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09-14-2010, 03:46 PM
The reason why Eric didn't kill Russell is because he wanted him to suffer. Godric was saying that when you die, everyone gets peace, even Russell. Eric didn't want Russell to have peace, so he didn't kill him and elected to encase him in cement instead. Not much conflict there! :)

At first I was shocked at Sam's change, but if this is the direction they're going with him, I like it. I hope he shot Tommy, too :P

Here's a wrap-up of the episiode (http://marquee.blogs.cnn.com/2010/09/13/questions-surround-true-blood-finale/?hpt=Sbin)

I agree with them that Sookie seemed out of character this episode, but I think part of it was she was just fed up with everything that has happened.

09-14-2010, 03:53 PM
I was all set to hate the finale until Eric showed up on Sookie's porch covered in cement. :D And I just love that Pam saved him and got rid of the assassin for hire in one night.

However, the rest was mind bogglingy weird in a bad way. For instance, I don't understand why Sookie would be all eager to save Eric after he almost drained her.

When Eric almost drain her. He and Russell drank from her but it was for the purpose of saving her life. It wasn't vicious like Bill's uncontrolled self after they left the mansion.

Also, I was never a huge fan of Bill but in one quick swoop he becomes a totally different character - obsessed with Sookie to the point of killing everyone else and to top it off, he had her beat up? The book mentioned the Queen sending him but not that he sent the V pushers after her IIRC. And I don't even get why he went after the Queen. To be more powerful then Eric?

Bill feels he "protecting" Sookie by eliminating those who have done her harm or potential harm. AKA her uncle Bartlett.

And speaking of Eric, there is no reason in the world why he wouldn't have killed Bill after what he did to him and Pam. Unless he wanted Sookie to hate him first, which he did accomplish, but then he just sends Bill on his way without even yelling at him.

There's also no reason why he would keep Russell alive. And even if I were to reach far enough to actually believe he would do it for Godric, then why torture him for centuries? Either way, he's not doing what Godric wants so why not just kill him? I know they probably wanted to keep the actor on, and he is great but heck, I would've been happy with a twin vampire story. Now it makes Eric look conflicted and stupid.

Lastly, they made Sam into a serial killer? So that now Sookie only has cold-
blooded killers in her life and no Tara to help her? Sheesh.

Sorry about the rant - maybe I still do hate the finally. :D

Eric had just arrived at fangtasia with Pam told him about the Bill attempt to kill her. He hasn't had time to react yet, OOOOO but he will.

How Sam a serial killer? He killed two people who attempted to steal his money, granted one was accidental but he's not a killing spree with a victim profile or anything.

And Sookie, Sookie didn't bat an eyelash after Tara told her how cold Bill was. Tara doesn't know about Bill/Sookie's break up.

09-14-2010, 04:10 PM
I liked the Finale for several reasons.

Eric - loved his plan to "punish" Russell. I think its fitting. Russell will not meet this true death and have peace. He's going to remain in anguish and probably go mad like Franklin. I love how he overhead Bill's convo with Sookie and waited to the appropriate time to burst Bill's bubble. We all know Bill had intention of telling Sookie anything. Also, I'm surprised book readers didn't catch the line from book 3 from Eric to Sookie. Eric apologizing for telling Sookie about Bill and how he's not happy that he the one to cause her pain, aka Alcide's apartment in book 3.

Bill- Sentimental, emotional dumb ass. He has/had no plan to help Sookie. His plan is by killing Pam, Eric and Sophia Anne. He thinks he can take out two vampires much older and powerful than he. Without this raising any suspicions or having the magister find him. Bill doesn't know the magister is dead. His feelings for Sookie are borderline obsessive. As with the book Bill had no intention of telling Sookie, keeping her in the dark on vamp laws and the hierachy leaving her exposed to future humilation and pity.

Pam rocks as usual.

Godric and Hoyt - Not of fan of either. Sorry, I couldn't get over Godric's "humans and vamps" can co exist peacefully. Humans can't co exist with other humans peacefully, yet alone another species. Hoyt, I do not find the possibly of dating a 28 year old momma's boy who is relationship deficient appealing.

Jessica is 17 years old, she has so much to learn about her and as a vampire cuz Bill ain't taught her too much. She has alot growing to do and she's settling down with a 28 year old momma's boy?

Sookie - Sookie displayed alot of the qualities from the book in the finale.

09-14-2010, 04:16 PM
Thanks Satellitegirl - your explanation of why he didn't kill him really does make sense.

I still think however that Eric would kill anyone who tried to kill him as Bill did and although I can't remember how much cement was in his face at the time, I'm pretty sure he also heard Bill on the phone imitating his voice and asking someone to murder Pam so the leaving him alive still bothers me.

I'm thinking that Sam did shoot his brother and unless he was just trying to stop him, he's killed a third person that we know of so to me, that's a killer who's killed a series of people. I might of used the word "serial" wrongly in this context though as they weren't methodical killings, with the same type of victims.

I guess killing Sookie's uncle was a preview of him wanting to kill everyone who drank from Sookie but IIRC she's been hurt plenty of times during the series and he wasn't as eager to kill everyone as he now is. I guess in retrospect leaving Tara to her misery in Russell's house was also a sign of how much a cold blooded killer he truly was. Maybe I got to used to seeing him through Sookie's eyes and mixed him up with book Bill to boot. :D

09-14-2010, 05:02 PM
And speaking of Eric, there is no reason in the world why he wouldn't have killed Bill after what he did to him and Pam. Unless he wanted Sookie to hate him first, which he did accomplish, but then he just sends Bill on his way without even yelling at him.
IIRC, Book Eric wouldn't kill Bill because even though she's pissed at Bill, it would still hurt her to have someone killed on behalf of her, and really, the only reason Bill went after Eric is because of Sookie. I don't think Sookie would have forgiven Bill for killing Eric if he had succeeded, but I can see her going back to him (if she hadn't learned the truth) - she's pretty needy and Bill's her first love, blah blah blah.

Also, I think Eric knew Bill put a hit on Pam - he would have heard from the cement pit (vamp senses!). I can't remember, but after Pam's pouting, did Eric give in and say he'd do something about Bill? I still think the boring Civil War annoyance will end up in Sophie Anne's birdcage prison in New Orleans or something to that effect.

I can kind of understand why she saved Eric - he was killing himself to save everyone, plus, he was hesitant to drink from her that way and only did when Russell yanked her. Besides, in episode 11 she was starting to realize there's more to Eric than 'evil'.

Bill... yuck! He' is completely deranged and obsessed - maybe he and Lorena really were meant for each other. Seriously, killing everyone who's had her blood or knows what she is? So shouldn't that mean he needs to commit suicide? And he'd have kill Hadley as well, since she knows. Dude, she's a grown woman, let her make her own freaking decisions!

And his 'I had hoped to one day tell you...' um, your boss wanted to own her and drink from her all the time... I don't think that's something you'd easily bring up with your S.O., and Eric had given him many opportunities in the basically 3 days since he found out.

I think its funny that Sookie considered (to this point) Eric to be the bad guy, meanwhile his only killings we've seen are to deal with those his father told him to get revenge on - the weres and Russell (and Talbot to hurt him like Russell hurt Eric). Meanwhile, Bill helped kill the stripper, killed Uncle Molester, tried to kill Eric and Pam, the Rattrays, Longshadow, Jessica... yes, many to help Sookie, but did she ask for him to kill the Rats, or Uncle Molestor?

Really, the only bad things Eric has done is get her to drink his blood (which he owned up to, but he wouldn't have had the opportunity if he hadn't saved her life by shielding her), and drink from her to save the world. Not so bad in the scheme of things.

Anyways, in some news of pure awesomeness...

Possible guest appearance for ASkars on Castle! (http://www.trueblood-online.com/cast-crew/alexander-skarsgard-eric/alexander-skarsgard-sought-for-guest-appearance-on-castle/) Alex is good friends with Jon Huertas, who plays detective Javier Esposito on the show. The two worked together on Generation Kill and Alex wants to do Castle and they're trying to get a cameo that would fit Alex's schedule.

"We were going to offer him a role in this next episode that we're filming, but he's in Hawaii working on Battleship and the role just wasn't the perfect fit, But he wants to work on the show."
Hee, that'd be awesome!

And finally, Mr. Cock Sock may have eeked out a win in the Battle of the Fang, but we can still help Alex beat him at the Scream Awards by voting for him (over Stephen) for best horror actor (http://www.spike.com/event/scream2010/page/vote/category/39551/best-horror-actor).

09-14-2010, 05:24 PM
When did Bill try to kill Jessica? Do you mean when he turned her? I don't think that is his fault since he was forced to do it or spend a very long time in prison (coffin). Unless I am forgetting something.

09-14-2010, 05:39 PM
When did Bill try to kill Jessica? Do you mean when he turned her? I don't think that is his fault since he was forced to do it or spend a very long time in prison (coffin). Unless I am forgetting something.

Well technically to turn her he did have to kill her, and it was a result of his killing Longshadow, which, yes, to be fair, was to protect Sookie (though I guess now the show won't include the awesome Charles Twinnings, since that was related to book Eric having killed Longshadow). But in a way, he's figuratively killed her in other ways by not teaching her how to be what she is - because of his crappiness in not teaching her, she's murdered someone, which in a way led to Franklin getting Tara and almost getting Tara killed, and led to the obsession which got Franklin killed. And it also led to Jessica and Hoyt breaking up. Grrr.

IIRC the Magister (may he RIP) said the usual punishment was 5 years in a silver coffin, but he then insisted Bill turn Jessica, though Bill asked for the coffin instead.

09-14-2010, 06:04 PM
I think Tommy will shift into a dog and escape the bullet. I don't think the bullet will come anywhere near him because it looked to me like Sam was aiming high...

09-14-2010, 06:22 PM
Book Sam doesn't have anything to do after book one, so they can really do anything they want. Same with all the other minor characters, however, I really don't like what they're doing with him. Speaking of, Tara's character is really minor from here on in the books. It's all Sookie, Jason (and the hotshot crowd), the weres and vamps with a few fairy cameos in the rest of the books. Since they killed off Calvin, that totally changes the hotshot stuff including Sookie having to fight for Jason (which was lame anyway).

09-14-2010, 06:24 PM
I think Tommy will shift into a dog and escape the bullet. I don't think the bullet will come anywhere near him because it looked to me like Sam was aiming high...

I think that aiming high would have been intentional because it would make Tommy drop the money (unless as a dog, he was quick enough to grab it with his mouth), which was his aim all along. :P

09-14-2010, 07:04 PM
I find myself surprised to say that I much prefer book Crystal to show Crystal. Book Crystal wouldn't flip flop around so much - she'd do what she wants and make no excuses for it. I found her almost like Debbie Pelt in that respect - she was ballsy.

I also think that Tommy is fine. Actually in a spoilery post I made a page or 2 ago, Marshall Allman said that he's back in season 4.

As for Sam, he does play a role in later books - he helps out with the were war in book 8 and will be taking Sookie to his brother's wedding, though I believe that will be taking place in a short story that comes out before book 11. I also have come to think that after Sookie and Eric inevitably break up (though I think they will always love each other and be on good terms, it will just be because of their differences), Sookie will end up with Sam. He's always there for her when she needs someone, and he's her 'sounding board'. Plus, she always feels guilty when she doesn't share something with him, and better once she does. I think she'll love him, but be settling because her heart will always belong to Eric (and his to her). I just hope the break-up doesn't come about from him having sex with other humans, because as CH has pointed out in interviews, while Sookie promised to be faithful (though she made out with Bill), Eric never mentioned his intentions.

Future books do come to focus more on Eric (and side vampires, such as QSA, Victor, Felipe, Andre, etc), the fairies (I don't mind the show's Claudine, but I'm wondering what they will do for Claude), witches (AMELIA!!!!) and weres (Alcide and Quinn). I'm actually kind of looking forward to season 5 (assuming they get there) and all the Were stuff. Though I'd be happier if it meant Charles Twinnings would be involved, though right now AFAIR there are no vamps with vendettas against Eric at this point. I think that QSA will forgive him because he's basically handed her Mississippi and she's so flighty she'll accept that his intentions the entire time were to get rid of Russell (who will likely escape the cement in the next season or 2, unless he got out while it was still wet.)

09-14-2010, 08:10 PM
There are some interesting plot issues that Katrina brought to the books since it occurred sort of between 3 and 4 (or 4 and 5 --I've forgotten) that CH wove into the story. Since that isn't relevant to the TV show, they have other avenues they can follow. I do wonder if they'll go to the big vamp meeting at Rhodes?

Amy L
09-14-2010, 08:31 PM
I would love the Rhodes stuff, just to see Eric and Sookie flying/sliding down a giant pyramid!

09-14-2010, 09:07 PM
I would love the Rhodes stuff, just to see Eric and Sookie flying/sliding down a giant pyramid!

And Bill a crispy critter :EVILLE:

09-14-2010, 10:46 PM
And the blood bond and Eric's rather... enthusiastic physical reaction to it. It'd also be nice to see Sookie all dressed up for the ball, since we haven't seen her in anything nicer than a sundress so far.

I wonder if they're going to include Andre in future seasons. He's very integral to some plot points in books 6 and 7, but you'd think he would have been included thus far if they were going to - book QSA is barely ever without him. And for Waldo... anyone else picture Filch from the Harry Potter series?

And I guess they aren't gong to have Peter Threadgill (which was another major plot thing in books 6 and 7) since they've already had QSA and her doomed political husband.

God, you don't realize how much they've deviated until you look at all the plot bits they are going to miss out on because of the deviations! I mean... APPIUS! We're going to miss all of that insanity. Though, I didn't find him to be quite as much of a bastard as Sookie made him out to be in book 10... I mean yeah, hundreds of years ago he repeatedly forced Eric into sex with him, but as Eric said, he grew to enjoy it (though preferring women), but in book 10, all Appius really did was want to figure out a way to help his other child. Just like I didn't find Andre to be as horrible as Sookie made him out to be - yeah, the whole bonding thing sucked, but other than being a bit creepy...

In other news (cause you know I always have some...)
Ryan Kwanten (http://www.torontosun.com/entertainment/tiff/2010/2010/09/09/15294306.html) just shot a GAP commercial, so hopefully that will hit the TV soon. He also has a few movies coming out - Legend of the Guardians (in which he voices the main owl), Red Hill, and Griff the Invisible (in which he's a superhero type) which is premiering at the Toronto Film Festival this week, and he just finished filming "The Knights of Badassdom"

HBO is offering a free "Men of True Blood" calendar (http://www.trueblood-online.com/hbo-store/get-a-free-men-of-true-blood-calender-with-your-hbo-store-order/) when you spend more than $50 in the online store. The promotion expires at 10pm on September 19 and no coupon code is needed - it automatically adds itself to your cart. I really wish it was the books 'Fangtasia' calendar with Eric as Mr. January, though... Rowr!! And you just know ASkars would totally be down with posing for that picture.

Tara Buck (Ginger) is in a Geico commercial. Hilarious as always. (http://www.trueblood-online.com/cast-crew/tara-buck/true-bloods-tara-buck-in-geico-commercial/)

Rihanna on working with ASkars on Battleship (http://www.mtv.com/videos/news/572298/rihannas-having-a-great-time-doing-battleship.jhtml#id=1645382) - basically, he's super tall, really cool and laid back.

Rod Lurie will be giving an advance screening of ASkars' Straw Dogs (http://insidesu.syr.edu/2010/09/14/straw-dogs/) at Syracuse University on Sept 23 and 24, free of charge, with a discussion to follow. Since the movie isn't set to be released until next Sept, it's kind of weird that they're screening it so early. Actually, there was a screening a couple of months ago as well and apparently it was a surprisingly amazing film with outstanding performances by everyone (yes, including the anorexic handbag).