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Garden Kitty
06-07-2009, 07:52 PM
Hinault interview (http://velonews.com/article/92900/hinault-blasts--well-everyone) has the riders on twitter all atwitter. Lance calls Hinault a wanker and states that 5 TdF wins don't buy you common sense (http://twitter.com/lancearmstrong). Robbie Hunter weighs in and agrees with Lance (http://twitter.com/RobbieHunter). And Bruyneel admits he's a gigolo (http://twitter.com/johanbruyneel). :lol:

Garden Kitty
06-10-2009, 02:51 PM
Big surprise - more doping news.

Katusha's Toni Colom has tested positive (http://www.cyclingnews.com/news.php?id=news/2009/jun09/jun09news3) and has been provisionally suspended. Colom is shocked by such news and questions the testing protocol and some "threatening phone calls" he claims to have received.

Meanwhile, in typical pre-tour news, the UCI has announced that they will announce names of riders who have raised flags under the biological passport to the riders and the teams next week. In his normal ambiguous style, McQuaid has said the UCI will start proceedings, but then said that they're relying on the teams to "take action". Any UCI proceedings based on the passport and not a positive test is sure to find it's way to CAS eventually.

Kohl, meanwhile, says the passport just gave the riders blood values to target and helped doping protocols, and throws in for good measure "everyone is doing it" .

Meanwhile, the Dauphine ITT is going on today, giving another chance for an early Alberto/Cadel comparison. Tomorrow the race visits Mt Ventoux for some fun climbing and scenic views.

Garden Kitty
06-11-2009, 09:34 PM
Lance's articulate twitter response (http://twitter.com/lancearmstrong) to LeMond's latest presentation (http://www.playthegame.org/conferences/play-the-game-2009/on-demand-streaming/presentation-by-three-time-tour-de-france-winner-greg-lemond.html)on the state of cycling

Uh oh...someone drank too much Hate-orade and ate too many Hater-tots :rofl:

LeMond makes some valid points, but he sometimes comes across as fixated on Lance, and that's not helping the rest of his message . I'm going off to eat some hater-tots now.

And how annoyed are the Dauphine organizers that Valv-Piti is in yellow. And did Cadel really expect Contador to chase down Valverde for him? But it was cool of Valverde to let Szmyd have the stage win, even though he had to wait and let him catch up and Szmyd sort of voided out. :lol:

From Cyclingnews (http://www.cyclingnews.com/road/2009/jun09/dauphinelibere09/?id=results/dauphinelibere095):

"We didn't speak or anything," said Szmyd, "but it was an automatic agreement. As I was almost sure to win, I became stressed out. I had the feeling I might throw up. My legs simply stopped. I told myself, 'you have to do it'. Eventually, I caught Valverde who behaved as a lord of cycling. He's done so much already in his career."

And I love the surreal, barren scenery on the top of Mt Ventoux (http://d.yimg.com/a/p/ap/20090611/capt.34598a2d94fc41ffb2604dfc3aae7dcd.france_cycli ng_dauphine_libere_cip113.jpg). It's definitely getting me in the mood for the TdF. Tomorrow, Brianšon.

Garden Kitty
06-16-2009, 06:19 PM
my legs hurt just looking at this pic from the Tour of Switzerland. (http://d.yimg.com/a/p/ap/20090616/capt.af2e2b7ccaa642b08613783797d18e15.aptopix_swit zerland_cycling_tour_de_suisse_air109.jpg)

06-16-2009, 06:37 PM
ouch! what a great shot.

Garden Kitty
06-19-2009, 06:41 PM
What a fuzzy trophy at the Tour de Switzerland! (http://d.yimg.com/a/p/rids/20090619/i/r2417443102.jpg)

Garden Kitty
06-22-2009, 03:53 PM
Armstong won the Nevada City Classic, (http://www.velonews.com/article/93695/armstrong-wins-nevada-city-in-solo-break) a fun local crit race that he, Levi and Chris entered for a TdF warmup and to bring some attention to a revived US race. Not sure that beating up on some local racers is really TdF training, but the race organizers were thrilled to have the Astana trio there getting coverage. (Reportedly there were 12 satellite trucks at the race, including ESPN, CNN and Fox News). And kudos to Lance because crit stlye racing was never really his strong suit. Apparently Greg LeMond is the youngest winner of the race, and Lance is now the oldest. :lol:

Here's Horner's blog about the race. (http://blog.oregonlive.com/horner/2009/06/nevada_city_classic_diary_watc.html)

And Cancellara (http://cache.daylife.com/imageserve/00qC4dTbsreHv/610x.jpg) is showing his health problems seem to be improving winning the final stage of the Tour of Switzerland, and the overall GC. Any chance to see Cance in a time trial kit (http://cache.daylife.com/imageserve/0cFQ4ex6Hz3Oz/610x.jpg)is a good thing. :) But Cance showed surprising climbing power in this race, staying with the lead group on a number of the mountain stages. He's coming into form at just the right time.

06-22-2009, 11:07 PM
Fabian :swoon:

Garden Kitty
06-24-2009, 01:21 AM
Fabian :swoon:

I forget whether I posted this one. (http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d14/CyclingPIcs/FabianTdS.jpg?t=1245802450) from the TdS ;)

Close up (http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d14/CyclingPIcs/fabianclose.jpg?t=1245802541)

By the way, this tweet from Cadel Evans's wife is really more than I need to know:
........got it!And you guys know what I mean with 'it'....! Bedtime now...zzzzz...zzzzzzz...zzzzzzzzzz........

And Columbia signed promising US rider Tejay Van Garderen (http://velonews.com/article/92868/the-other-young-american---a-conversation-with-tejay-van) for next year. He's currently with Rabo's Continental team. Great opportunity for him!

Garden Kitty
06-25-2009, 04:48 PM
Jeannie Longo wins her 56th Frech national title (http://velonews.com/article/93791/longo-wins-another-national-time-trial-title) :eek: by winning the time trial championship at age 50 :respec: Most impressive!

06-26-2009, 09:20 AM
She rocks. Gives me hope!

I know this is mostly elite road racing but....

USA Junior Track Nationals (http://2009juniortrackcyclingnationals.com/) are going to be at the LA Velodrome (http://www.lavelodrome.org/index.htm) July 2-5

The races need volunteers (I will be there) and even if you can't volunteer come watch if you get a chance. These kids will be representing our country at the Junior and Senior World Championships and probably the next Olympics as well.

Gotta say these kids are fast. I got my ass handed to me by a bunch of them last week. :P

It's fun, face and exciting racing :D Would be cool to meet some FSUers there

Elite Nats are also at the LA Velodrome but not until later in the year.

Garden Kitty
06-26-2009, 03:16 PM
Sounds like fun. I'd definitely go if I still lived in LA

Garden Kitty
06-27-2009, 10:37 PM
Blood, Sweat and Gears (http://garmin.blogs.com/my_weblog/2009/06/team-garmin-documentary-blood-sweat-gears-premieres-monday-on-sundance.html), a documentary on Garmin-Slipstream, airs on the Sundance Channel this Monday, with repeat airings during July.

Garden Kitty
06-28-2009, 11:18 PM
A few National Championships have been going on this week:

Boonen takes the Belgian road title (http://d.yimg.com/a/p/sp/getty/e6/fullj.04cd21e9663c298568b4b7fccece0864/04cd21e9663c298568b4b7fccece0864-getty-cycling-belgium-championship.jpg)

Ruben Plaza beats Valverde for the Spanish road title (http://d.yimg.com/a/p/rids/20090628/i/r1834248919.jpg)

Contador got the Spanish time trial championship (http://d.yimg.com/a/p/rids/20090626/i/r4047658129.jpg)

Dmitry Champion is the appropriately named French champion (http://cache3.asset-cache.net/xc/88726950.jpg?v=1&c=NewsMaker&k=2&d=17A4AD9FDB9CF19311EB03566168C70E695C8FEEC61124C1 284831B75F48EF45)

No pics yet, Cancellara got the Swiss road title and Andy Schleck the Luxembourg road title. Matti Breschel won the Danish title. Fillipo Pozzato got the Italian road title.

06-30-2009, 05:52 PM
USA Junior Track Nationals are going to be at the LA Velodrome July 2-5

The races need volunteers (I will be there) and even if you can't volunteer come watch if you get a chance. These kids will be representing our country at the Junior and Senior World Championships and probably the next Olympics as well.

ach- I'd volunteer, but I'm writing this from Cambodia. I'd love to meet up sometime. perhaps if I ever decide to try my hand at track cycling.