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11-20-2009, 07:48 PM
Yay! great news. (I'm loving book 4)

11-21-2009, 03:08 AM
I suspect that the final scene of this season will be Eric running down the road, being found by Sookie, and revealing that he doesn't know who he is. That would be quite the cliffhanger.

That's my guess too. I think that book 4 is the best written and most interesting of all of them so I'm really hoping that they stick with the material that's already there as much as possible (though adding in more Tara/Sam/Lafayette, Bill, etc). Though there is so much plot in that book between Eric's amnesia, his relationship with Sookie, the witch war, Jason going missing, the werepanthers... that it would be a shame for them to change it. Of all the books I think that the 4th one is the one I would be most pissed with a change from what they were given.

11-22-2009, 06:50 AM
Since ASkars is the only TB person really in the news (except for Anna Paquin in the background of Katie Holmes things, since they're filming a movie together...)

Alex was named in People's Sexiest Men issue as a “Vampire Hottie” and “Sexiest Bad Boy”

His quote is awesome (and reminds me of his Scream Awards acceptance):

Ever since I was a kid, my mom would scold me for being a bad boy. ‘Don’t fight with the other kids, don’t talk back to your elders, be nice to all the girls.’ So here I am actually getting an award for being a bad boy. Thank you, People magazine. I can’t wait to tell my mom.”

I don't know what the picture used is, but I found his quote on the Just Jared website during my regular gossip site browsing (as I've said before, guilty pleasure).

11-25-2009, 03:57 AM
Alexander and Stephen in People's sexiest men issue. (http://true-blood.net/gallery/albums/mags-shoots-season2/PeopleSMA_1109_001.jpg)

Stephen's quote for being named 'most smoldering vampire' is even more awesome than Alexander's 'sexiest bad boy vampire':

I am very proud to be People’s most smoldering vampire, thank you very much. If I am ever deserted on an island, I will be able to start a fire without a magnifying glass and a leaf. At night of course, because I wouldn’t be able to use the sun in the first place…duh.

Mechad Brooks (Eggs) was listed under Sexiest Chests. Here is the page with him. (http://true-blood.net/gallery/albums/mags-shoots-season2/PeopleSMA_1109_002.jpg)

I just want to know where Ryan Kwanten (Jason) is in the issue! The images are from http://true-blood.net

11-25-2009, 04:13 AM
People used this picture (http://truebloodnet.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/eric-episode-11-1024x682.jpg) for AS. It was a two-pager :grope:

11-25-2009, 04:15 AM
I want to move to Sweden.

11-25-2009, 04:20 AM
LOL. I don't believe Ball is gonna do the main plotline from book 4. The plot is too cheesy and fake for TV.

Alan Ball has loosely based the show on the books and characters anyway. He's changed up every single major and submajor plotline from the book, I won't believe it until I see it in regards to book 4.

And personally, I enjoy the books alot. But I do not want and Eric/Sookie love match at this point. TV Sookie is a far stretch from book Sookie. I think TV Eric deserves better than Sookie Stackhouse.

Besides he's already "punked" out Eric. In season 2, Shrevport Eric seemed to be completely different than Dallas Eric. Bad ass Eric when to Dallas and completely wimped out. This was Ball's way of "humanizing" of Eric and I think it worked badly. Made Eric look wimpy. And I was not a fan of Godric.

11-25-2009, 05:40 AM
Season 3 I think will go a far way in helping Eric/Sookie. Alan has said that they will explore that route (they want to appease both Bill/Sookie and Eric/Sookie fans). Also, Eric does have `feelings`and was kind of `caught`by Sookie during the final Godric scene - Godric was for all intents and purposes his father who he had been close to for 1000 years. Even the most hard-assed being would get emotional at that. He`s not just going to be all soft in his day-to-day dealings - he has a rep to protect and a position of authority, but Sookie now knows another side of him. Eric IMO is very multi-fasceted but usually just keeps his emotions, whatever they may be, close to his chest.

As for season 4 being cheesy, True Blood is insanely cheesy. They had a meat tree maenad wedding with orgies and bulls. Alan though has kept the plotlines of the books, just modified them. He kept the Dalas thing, but modified it so that there could be more Eric. Kept the Orgy stuff, but just increased it all to incorporate Tara, Arlene and Terry (who are extremely minor players in the books).

There is so much fun in book 4 and so much to work with that affects future books that it would be a shame to avoid most of it. My opinion.

11-25-2009, 05:59 AM
Screech, are we watching the same series.lol

Ball, removed key situations between Eric/Sookie. aka Long shadow, Maenad scratching, Sookie being paid for Dallas trip(Did you catch Sookie's line about upgrading her "driveway", aka that means Eric won't be doing it), did we see Eric in pink spandex and escorting Sookie to the orgy. Was Eric involved at the orgies? He's even changed the way Bill "leaves" Bon Temps. So again, Ball is loosely baseing the show on the books and characters.

And I am sorry, amnesia never works out well on TV.

Regarding Godric, Godric isn't even Eric's maker in the book. It was Balls's way of humanizing Eric, but imo it made Eric look weak on several fronts.

We saw Eric go from feeding on Lafayette, putting Bill in his place on the phone in Bon Temps to a a blubbering, begging sappy mess in the span of two episodes. Eric is several things but a sap is not one term I would use to describe Eric Northman. Yet Alan Ball, allowed Bill to "punk" Eric in two or three episodes last season.

And in regards to the Maenad plot, he changed it up quite a bit. The references to lucifer with Mary Ann. And he dragged on the plot too long. Tara was already involved in the main book plot with the Maenad.

Even though I enjoy Michelle Forbes acting.

Balls' portrayal of Northman is upsetting many book Eric/Sookie fans. But I know there so many book fans so anxious see their favorite parts of the books relived. Ball has removed or trashed 90% of the most cherished interactions between Eric/Sookie from the book up until now. I don't expect him to stop now.

11-25-2009, 08:48 AM
Oh, I'm not denying how much he has changed things. But I can see why he's changing things. He does need to keep some things different to keep fans of the books surprised.

In the books, no, Eric isn't as emotional as he was in the one episode of TB, but he is not without emotions (he even states that he hates having feelings).

I wish they would have kept Eric as being the one who staked Longshadow, but if they had done that we never would have had Jessica (who I disliked in S1 but LOVE now). It also created more 'issues' between Sookie and Bill. In the books Eric did drink Sookie's blood to help rid her of the maenad's poison, but he did help her in the show too, by calling in Ludwig and letting them do all of it at the bar. I wish we could have had Eric accompany Sookie to the orgy - that is the one thing I disliked the most about the resolution of the maenad storyline, but he did still try to help her, though it wasn't her going to him for help like in the books. Her asking for his help there was one of the huge leaps for them in the books (and gave their first kiss IIRC).

Godric is not Eric's maker in the books, but in a way he allowed for the series what the orgy allowed in the books - for Sookie to see a different side of Eric. In the books, no, he doesn't get emotional like he did for Godric, but he does show he is capable of caring (though his care is more directed towards Sookie in book 2). IMO it didn't make Eric look week in the show though, it made him look devoted to his maker and showed that he is capable of love and showed Sookie that he is not a complete prick.

Eric being how he was to Lafayette and Bill to me was him exuding his power as a vampire over his 'underlings' (Pam and Chow were with him when feeding on Lafayette). Not acting in that manner would have made him look weak. His emotions over Godric were not being witnessed by any other vampires and he did not expect Sookie to be there either - it was just him and the one who knew him better than anyone else. He did not understand why the boy who made him what he is and taught him how to be how he is was ending it all and didn't want him to do it. I don't think he was a 'blubbering mess' or anything - he was begging, but it's not like he was asking someone not to take his puppy away - his 'father' was committing suicide.

I don't like that Bill got the upper hand on Eric at times, especially when visiting the queen. The Eric from the books would have played ignorant to Bill's accusations of selling V instead of saying 'you wouldn't tell'. Though I did like Eric ribbing Bill back about Sookie's having his (Bill's) blood immediately in their relationship.

As for the maenad plot, I was not a fan of the storyline in the book, but I dealt with it because it meant that Lafayette was still around. Tara was in it in the book but barely. Which makes me wonder when they are gong to introduce JB to the show, since he's in book 2 (and they still haven't even introduced Portia!)

I don't know, I guess we just have to agree to disagree. I sure hope though that they follow the books with who took Bill (which I think they will). Ball has said that they couldn't show more Eric in the final episode because it would give things away. So I think that if they showed more of him it would give away that he isn't the one (that's my opinion) so that's why I think they're going to go with the same abductor.

Yes, us book fans have lost many of our favourite E/S interactions, which sucks, but we are getting different ones instead. I for one was a fan of the rooftop scene. It showed how Sookie could care about Eric's feelings (taking his hand and stating she'd stay with Godric as long as it took) but staill admitting that she didn't particularly care for how he is- she's already confused over him. Not the same way as in the books, but it's getting there...

11-25-2009, 11:05 AM
I want to move to Sweden.

Not in November you don't, trust me. :cold: ;)

Ball, removed key situations between Eric/Sookie. aka Long shadow, Maenad scratching, Sookie being paid for Dallas trip

I think one of the reasons they changed Long Shadow and the Maenad scratching was to build up Bill/Sookie more, and I also think Ball simply didn't realize how big a fan favourite Eric would be.

For season 4 I hope they focus on the witch war, but I might be alone in this. :lol:

11-25-2009, 11:35 AM
Not in November you don't, trust me. :cold: ;)


It's contingent upon spending it snuggling with someone. :cool:

11-25-2009, 01:32 PM
Just thought I'd chime in and say that although I love the book E/S interactions, I'm also liking those on the show. I just hope they do indeed give Eric and Sookie plenty of time to be interested in one another, and not gloss over it. I don't care for the casting of Bill in the show, after reading the books. He's ok as an actor, but as far as look/stature, he's not how I would have pictured Bill.

12-08-2009, 04:02 AM
I think that Stephen Moyer looks pretty close to how I pictured Bill (except the eye colour, but since Anna doesn't have Sookie's blue eyes, I guess I can't be too nitpicky). I like Anna Paquin but she doesn't look how I pictured Sookie - her hair looks amazing blonde (I want her hair stylist to come dye mine - it looks so natural on her!) but she's much skinnier than Book(ie) (Anna must be like a size 2, Book(ie) is a size 10) and while Anna has an amazing body, she's nowhere near as curvy or busty as Book(ie). IMO the best casting was Alexander as Eric - the height, hair, body (from the little we've seen at least) and eyes are all Eric.

Anyways, speaking of casting, a lot of Season 3 casting has been done...

Denis O’Hare (http://true-blood.net/2009/09/14/casting-news-meet-the-king-of-mississippi/) – Russell Edgington, King of Mississippi, vampire
Grant Bowler (http://true-blood.net/2009/11/28/aussie-grant-bowler-joins-true-blood-for-season-3-spoilers/) – Coot, leader of a motorcycle gang, werewolf
Theo Alexander (http://true-blood.net/2009/12/02/true-blood-casting-news-grant-bowlers-character-plus-talbot-spoilers/) – Talbot, Russell’s “trophy husband”, vampire (IMO he totally looks like a vampire... a hot emo one)
Shannon Lucio (http://true-blood.net/2009/11/30/true-blood-casting-news-shannon-lucio-joins-as/) – Caroline Compton, Bill’s wife before he was turned, human (I'm personally not a fan of this one - I guess they had to re-cast Caroline, since we saw her already in a S1 flashback, and I don't know why they feel the need for more of the human!Bill flashbacks, except to make it obvious IMO who has kidnapped Bill. Also, I don't like the casting since she'll always be the annoying Lindsay from The OC.)
Marshall Allman (http://true-blood.net/2009/11/30/marshall-allman-joins-true-blood-as-regular/) – Tommy Mickens, Sam’s younger brother, possible shifter

The show supposedly started production on December 3, so we're getting closer to having the finished product on our screens. Just about 6 months to go... The first 2 episode names have been released: Episode 1 will be called 'Pack of Wolves' and Episode 2 is 'Beautifully Broken'.

And for some cuteness that was posted on JustJared, taken from Michael McMillian (Steve Newlin)'s twitter - it seems that there's a vampire/fellowship 'bromance' going on... http://justjared.buzznet.com/2009/12/04/alexander-skarsgard-michael-mcmillian-kiss-kiss/.

12-09-2009, 08:11 AM
An AWESOME piece of news that I've been hoping for since her first ever appearance on the show...

Kristin Bauer (Pam) has been promoted to SERIES REGULAR for Season 3. I love me some Pam and I think Kristin plays her perfectly. And her interactions with Eric, Sookie and Lafayette are spot on and hilarious.

Alan Ball has suggested in a couple of interviews that Pam may find herself with a larger storyline soon, possibly involving a female love interest. Kristin has said she thought Pam was “omnisexual”, so who knows?

All I can really say is YAY!