (http://www.trueblood-news.com/joe-manganiello-gets-wet-for-peoples-photo-shoot) Yum! And he discusses the reactions from his mom and fiance (http://www.trueblood-news.com/joe-manganiellos-reaction-on-being-one-of-the-sexiest-men-alive), which are kind of cute.

Anyone remember the video I posted a long time ago about Alex and fellow Swede actor (and Hammarby fan) Joel Kinneman trying to hitch a ride to a game from LA? Well anyways, the two have just been honoured at the Swedish Football Awards with the "Fan of the Year" award (http://skarsgardnews.com/?p=9067). Adorably awesome!

Ryan Kwanten is featured in GAP's holiday Want campaign (http://www.trueblood-news.com/video-ryan-kwanten-in-gaps-holiday-want-campaign). Looking gorgeous as always.

Adina Porter (Lettie Mae) looking STUNNING in a photoshoot. (http://www.trueblood-news.com/adina-porter-in-obvious-photo-shoot) I don't know what else to say but kudos to the TB makeup people for making her look so not hot on the show, because damn, she is absolutely gorgeous!

11-18-2010, 05:38 PM
WOW! I would never ever have recognized Adina Porter from those photos. She is a beautiful woman, not so much on the show though! I have always said she should have been the first nominated from the show for an Emmy. Her acting, especially in the heavier storylines she had in the earlier seasons, was phenomenal.

11-24-2010, 04:17 AM
More casting news:

Jessica Tuck (Nan Flannigan) has been upgraded to series regular. (http://www.trueblood-news.com/jessica-tuck-upgraded-to-true-blood-series-regular) I kind of love her character, so I'm happy about this. Plus it always makes me giggle to see her, knowing she played Ryan and Sharpay's mom in the High School Musical movies.

New casting: (http://www.trueblood-news.com/three-new-characters-cast-on-true-blood) nothing that really excites me here, though it seems we'll finally get to meet Luna, who appeared in book 2 of the series.

Everyone's favourite suicidal vampire did an interview with Danish Bazar magazine. (http://www.trueblood-online.com/cast-crew/allan-hyde/allan-hyde-danish-bazar-magazine-interview/) He talks about how he planned to take acting classes, but is now a Truebie, how on set he was always surrounded by assistants (if he touched his stomach, he'd be brought food), how he loves Danish girls, and he's been to auditions for big budget movies like The Hobbit and Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (no mention of whether he got the parts). Love him!

And finally (and insanely awesomely...) THE COVER ART AND SYNOPSIS FOR DEAD RECKONING (aka Book 11)!!!! (http://www.trueblood-online.com/charlaine-harris/charlaine-harris-sookie-book-11-cover-art-is-out/) looks like they're going to bring Sookie and Sam closer together... is this the thrust for them to get together, especially since the synopsis says she'll learn how much of a pawn she is - does that equal bye bye Eric? And a new queen? Does that mean that Felipe and Victor are taken over? And by whom? Please tell me Lafayette was made a vamprie when he died and is the new Queen of Louisiana! The synopsis IMO, despite mentioning Eric as her lover, does not seem to indicate happy times for the couple from what I'm surmising. But is it May yet?

11-30-2010, 12:41 AM
Spoilers for episode 2 (http://www.trueblood-online.com/season-4/season-4-spoilers/true-blood-4-02-has-a-title-and-a-casting-call/), which will be called "You Smell Like Dinner"!!

It will include an 80s flashback! Please let it be Eric, Pam and Godric. I want to see Pam in 80s clothes, and maybe finally get pink lycra Eric (preferably with a 'Flock of Seagulls' hairdo.

Casting calls:
[CALLUM] British bartender seen in flashback to London in 1982. He bartends in a punk underground nightclub…

[MALE PROTESTOR #1] This male protestor, 5’8″ tall at most, pickets Fangtasia and starts a physical fight with a “fangbanger”…

[MALE PROTESTOR #2] Another male protestor picketing Fangtasia, he captures a confrontation on his smart phone…

[LUTHER] An older, backwoods, inbred man at the compound, he is Timbo’s uncle…

Looks to be pretty Fangtasia-centered, which means lots of Eric and Pam, which means Screech is happy.

And in other news, according to Kristin Bauer's twitter, filming started today. Ryan is currently in Australia (for one day!) to attend an awards show, where he's likely to win for best TV actor, then back to LA to start filming.

11-30-2010, 03:22 AM
Do they film in LA as in Louisiana or L.A.? I have wondered if they filmed in Louisiana, where exactly do they film? Not that I want to stalk or anything. :shuffle:

Amy L
11-30-2010, 03:36 AM
They film primarily in Los Angeles, but go to Louisiana to do some exterior shots. I think they usually stay in the Shreveport area, but they have done some scenes around Baton Rouge. From the season 2 commentary, during the season finale with Mary Ann going nuts, downtown Bon Temps was somewhere near Baton Rouge. Then the scene with Bill and Sookie in a restaurant was filmed in a Baton Rouge b&b.

11-30-2010, 04:40 AM
A lot of it is filmed around the Venice (California) area. I believe that's where Fangtasia is located. And considering Venice is right next to Culver City, where most TV and movie studios are located, it makes sense.

I know Alex has said that the first time he was ever actually in Shreveport was for filming Straw Dogs (and he was a bit amused by the fact that he was visiting Eric's home in another project), so he hasn't had anything filmed there for the show, though some things are actually filmed in Shreveport, Baton Rouge and New Orleans,. I actually read that the house that's flamed up by the 3 hicks in season 1 was a condemned house in Louisiana that they got permission to set on fire. I believe that for the 'long shots' of Bill's house, they use a house in Louisiana as well.

I believe that the exterior used for Russell's house is actually in Mississippi, so they did a bit of filming there as well.

The cast seem to live around the Venice area mostly as well, which makes sense with their filming locations - Anna and Stephen's house is there, as is Ryan's, and according to an interview with Alex, if he ever did decide to buy a house in LA, he'd buy in Venice (since he likes the atmosphere), though as of right now, he's renting an apartment, I believe in the Hollywood Hills, and has no current plans to buy, since he doesn't want to live in LA forever. Though I'm sure having an apartment makes it a bit harder for the paparazzi to get to him.

In other TB news, Ryan's birthday was yesterday; he's now 34. He had a party in Chicago (http://www.trueblood-news.com/ryan-kwanten-celebrates-his-birthday-in-chicago) on the weekend. It's nice that he's getting to celebrate with family in Australia right now as well.

Ryan is also on the cover of UK Mens Health magazine. (http://www.trueblood-news.com/ryan-kwanten-on-the-cover-of-uk-mens-health)

Mehcad Brooks (Eggs) is in a new State Farm commercial, (http://www.trueblood-news.com/video-mehcad-brooks-in-state-farm-add) abs on display. Nice to see him again.

Alex gave a slightly different interview to Polish InStyle magazine (http://www.trueblood-news.com/alexander-skarsgard-in-polish-instyle) (ie, no naked questions). We learn that Skarsgard is a made up last name, that his family's original name was Nilsson, but there were so many with that name that Stellan and his brothers came up with Skarsgard and decided to change their name, so there likely aren't many Skarsgards that aren't part of his family. He also reveals that he's never had a stylist and brings most of his clothes from Sweden, though he now gets a lot of clothes as gifts from different companies.

And for those of you planning on seeing Tron, you can expect to see James Frain (http://www.trueblood-online.com/cast-crew/james-frain/interview-with-james-frain-as-trons-jarvis/) (Franklin 'mother****er' Mott) in it.

12-08-2010, 04:20 AM
LOTS of new stuff. First off, casting spoilers (http://www.trueblood-online.com/season-4/season-4-spoilers/new-cast-for-season-4-including-claudines-brother-claude/), including a certain gorgeous fairy...

Secondly, the most amazing thing ever... the T-shirts from the battle of the fang! (http://www.trueblood-news.com/battle-of-the-fang-a-looziana-grudge-match) Because Alex somehow lost (by $829 out of the almost $70,000 raised) he had to wear one that said 'Bill's Bitch' whereas Steve wore one that said 'I like my bitches blond'. The photos are super cute, and you can see the awesome friendship the two have.

More Steve - E!Online listed him and Anna as one of their top 10 couples of 2010 (http://ca.eonline.com/photos/gallery.jsp?galleryUUID=2655#102843#ixzz17NY46lvg) . They are quite adorable together.

Ryan Kwanten is GQ Australia's Man of the Year (http://www.trueblood-news.com/ryan-kwanten-australia%E2%80%99s-gq-man-of-the-year). He looks quite gorgeous in his cover shot.

Joe Manganiello is smokin' hot shirtless in Cosmopoliltan's January issue (http://www.trueblood-news.com/joe-manganiello-in-cosmopolitan). Rowr!

[/URL] I haven't watched it yet, though he says it's funny.

[URL="http://www.trueblood-online.com/cast-crew/evan-rachel-wood/celebrity-photo-booth-pics-of-evan-rachel-wood/"]Evan did a photo booth photo shoot and she looks gorgeous in her 16 mini shots. (http://www.trueblood-online.com/cast-crew/sam-trammell-sam/sam-trammell-in-holiday-funny-or-die-video/)

Andrew Rothenberg, who we know as Malcolm (http://www.trueblood-news.com/andrew-rothenberg-from-vampire-to-zombie) (skeevy vampire from season 1) was in The Walking Dead, playing a good guy! I didn't recognize him until i read this, but good to know he's still getting good work.

Alex and Kate are seemingly still together, though they haven't been spotted out together since he stopped by her trailer on a movie set last month. But alas, she was spotted leaving Chateau Marmont with his brothers Gustaf and Bill (http://justjared.buzznet.com/2010/12/05/kate-bosworth-saturday-night-at-chateau-marmont/)a few days ago. In the picture of Gustaf, it looks like Alex's hair and ear in the background though, so he was likely there (though why no picture of him...) She also mentioned in an interview recently that her 'last 3 boyfriends have been foreigners' so unless she dated someone foreign before Orlando Bloom (she dated James Rousseau, a British model/singer after him), she's finally acknowledged Alex as her boyfriend.

In other Alex news,a guy named Adam has written an article about how he's constantly mistaken for Alex (http://skarsgardnews.com/?p=9118) out and about in LA. It's quite humourous, and could explain some of the sightings of him (and maybe even Ted's 'Nelly Fang' blind vice that hints at Alex?) My favourite part:

If someone at the grocery store says "True Blood sucks," I smile and say, "But have you seen my house? I live in a mansion. When I go to the bar alone, I always come home with multiple women." That shuts them up.

And finally, a cute HBO ad for the blue ray/DVD release of the show. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrBSR0BULvw&feature=player_embedded)

12-21-2010, 04:10 AM
For those who are fans of the books. Charlaine has given us all a Christmas present - the first chapter of book 11, 'Dead Reckoning' is up on her website (http://www.charlaineharris.com/DeadReck_1.html). So far I don't mind it. Merlotte's is Molotov Cocktailed and Sookie's hair is singed, after which Eric hilariously immediately calls a hairdresser to fix it and gets all stressed out about her hair, but he definitely seems testy so far. But lots of narrative about him and Sookie loving each other. Is it May yet?

Alex has a new Hickey Freeman ad out in the December Wall Street Journal. (http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/8162/hickeyfreeman2.jpg) He looks freaking gorgeous in a tuxedo. Dude should definitely do some more modeling.

The teaser trailer is out for Ryan's new superhero movie Griff the Invisible. (http://www.trueblood-news.com/our-hero-griff) Though it seems to be his natural colour, I always find it weird to see him with brown hair. I kind of want to see the movie, though.

Who would have thunk that under that white tunic, Godric was freaking ripped! Allan Hyde has done some shirtless shots and holy crap! (http://www.trueblood-news.com/photos-allan-hyde-by-magnus-ragnvid) That's all I can say. Can we have a naked Eric/Godric sex flashback or something?

Deborah did a gorgeous photoshoot for Allure. (http://www.trueblood-news.com/deborah-ann-wolls-allure-photo-shoot) She is just stunning, even without makeup (and clothes).

Sam is in another Funny or Die video (http://www.trueblood-news.com/sam-trammel-in-funny-or-die-vid) where he plays the innkeeper who turns away Mary and Joseph.

At the annual Spoiler TV awards, James Frain (Franklin) was voted favourite guest star (http://www.trueblood-online.com/cast-crew/james-frain/james-frain-voted-2010-favorite-guest-star-on-spoiler-tv/). Awww, I'm going to miss that crazy motherfu****. In an additional list, Eric Northman was listed as the 4th best character of 2010, and Lafayette Reynolds is the #2 most underrated. (http://www.trueblood-online.com/characters/eric-northman/eric-northman-and-lafayette-reynolds-makes-character-lists-of-2010/)

Two more characters cast... (http://www.trueblood-news.com/meet-season-4-timbo-and-queen-mab) they're not in the books so I really don't know what to expect from them.

Tanya Wright (Detective Kenya Jones) has written a novel, and one of the websites I go to is giving away a copy. (http://www.trueblood-online.com/cast-crew/tanya-wright/win-a-personalized-signed-copy-of-butterfly-rising-by-tanya-wright/) The novel is called Butterfly Rising.

A funny Hammarby soccer story (http://skarsgardnews.com/?p=9070) involving Alex filming a movie, an audience of 20,000 and being pelted with cans (not for the role, but for his own personal support of Hammarby).

Finally, Alex is doing another charity drive, (http://skarsgardnews.com/?p=9177) this time for Save the Children, and autographed photos will be going out to some who help out.

12-31-2010, 04:44 AM
Okay, I know I keep posting, but I had to share this with you guys...

Alexander Skarsgard wants to marry Kate Bosworth, if she stops “partying” (http://www.celebitchy.com/133092/alexander_skarsgard_wants_to_marry_kate_bosworth_i f_she_stops_partying/). According to a source close to the couple, who spoke to the National Enquirer (I know, but still...) ASkars knows that Kate is 'the one' and wants them to move in together to test the waters, and is serious about marrying her if she shows she's ready to settle down. For some reason, even though it's the Enquirer, I could see them getting engaged sometime this year (and not only for Straw Dogs publicity). Apparently Kate is fine with them living together (who wouldn't be?) and isn't going to let him get away (who would?). Damn her!!

In other news, Stephen Moyer is going to be at the Peoples Choice Awards (http://www.trueblood-news.com/stephen-moyer-to-attend-peoples-choice-awards-2011), where True Blood is nominated for Favorite TV Obsession as well as Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show. Guess they're getting at least one of them!

Michael McMillian (Steve Newlin) talks about the True Blood comics (http://www.trueblood-news.com/michael-mcmillian-talks-about-true-blood-comics), of which he's taken over as writer. Kinda cool that our favourite evil Reverend is a comic book writer!

Deborah Ann Woll has made EW's list of the 30 sexiest stars of 2010. (http://www.ew.com/ew/gallery/0,,20452254_20890836,00.html) Congrats to our favourite BabyVamp!

Sam Trammell makes a brief mention of season 4 in a video, (http://www.trueblood-online.com/cast-crew/sam-trammell-sam/first-10-min-of-true-bloods-season-4-will-blow-you-away/) saying the first 10 minutes of the season will blow us away. Is it June yet?!

Because we know how much I heart ASkars, I have to link to an interview with Papa Skarsgard (http://collider.com/stellan-skarsgard-intervie-thor-girl-with-dragon-tattoo/67252/) where, among talk of many upcoming projects, he mentions working with Alex, that 2 other of his sons are now in LA (the ones photographed out with Kate earlier this month), whether he watches True Blood, whether he'd do a guest arc on True Blood, and his reaction to Alex being considered a sex symbol in the US.

Finally, for those who didn't know, everyone's favourite psychotic vampire, James Frain (Franklin) will be on the new superhero show 'The Cape' which premieres in January. The previews, IMO, look pretty intriguing.

12-31-2010, 08:40 AM
Who would have thunk that under that white tunic, Godric was freaking ripped! Allan Hyde has done some shirtless shots and holy crap! (http://www.trueblood-news.com/photos-allan-hyde-by-magnus-ragnvid) That's all I can say. Can we have a naked Eric/Godric sex flashback or something?